Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Cammy



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Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread
Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

Bad sound.



Cammy can be zoned quite good (mix of horizontal and AA HADOs) on nearly full screen outside of EX Spiral range. Normal Spirals whiff and can be sweeped. The only move left to go through fireballs would be her Thunder Knuckle (?) which can be baited and EXTATSUed on reaction (start up >30fr).

Her Dive Kicks (non EX) can be EXTATSUed easily as well due to the new height restriction.


You forgot her EX flip into either grab or sweep.

All of your answers rely on EX which is not always available…

but I’d like to add

After hard knockdown, immediately dash forward med dive kick should still block all cannon spike reversals. OS sweep


Her EX flip, or any of her little grabs are easily put to rest with


my main problem in this macht is when she gets on me, and that’s air strike, air strike, air strike like CRAZYYYYYYYY!!!


Thank God for her divekick height restriction nerf.


I just fought two Cammy’s in a row, both using her dive kick on my wake up. It would hit as a cross up and I would block it fine but she would then end up on the wrong side hit confirming me to death.

EX: She starts her divekick on the right of me, I read crossup so I block to the right…HA! Blocked, little blue star…wait…WTF?..why is she on my right side pummeling me? :confused: So, if I did not read the crossup correctly and she hit me with the cannon strike, I would still be getting hit?

I swear this game is broken.


Gouken can do the same thing with his dive kick just FYI.

You actually probably could have blocked it EITHER way, but you’d need to test it.

Gouken is a perfect example of this, in the corner forward throw a character then jump and do lk at around the apex of your jump (record this btw). Now play it back and control the dummy, you can block it either way, the only difference is you come down in front instead of in back by doing the lk early. This also works with mk in the air.

If you do it early, people can block both ways, and you come down in front. If you do it late, it is a cross up and you come down behind. Most people when they are being jumped over in the corner will hold forward on reaction to block a cross up, so when you land and are in front of them…


Thanks for the tips! Dealing with cross ups and ambiguous cross ups really is the weakest part of my game.


ex counter that @#$#


I wish I had endless meter and I could just EX counter on every wake up and come out safe…

Have you ever played a really good Cammy that knows how to mix up her wake up pressure? They don’t do the same thing every time and the window to tell if she’s going for this type of cannon strike is really small.


So I was messing around with lk jump-ins and it’s an interesting property but fuck all if I can’t figure out what to do with all of that massive hit stun it has;)… xx lp.palm works it seems…I need to work on the cross up trickery so I feel comfortable with coming down and going for a punish hoping they are left/right confused


Right, getting thrown after sucks, but remember you can you mk as well


dont forget after sweeps that bitch is prone to the crossup game just like em all


This is where I know I get too predictable. I’m old and have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone lol. I always seem to go for lk flip kick which beats her srk. If I go for the crossup, I always seem to eat the srk. What’s the timing? Immediate jump over, step back a bit jump over, or do I use mk flip?


actually after the sweep you want to walk forward about a half step and throw it late , it takes a lot of practice. let me know if you need anymore help


Throw “it”? lk. flip,…?


the crossup, as she wakes and srk’s you want to be on your way down and depending on the timing she may quick stand in which case you have to count on an AA stuff where you cannot combo from, this is thrown just above her head but about where her forehead is. if she normals stands you can get deep on that beezy.

the way i practiced , go training and spam srk ex srk whatever, just get a sweep and start working the setups.

Cammy’s are not used to being crossed up by Gouken so it tends to behoove them for a few matches.