Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Dee Jay

Gouken vs. Dee Jay… Lemme wipe that smile off your face.

within sweep range can stuff ex flash if timed and spaced properly…

CR.MK works quite good as AA against DeeJays knee hop in (J.LK?) with that low arc.

i hate this match up i feel like u cant perry none of his shit any help on what to do about this dancing clown?

I use cr. lk to poke him out of his slide and from full screen throw 2 hit fireballs to make him either jump, block, or slide under. He can EX Kick through the FB, either do this out side of his range or enter his range and bait him to do the EX kick.

It’s strict to safe jump him, and his flash kick auto corrects very easily.

df parry is very good against his single hit upkicks.

All of Dee Jay’s Crouching attacks hit low with the exception of cr.HP.
So it should be safe to assume he’ll use one fo them for Low Kongo. (usually cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp,

DeeJay’s upkicks, do they only hit high? It’s such a pain in the ass to try to safe jump him…

Someone said they were throwable and might only hit high, any truth to this? Can someone test?

Deejays love the fucking slide.

All Sobat kicks are punishable on block. Light sobat kick is -6. If spacing is right, you can sweep on a frame perfect punish.

also watch out for his rapist smile

I can’t punish any of that shit! I can punish the EX one but not Lk… It’s like Gouken IMO. It says -6 but that’s only if you do it point blank. is the only attack that will make all versions of upkick whiff.

So your choices are to be frame perfect with dive kicks, throw a fireball or xx palm or something.

i can’t punish any of the sobats, which in turn makes this match unwinnable if the opponent doesn’t fuck up. you can’t do anything once they get meter. all they have to do is ex through any of your piss poor fireballs at mid range, lk sobat up close, and mash on his flashkick .

gg gouken you fucking cunt. yes salty after 8 losses to some super safe deejay/guile player. ( i won about 4 but still)

LK sobat is some lame ass shit for Gouken, but will punish EX sobat, needs to be frame perfect. I usually use after a lk.sobat but I am not 100% certain. It’s no fun.

In this match I like to try and let deejay come to me. Something I like to do after a senkugoshoha is dash lk. demonflip divekick to bait his upkicks and go for a big punish. Also I like to divekick out of the range of his upkicks but where he can still anti air me with his slide. If he’s on point with the aa slides then use demonflip parry and go for a big punish.

this is my least favorite match-up in the entire game. everything deejay does is safe and i have to take a lot of risks to try and open him up. also he recovers immediately from his upkicks when he lands and is usually far away enough that he can block or tech anything i do. also, what’s up with crossing up his upkicks? it’s like he moves back a little bit and has a hit box on his head or he’ll autocorrect every fucking time. i usually will go for safe jumps and then next time i get a hard knock down on him i’ll go for a really late jump in. you have to keep him guessing if you’ll stay about a half to full body’s length away when he’s getting up after a knockdown and go for or anything else that upkicks will whiff on, or sometimes jump in but it’s a huge risk. that fucker is too damn safe imo.
after he knocks me down it’s very hard to get away. i’ll try to high kongo his cross ups but they have to be timed perfect for some reason, and then he’s got that damn that comes out at the speed of light.

it vexes me that he can mash on lk sobat and we have nothing to mash on. it also vexes me that its unpunishable on block. (i sweep ex sobat 100% but they only get thrown through firebals and not randomly). why is out tatsu not invincible on startup and 4 frames like his upkick? uhhh it boggles the mind. level 2 fireball needs to come out the same speed as akumas mp red fireball its insane how you can’t boss people with fireballs like akuma oni and evil ryu can. you can’t even poke with fireballs like ryu guile and deejay. wait i think i’m in the wrong thread now…

I’ll have to go in the lab and check it out, doesn’t stuff it? How about a neutral jump when he is constantly throwing it? It can be worth taking a counter hit or two to get him confident and then neutral jump it for the 400+ damage.

I’ve generally been successful stuffing it with a st.lp

EX Up Kick, beats Goukens EX Flip… even at point blank range :frowning:

here are the changes for dee jay…

Dee Jay

• Far st.MP hitbox increased in front of him, so you can use it for cancels like Ryu does. The damage is 90, so it also does pretty well in a trade (could use tl check on last part, moving quickly)
• Reverted Air Slasher getting counterhit during recovery
• Sobat damage +10 on LK/MK/HK (now 90/110/130)
• Super can be canceled into U1 by inputting the command up to the second-to-last hit, between them it adds up to 570 damage