Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Dhalsim



Gouken vs. Dhalsim. Yoga his Toga.


Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

start off a match w/ a low kongo or mp kongo.
use fadc to get in on that lanky mofo !
when he ultras ur wakeup he will likely try to frametrap hi/lo with that fireball expect it, if you have meter ultra him right back…or if your feeling flashy wakeup dbl kongo send him reeling !


I fight the majority of this match from full-screen or just within. I always block high at this distance, since the only way Dhalsim can do low-hitting damage is through his weak far crouching Jab, his far crouching Strong or his laggy far crouching Fierce. These moves don’t have much range, and Dhalsim is unlikely to move in just for their sake. I think it’s far better to block high most of the time than to fall prey to his Sniper. However, at times you might need to take a few of these, in order to give Dhalsim the idea that he can still use it. Then, acquire a good read and ready your Strong Kongo. I engage in a fireball fight in the hopes that I can use it to;

a - somehow gain a life lead through block damage; even a tiny life lead is important
b - land a big punish combo with an EX flip, or even just make Dhalsim feel threatened and wary of blowing out careless Yoga Fireballs
c - lure him into using his air Teleport, which I can punish with a crouching Fierce and then go on the offensive
d - force him to abandon or curtail his Yoga Fire use and resort to poking, allowing me to make a few guesses with his few poking options, in the hopes of landing a Kongo or making him block a Hadouken; or opening him up for some flip grab trickery.

If you can corner Dhalsim, you can usually pound him into submission. The battle is getting there - but sometimes you can just play the life lead game and force him to take risks once he’s losing


Had some success with air parry to fuck up Sims AA normals and open him up for backthrow or close MP. But if Sim knows the Gouken MU, yoga flame (not the shot) probably kills this option…


EX Yoga Blast breaks the air parry (since it does two hits)… I’m pretty certain that move was designed to counter the air parry.


Use hk when he teleports to attack you. You could try kongo of you are very good, but st hk is perfect for this situation.

FA his limbs. You don’t need to be near his body, you can hit his arms and legs.

Bait the teleport with smart fireball wars and punish appropriately

When he gets ultra, be wary. I have played some great sims, and they have a few ways to make you eat it. If he knocks you down and goes for ultra to hit you as you wake up, he can teleport, attack hi or lo, and one nasty option I’ve seen is him jumping over you and throwing out his downward punch as he goes behind you. It will cause you to take the damge. EX flip parry out is the best choice here.


I had a sim anticipate that last night and mp me back into his yoga inferno lol


If he teleports behind you cl. st. hk owns him like he owes Gouken money.

Gouken can actually zone Dhalsim from full screen, and you can bait him into throwing fireballs that you can GF over. If you time an EX GF correctly when he does yoga fire, he is going to lose a ton of his health and you will either need to end your combo with a knock down to keep pressuring him or end with a palm and force him to come and get you (what he’s really not good at without tricks or trying to instant overhead you). Another good option is just flipping at him anyway and using air parry to absorb and punish his anti air attempt, more than likely that knee of his, unless you are going in for a full punish use a lesser strength to land right out side of his range.

He can’t do shit on wake up, so once you are in stay in. He has that bullshit slide he can do, and most Sim’s I’ve played like to slide when you try to cross up then throw you upon your whiff.

If he has super, he’s either saving it for an Ultra Super mix… or he’s looking to teleport behind you to punish you. This is where I’d normally mix st. mp in with my hado’s to bait him to telport so I can hit him out of it as soon as he appears.


His new lp. Palm Strike is a good far screen challenge to some of his limbs too


I have a question for this matchup. Can you safe jump dalsim when he has ultra 1. I just did it online and I got hit by it?!?!? I know it don’t start up faster then 3 frames so Im asuming it was online lagg or something else. Frame data for dalsims ultra 1 is 1+11 what the hell does that mean? Hmmm also it seems his super also starts up in 1 frame am I right meaning if he has super dont safe jump him lol.


Simple answer: No.

Long answer: No. When he does U1 and you do a wake-up meaty, he gets hit by you and you get stuck by hit freeze for several frames, and during those frames the ultra fireball generates itself, eventually hitting you. This includes 4f safe jumps. Super is different, if you do 4f safe jump setup, you will land during super freeze, and you are able to block it.


instead of safe jump meaty, just don’t try to attack. Bait his ultra out and simply throw him.


Or kongo or counter ultra if close


early jump in mp to bait the ultra , land and throw him out of that U1.


Palms/ex palms goes through limbs… corner sim and lock him down with close trab and play mind games…


You’ve got to be psychic to go through his limbs with palm, poking with counter is safer and does more damage(except EX palm to juggle of course).

How exactly are you cornering sim? That’s a task and a half!


I play Gouken hardcore… I think he’s underrated… in the right hands he gives some characters a hard time…

Yes your right Kongo is better and safer… I recommend only using ex palm when you are in range and if you predict the sim doing stretches and it shows that you are not afraid of the Sim player…

Corning Sim is hard first you gotta corner then gotta keep him from teleporting away…

Here are some basic tips I use for Sim…
Stay grounded more in this match…
Learn the Sim’s style using your fireballs and see how he reacts…
Watch out for his s.fp as he will try to pop you before you throw a fireball…
Landing Kongo’s will make a Sim player think twice about swinging at you… when this happens you can start dashing in since Goukens dash is really fast and short you can close ground… Just dash and block or dash, dash, sweep etc just to get in…
DF parry works but use it sparingly most sims use the b.rh to AA and you can parry land throw>Ultra
Throw a fireball and if sim jumps to avoid… Air Ex Tat and hold forward so it speeds towards Sim works sometimes too.
Once you get close use frame traps… Sim has no DP
Run the clock out if you have too and make Sim come to you… you don’t have to rush him and try to corner him I only take advantage of corner if you have the opportunity…
Finally watch how the Sim player wakes up… if he’s a backdasher which is very very good it avoids alot of Goukens normals… Use ex palm the next time he wakes up and watch him eat it… if you have more meter and ultra fadc and Ultra!!


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jump in OS mp palm on wakeup will smash backdash, and back teleport.
cross up mk OS mp palm on wakeup will do the same.
forward punch teleport will leave Gouken rushing towards nothing.
forward kick teleport will leave sim right behind Gouken…
which in my testing, punishable by super. But I have a hard time punishing it with sims other 3f normals. I think frame data says sims super is 3fr?
current max punish: super, throw. Other options are lk slide or b st lk.
Feel free to test for yourself and correct me.

With cross up OS, shit gets a little funky with non reversal teleports with auto correct and whatnot especially in the corner. I didn’t bother to completely break it down cause Im lazy. If you want autocorrecting OSs, refer to this video by phunksim!

Things I think can happen but didn’t test yet: df divekick OS and EX palm instead of MP. 99% sure both of these work just being honest and sayin I didn’t test em.


I’m on xbox live


I’m all about supporting the Gouken players I main him and Geif…

PS. Kongo FAC dash Ultra is good vs Sim in corner heh