Matchup in AE: Gouken vs E. Honda



Let’s put his fat ass on a diet.


Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

jump back lk will reset that fatass out of headbutts all day long into say h,mmmmmm backthrow …


force him to jump with lp fireball x100000 lol… so you can cr HP or kongo his butt


That and every time you land cr. roundhouse safe jump him or cross his ass up. Just be careful with the fireballs b/c his basic bnb combos are enough for gouken. Hands > St. hk, random headbutt, and but splash mix up is really all he has.

You can EX Flip out of all of his offensive options on wake up, that and EX Tatsu is really what you should save your meter for, and just land EX Palm when ever you can or when you are crossing him up.

There’s really no reason why Gouken should be jumping in the match unless it’s a safe jump or escaping/punishing head butt.

Kongo beats butt splash clean and if he lands outside of range (whiff) then he eats a cr. roundhouse > the fun

He has the stop sign neutral jump, but you should be parrying that anyway if you are jumping in or frame trapping him with a jump in after blocked hado.

If he gets in just presses against Gouken to call his bluff it can end quickly for you. All the E. Hondas I’ve ever lost to played me this way. Those are the patient ones who keep walking towards you and trying to minimized the damage until they can get it. And they make you fear grab and command grab to set up the rest of their game plan, and then they call your bluff off of that. That’s his only chance.

Just zone em, and when you knock em down, Vortex em and you eliminate the threat of him using his command grab.

Kiss My ASS E. Honda!


bait his ex ass smash with hk flip on his wakeup , time it and space it so you land behind him wait for him to land and punish
and from mid screen and closer stick to mp and f hado’s at longer distances use lp …
you will be able to make good reads and force him to headbutt or dash in more which i love.


You also have to be in the habit of kongoing butt splash on reaction when you safe jump him, as most will resort to that once they see headbutt doesn’t work.

Cr. fp beats all of his jump ins clean. The more you zone and run away the more mistakes he usually makes, one bad butt splash leads to knock down on him, I’m learning not to press the issue if I have the lead and they aren’t close to dizzy. Rushdown Gouken is nice but sometimes it’s stupid bc you can put yourself in a bad position for being too aggressive. I’ve lost many fights this way, I’ve also lost many fights zoning too much too.

A Gouken with good balance is normally bad news for E Honda.


Since it’s top of the list, I just fought some Honda matches so I’ll slap 'em in here.



As a note, I’ve had mixed results on cr.fp against E.Honda’s df.fp (the one where he looks like he’s reaching out to grab you with one hand). If you’re spaced pretty far apart when he jumps it’s going to be harder to beat (and you risk a whiff to). For anti-air, I think you actually want him closer to you, so that he looks more like he’s landing on top of you than in front of you.

I still struggle with getting out of his butt-splash mix-up’s on wake-up. Has anyone tried as a response to the second hit?

Also been seeing more jump in -> (I think? may be lk) -> command throw. Get’s real ugly on wake-up. I keep telling myself I need to be less afraid to ex-kongo after jump-in since Hondas do tend to use a lot of normals to apply pressure.


I can’t tell if your asking for help on this or now =P.

So I’ll just say, I like lk.Tatsu or Ex.Tatsu as an anti air. Even the lk.Tatsu works well as your hitbox shifts backwards as you stick your leg out.

His but splash can be HP.Parried.
On wakeup I find they like to do it as a crossup, the best way I found it do the the HP parry notations as if they were already on the other side.


lk.tatsu is actually invincible from the waist up. That’s why it totally pwns lariat, for example.


Had a FT5 against a great local honda player (he used chun for the first match then switched @ 2:40)


I was surprised when my ex tatsu was beat @ 5:42 and when his ultra got me @ 8:43. Live and learn I guess :slight_smile:


Man o man. First off, is this stream something you’re apart of because it looks badass. I would love to do something like this. Secondly, that Honda was pretty beast I must admit. After that 4th match he got real aggressive and you started shying away it seems like. And yeah, what the hell is up with 8:43?! I have never seen that in my life and was about 97% sure his ultra would either not still be active or you would kick him out of it. Anywho, this whole set was dope and you did really really good imo. I just think it got difficult for you because he was really really good with his Ultra reactions and it made you second guess some things. And then whenever he got close you kept trying to jump out and he would hit you with EX butt slam. Then when you didnt try to escape he would just scoop you lol.

Also was this for some money or something because he looked like he was dying through the whole set.


Thanks man. Usually he just rolls over me but this time I did much better. Next time he’s mine!
Its not my stream, its ran by Tyger of Storm Unity. He’s a tournament organizer here in Jacksonville, FL and has that sweet set up at his place where we regularly have casuals with 8 or so setups and a great group of people playing everything from AE, Marvel, Tekken, Persona, etc.

Everyone says to just lame it our and zone him but my problem is when he gets in as I have no real dependable way of getting out to re-zone. I jump he butt slams or stop signs, I block he command grabs, I ex DF and I get punished on the way down.
Gotta improve on punishing his jump ins though and I dropped my combo a few times which cost me big

It wasn’t for money but he takes his matches seriously lol, just bragging rights pretty much. It’s an online league we’re doing with 12 players (as a test run) where its split into 2 groups of 6 (east and west) and everyone plays everywhere then we’ll end up with a rank list of the players. Nice bragging rights if you end up first :wink:


Man I would love to do something like that. That sounds amazing. With Honda, its all about guessing right. They’re either gonna try and cross you up with butt slam, command throw you or into hands. I do alot of back dashing vs Honda because I would rather take a hit, get flip reset than to take a command grab. Butt slam loses to kongo. I feel like he was pressuring you not because thats his game, but because he wanted to stay in. Once they’re out its hard for them and he even said at the end that it was a 6-4 for Gouken which is correct. You did punish alot of his jump ins but you can punish Honda from full screen so he NEVER gets in. LP hado, dash, ex tatsu full screen. But like I said up there, you did excellent imo. I watched another of you vs that Oni though and whew, thats was a rough set for you homie lol. But IAM and I were just having a discussion on how hard Oni is to deal with so… Good play man.


Ugh, don’t remind me lol. No matter what I kept guessing bad on whether his slash was gonna cross up or not. I guess I could’ve jump back+FP and maybe got a couple combos. Great thing about these is I get to play great players and win or lose, I learn a lot from it :slight_smile:
Speaking of which, I got another FT5 against a great Cody in 20mins on should be…interesting lol Cody is not a matchup I know well so I welcome to experience :slight_smile:


Hmm, well Im sitting at work for another hour so I will tune in. Good luck!


After a forward throw dash MK demon flip dive kick OS EX tatsu beats all of his options. You can also get the same option select setup off of a sweep. It’s been posted on phunkism’s channel already. Its very much worth learning


I found that Os extat very very strong as of late …good shit shiiner


Couldn’t get safe jump OS ex tatsu to beat Ultra or Super and only barely punishes ex fatass slam


True that. I normally dont OS on the safe dive kicks here. All of his options are punishable minus ex headbutt I believe. And technically thats a punish in itself seeing as he just wasted a bar. Just dive kick and punish him for anything he does other than block.

Oh and never deep dive kick him. All of his slams beats deep dive kick clean everytime. If you KNOW he’s gonna headbutt then do it and OS U2…that would be the only viable reason I suppose.