Matchup in AE: Gouken vs. El. Fuerte



Gouken vs. El. F.


Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

I think i can say this matchup is where my flighty style was taken from. If you sit still in this match up it will be a whole lot of ambiguous on a fallen Gouken. Jump in to bait fuertes wall dives etc then jump out AA. Works great . If your getting some early wake up pressure dont forget again will be your friend as in the akuma matchup as it can poke him out of his ambiguous pressure game.


i haven’t seen to much fuertes so every info is good for me

  • A lot of ELFs will use wall jump to get high and over your projectiles, I’ve had this clear an HP Hado so don’t expect your air fireball to counter this. Instead I tend to rely on parries when they start wall jumping with the elbow drop (cr. FP tends to get stuffed).

  • On wake-up, I’ve had decent success with throwing out the occasional mp.palm on wake up to escape the body slam/air throw mix-up, also ex.dive kick will usually get you out of the mix-up a couple times if you use it sparingly.

  • When it’s a tight match and you have an ELF with a hard knockdown, a lot of them tend to use the EX scissor kick air throw (I think the move name is the Guacamole Leg Throw) for it’s invincibility frames. From what I remember if you’re timing is good on the dive kick their scissor kick will whiff and so will your dive kick. I’m not great with option selects, but I will bait these out in a tight match and start walking backwards after dive kicking in on the knockdown so that I can go for a punish after ELF lands.

  • A lot of ELF’s game seems to rely on you being stationary so he can space out his belly flops, slide kicks, and back-flip throws so when playing very frenetic ELFs I like to toss out the occasional MP/HP palm to keep Gouken moving. Since the start up for a lot of their moves involves running towards you, your sudden forward movement can really throw them off.

  • Most people who have played this match up know this, but after a blocked belly flop, sweep to punish since ELF rolls backwards for a few frames and is unable to guard.


um please no one take this guys advice you will get bodied by any decent fuerte.

This match up is very hard for gouken just because he has one of the worst wake ups in the game and even the options you do have can be punished by ultra or rsf with elf. At the beginning of the round feel free to throw fireballs full screen to build meter, chip damage whatever just dont get predictable with it cause elf can wall jump full screen land rsf it a knockdown. Mid range with elf dont throw too many fireballs elf has too many options to get through them and get a knockdown on you, he can ex run slide through them or use invincibility on splash to go through them as well. If your going to throw a fireball at this range guessing the high fireball right before elf comes down will beat splash but is very risky.

When elf is running at you jump back rh or jump forward mp will beat him in any air to air move he does unless its ex leg throw. Be careful when jumping though cause a smart fuerte will bait that out if you get jump happy and punish you with ultra.

Of course the most important part of this match is what you do when you get knocked down, because you WILL get knocked down. Your 4 options on wake up are focus, jump out, ex tatsu, or ex df. The reason i dont mention backdash or counter is because those are hardly ever good options for you unless you get a read on elfs patterns and can guess accordingly. Focus takes away half of fuertes options on wake up and if you get a crumple leads to game changing combo for you. Ex df will get you out initially but most of fuertes moves end up putting him behind you and recovering in time to ultra you.

This of course is a scrub write up, but I thought I would help out the little bit I can because this mu is terrible for you guys.


thats funny your advice includes my advice…! keep up the good work


Your telling people to jump in then jump out and low short on wake up lolz not even close I’m suprised you didnt tell them to sweep since thats the only normal you know.


hows that makoto coming along?

#9 works to reset his flying body press as it shrinks Goukens hitbox, a great tool for situations where we cannot jump back mp from wakeup etc>
You dont always get knocked down, and you dont always have to assume you will.


props on the mini writeup bro, it’s pretty tough.

Yo damn…on blast



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reginald denny…? the fallout from R. King was definitely a piece of history to marvel…
I remember In Living Color had its fun with both r.denny and r.king personas! lol!


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Take from it what you will. The way the demon flip hit in the corner leads me to believe it may be an unblockable but not sure.


Isn’t he getting some bs back to assist his wake up in 2012?


I just ran a long ass set with a really good ELF. I think he was good at least cause I got molested quite a few games. I think we ended up 12-8 or something like that in my favor but I realized that there’s very little Gouken can do except guess correctly. If you do ex Gflip he can air throw you out of it for free. MP Palm is okay at best. EX Kongo will leave him with one option from his run stance though. Would anyone be interested in critiquing the set? I can go ahead and post it if so.


You know what’s even funnier? If you neutral jump guessing tortilla throw or whatever it is called, he can just guacamole leg throw you. So dumb.

This match is exactly as you said, good luck with the guess.


Thanks. Yeah, if he gets an untechable knockdown. Oh man, you better guess right.

I probably should’ve watched your video or the post by llPeru before fighting this guy because I didn’t realize that focus seems to be a decent answer to his shenanigans. Btw, that ex tatsu at the end of your video was hella ballsy :slight_smile: I like it. I shudder to think what would have happened if it had whiffed. In any case, I think I’m gonna put up the set here as soon as I’m done combining the videos. It wasn’t 12-8 but 9-8 in my favor. I miscounted because I had to play some other guys in the endless room.


He had been watching me play a good bit and when I get people in the corner I like to do the dash back dash forward throw or walk back and then dash forward throw a few times, it gets people pushing buttons they see that dash the third time and think you are going for throw so do something… Normally I’m not that agressive but I was feeling my oats for whatever reason.

If you have three bars you can EX tatsu FADC into Ultra in the corner no problem as a bonus.


K, here it is. Took me a lot longer than expected. Combining and uploading took ages. Set b/w me and akuzino, ending in 9-8. His shenanigans caught me off guard cause I have never really played a good ELF and it took me a little while to at least be able to compete with him.
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