Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Fei Long



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MP Kongo counters all chicken wings.

I approach this matchup by trying to keep Fei out and away from me. Everything I do is to keep him the hell away from me and frustrate him into making mistakes that work for me. His footsies seem to smash yours.

I approach it with a heavy dose of fireballing. I’m constantly looking for the chicken wing through fireballs so I can counter and push him right back out. Try to be sporadic in the fireballing and not predictable. Throw an angled fireball once you see him getting frustrated so you can get the 200 damage (added palm after) off that knockdown or a HP fireball FADC Ultra.

If you do get a hard knockdown push that advantage as Fei can be option selected. Fei can be safe jumped.

Look HARD for patterns in your opponents game play. See what he does after a tech, if he does it twice, counter it the third time for an easy push across the screen and him away for you.

Same after Rekka pressure, if he stops and repeats the same pattern twice, the third time counter it and restart your zoning.

From the Option Select thread: Character Specific Option Selects and situational tactics

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You could add some of this info posted in the videos section:

LP rekka 1st hit is -4 on block, get him with jabs if hes too close on block, but chances are he wont.
LP rekka 2 hit is -6 on block, reversal sweep will tag him in range.
Full rekka, he’s basically asking you to kill him lol. Ultra punishable.
chicken wings HK and EX are both 0 on block. So read well and punish accordingly. Late crouch tech should be able to defend from anything.


since lk chicken wing is safe and breaks armor, many players will spam it up close. jump forward. hk(not neutral or back) will beat it. also you can punish the medium one with st. mk xx lp palm.

it’s good to note that jumping straight is a good way to make fei hesitant about chicken wings and rekkas, as noted before by either iam or highlander :slight_smile:


First of all, neutral jumping at mid range can really slow down Fei’s game. Gouken’s nj hp can shut down chicken wings and rekkas, watch out for j hk. Making the Fei hesitant with rekkas is extremely important, get into his head in terms of rekkas can make the game more your pace and not his. Also allows you to start focusing a bit more, which can really help. Mp kongo will work as well if you can get a decent read on the guy, as it takes all rekkas and chicken wings too. Fei is a footsies char so here are his tools
S. HP and cr HP for long range pokes. f hk is really slow, but its 150 dmg so a mention that you can’t just take those.
Cr mk and cr lk are his low pokes (so is sweep, but Fei’s sweep is bad+punishable so you won’t find too many sticking out raw ones. its -9), basic BnB’s start with cr lk, so that’s probably what most Fei’s will try to do, cr lp is only +3 on hit, so in your video when you got poked with crlp crlp cr mp, you weren’t blocking for some reason. Cr mk and cr mp are his go to pokes, cr mp is an amazing poke, combos into itself (doesnt cancel to rekka but can link on hit) and a frame trap. It’s +2 on block, usually Fei’s just stick out another cr mp. so med kongo (not sure if its low or mid with the new kongos) or just keep blocking. Cr mk only combos to super, and is -3 on block, so most of the time they use only use it for the shrinking hitbox (shit is LOW, even smaller than shoto’s cr mk i think). Range on cr mk and cr mp are pretty much the same, cr mp will whiff more because legs stick out more than the hip.
cl mp is a frame trap. +3 on block
LP rekka 1st hit is -4 on block, get him with jabs if hes too close on block, but chances are he wont.
LP rekka 2 hit is -6 on block, reversal sweep will tag him in range.
Full rekka, he’s basically asking you to kill him lol. Ultra punishable.
chicken wings HK and EX are both 0 on block. So read well and punish accordingly. Late crouch tech should be able to defend from anything.

In the faraway game, you should try to zone until he has meter. In which then you are baiting EX chicken wing. If he has two meters, watch out for flame kick, mk flame FADC to hk chicken wing does decent damage.
Final note: Its absolutely PARAMOUNT that you stay away from the corner. Fei can basically molest you with pokes and rekkas. You need to make a conscious effort to escape. Go watch your videos, the Fei was having his way with you when he had you in the corner. Only when he made really bad mistakes you were able to get out.

Sigh, was my info not good enough or something?

Also, LK chicken wing is -4.


If that is in reference to me, I’m not updating my first post with everything, the thread will contain everything we know collectively, in one spot.


cr lk and cr rh will both duck under his flip kicks. up close cr fierce will shrink his hitbox enough to duck flip kicks also but you have to be properly spaced , close enough basically.


Watch out for his blockstring - cr.LP, cr.LP,cr.HP.

Takes a lot of damage with cr.HP cos it counterhits


I generally stay in a range where rekka will whiff slightly. If the fei knows his spacing well, he may feel inclined to throw out a cw in which case I have enough space to buffer ex tatsu and send him flying so I can zone him some more. I will once in a while jump at the fei to test his reactions, if you’re playing a bad fei and he doesn’t dp you then I kinda get a chance to go nuts. But for good feis I will throw out a demon flip parry and go for a big punish every once in a while. I make it sure to not throw my fireballs predictably as that’s a good way to eat ex cw into rekka combo.


Fuck. I really wish I had read this before facing the first decent Fei of my Gouken career. Worst beating I’ve had in months.


Yeah, just make sure you are doing it from a good space. There is one retarded spot that if he rekka’s and you neutral jump he ends up behind you and he can wreck your shit.

Cr. FP can beat mid long range chicken wings if you can’t kongo fast enough.


I just wanted to say that chicken wing is such bullshit. SUCH BULLSHIT


Yeah… Chicken wings is pretty bullshit alright… Break armor on first hit, combo into anything on counter hit, can be combo into from MP, can Cross up, ex one even have invulnarbility on BOTH THROW AND HIT and go through fire ball, FUCKING SAFE ON BLOCK

If there is ever a spammable move, that would be it. Like seriously, what the fuck. I’m surprise they didn’t make it overhead and cause untechable knock down on air hit too cause those two thing are the only thing that it doesn’t have. It got EVERY THING ELSE.


Yeah, it’s very little risk and very high reward for just throwing that move out there for a Fei player. Once they get in poke range they just throw it out there and if you poke you get hit and if you don’t poke they get to close the gap for free.

I hate that fucking broken ass move.


it does suck that chicken wing but within med sweep distance it whiffs on us while crouching.


You can ex tatsu it on reaction even from poke range, but you HAVE to be on the watch for it.
and when I mean on the watch is like this:

and not online of course.


That shit is hilarious Howling. God damn!


me and eddie just played a couple sets against a fei player. I think the recommended ultra is shin sho here. The chicken wing spam is way too much to handle, especially when buffered from a normal. Roughly at the middle of Fei’s lp rekka, neutral jump will still lose to chicken wing. Maybe nj mk will do the trick. It was pretty bad once Gouken got locked down.


Let’s play again.


stand lk is really good against his rekka