Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Ibuki



Gouken vs. Ibuki… GO.

Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

I was spoiled by kongo in Super. I literally have no idea how to defend against kunai mixups. Anyone have any tips on that?


MP Kongo seems to counter the meaty Kunai, and the postioning allows an FADCed Shin Shin (multi) to connect for good damage when mid-screen.


If the Ibuki player likes using Neck Breaker, bait her with cos it looks like Gouken is throwing a Gohadouken


Ibukis wake up is garbage, she is suspect the same wake up tricks she plays on Gouken minus the kunai. Random st. mp’s and hado’s normally make her hesitant about sliding across the floor b/c if she misses it’s lights out. The only thing that makes this match up hard now, is kongo nerf.


So here are two losses that I wouldn’t mind analyzed. All criticism and comments are welcome.

This is the first match.

I ran it back and lost worse…



a few tips:

  1. learn to stand outside of her slide range and counter sweep into safedivekick pressure.
  2. if you’re both neutral at close ish range then your will beat her shit and lead to sweep on counter hit. it gets more mileage than which you used a lot.
  3. after you block the double spinning kick thing, if they don’t end it with a sweep ibuki is positive i think, so you can backdash out of pressure (they usually loop that shit on me if i just block or i get counterhit if i push buttons) and bait the slide or dash/jump that will follow. if they end with sweep i dunno if she’s positive, you can still backdash.
  4. when you get knocked down, pump the ex kongo motion and visually confirm if they throw kunai for a nicep unish, if they don’t just block and ride it out.
  5. when you block the ex srk, if they have meter for ex kunai then ex tatsu with your toes to go through kunai and hit them if they throw them or not. if they don’t have meter for ex kunai then just charge the focus and absorb the single kunai if thrown and get the crumple.
  6. don’t let kunai deter you from watching and nailing jumps with ex tatsu. i know ibuki does al ot of random shito n the ground but always partition a bit of your brain to keep an eye on the sky (as well as slides and dashes)

and general tips:

  1. you don’t plink so say you get counterhit, you seem to double tap instead of plink.
  2. with at close range, especially vs ibuki and other rushdown characters




Kongoing Ibuki’s crossup/non-crossup kunai shenanigans is so freeee in v2012


Yaaaay Back to how it used to be. LOL

I haven’t even played yet… :frowning: I guess I’ll jump on and test some stuff tonight and get on tomorrow because I’m tired as hell.


I don’t know if this is the correct thread to ask but I’ll try.

Hey guys, I’m an Ibuki player who plays on XBL and I’m looking for good gouken players who at least knows the Ibuki match-up around average. I’m an average Ibuki player who can do basic BnB’s, kunai vortex, mix-ups basic fundementals, etc. There’s a gouken player in my local community, but I want to be able to train silently from him. I used to have it recorded before, but now it’s not avalible so… Yea. He goes by the name of Phunkism, or aka Gouken780(?).

My tag is: TEG RedCaliburn
let me know your guy’s gamertags, thanks.


Sadly I’m on the PSN myself, otherwise I’d join you, I’ve been looking for an Ibuki to face.
But, Phunkism, yeah he’s pretty well known around this here forum, mostly for discovering new tech I think (At least thats why I know him)

Good luck


In theory, Kunai mixup doesn’t exist against Gouken. Depending on where the kunai is on Gouken’s wake up is what determines which counter to use. Technically if you choose the correct version, you’ll always counter it and she always gets hit if you choose right.

That being said, if you have and choose to waste a bar for ex counter if she throws a kunai, you guarantee yourself 100% counter rate, which means 0% mixup for Ibuki.

I find a lot of Ibuki players mixing up their timing between kunais that need to be countered low (early kunai) or countered overhead (late kunai), but that’s just my findings/coincidences.

Either way, it’s basically impossible with counter for her to implement this mixup. It’s a guaranteed punish.

Further more, tons of Ibukis love to spam up legs during mixup situations. I find they do it the most after a blocked dive kick. Regardless of whether she throws a kunai or not after dp kicks, I believe it’s punishable via at least a level 2 focus crumple. You get level two in time as she recovers from kicks without kunai, netting you crumple into full punish. Second scenario, she throws the kunai as a follow up to dp kicks, and focus level 2 or 3 absorbs and punishes after you block. 100% of the time.

These two scenarios I find myself in a lot against Ibukis.

Another scenario I’m noticing as of late, are her cl st mk xx spin kick block strings. A lot of ibukis ALWAYS follow up with another round of cl st mk xx spin kicks after the first set is blocked as a counter hit setup. Mp counter that shit once or twice to alleviate the pressure and mix up situation.

Overall, just stay out of her vortex. She’s useless if you’re not in the vortex, and Gouken has the tools necessary to prevent it. Counter, ex tatsu.

Hope this helps!!!


Smart Ibukis will resort to reset situations and regular crossup/no crossup mixups. Ibuki is still dangerous. Much more the fact that her resets are much more unknown compared to her infamous kunai crossups.

Her overhead also avoids Gouken’s cr mk crouch tech with specific timing. Got punished alot mostly immediately after a jump in and on wakeup.

I also personally feel that footsies with an Ibuki thats on point can be bad. A normal stuffed by a jab (even at far ranges) can still be comboed into leg slashes into knockdown. Her tsumuji slash loops combos from that and can do a legit 30% from that single jab buffering feet slash. Do not fuck up.

Learned those tidbits after getting wrecked by WHITE GUNS V2. I remember playing him before and it wasn’t terribly challenging. But he definitely level’d up and I was getting schooled on Ibuki’s more obscure tech.


I always watch this when I need to review my Ibuki matchup. Just incredible play. Great baiting (even though it doesn’t work at points). But ProudStrawberry just plays this so well.