Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Juri



Gouken vs. Juri. Oooooooh Baby!


Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

use hk gflip from midscreen i dont believe she has many standing normals that can beat this.
She will usually try to lure you in by just sittin there throwing normals or them dumb fb’s , this makes Gouken angry! on jump-in attacks she will parry usually 2 out of 3 times have a fp kongo ready for her as soon as you see her absorb and go vertical


There’s a distance at which Juni will use her EX (only?) pin wheel so it allows her to be safe from Gouken’s crouching Roundhouse punish. I keep forgetting to test what might be able to hit her when she does this. Standing Roundhouse? Crouching Strong? Or is she completely safe?


I played against the lamest Juri known to man today. All she did was throw fireballs to build meter and neutral jump or back jump if i approached close.
[]Juri has that crouching upward kick that is pretty much like Sakura’s c.HP. Have to time and adjust demon flip jump ins or parry that shit and backthrow.
]I found that I typically landed behind her after the parry.
[]Her nj.HK is also very troublesome for the old man. I don’t think Gouken has any air normals that can beat that. It has to be pre-emptive.
]Watch out for her air MP, it can lead into ultra or spin kicks. BIG DAMAGE on Old Man G.
I believe it was the #8 Juri player. Ran a set of 5. Ended up winning 3 but I was kinda salty afterwards. I had to resort to some real ghetto tactics to kill her. Pretty much what happened was that I had no health left so she tried to chip me with spinwheel 2 times in a row. After the second one, I palmed and baited the spin wheel and busted out my ultra. Not gonna lie though, watching about 60% of her life disappear in 2 seconds was pretty gratifying. Chipped her down with fireball ex Palm right after.

The strange thing is I’ve played the #2 juri and I kinda ran all over her but with this one, its always a long match. I think it just means I need to get better at timing my high kongos on neutral jumps. The sad part is that a few times I knew I got the timing down but she empty jumped and did her little c.LK to spinwheel BS and I had to try to get in again.

takinflight is probably gonna tell me about a normal to deal with neutral jumps right over my head that I didn’t even think about…right about now :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonna guess c.LK to make her attack whiff.


^^^thats a big yesireeee or at least a doesnt hurt to try, I always look for weird stuff , hitboxes react so weird when your rubbing together maybe near a corner or somegthin . also for moving the hitbox on jumpins try or lp kongo these get him low but what i like most is that they shrink him real fast. Really weird char specific shit all because of the weird jump arcs of several sharacters.,try these instead of blocking versus other characters at other tiems situations etc basically dont forget you 6 normals and 3 jump directions theoretically give you 18 new tries at escaping any 1 situation on wakeup. likely they wont help you for shit if they are smack dab on your 12 o clock when you wakeup but if they are off slightly or there hitbox looks like you may ahve space to squeeze thru give it a shot in training in between


vvolfer -> I also had a Juri that was throwing a lot of projectiles at me and the weird angles they came out at and the fact the charge counts as a hit made palming/flipping through them a pain in the ass. I started charging up the double fireball to give myself the buffer through her fireballs and then walking in behind it or a forward dash -> DF to get in.

Also had one doing what I assume was the tiger knee motion to do a very low dive kick on me, which was particularly effective since I abuse sweep like crazy and it was punishing them. I didn’t have a solid answer for it and it felt un-punishable if she didn’t follow up with the subsequent hits. I didn’t really come up with a good solution for this before the match ended either, so I thought I’d check if anyone else had run into this.


If she hits you in the knees/shins with her dive kick, its completely safe. Otherwise, its free throw on block. As for the fireball game with her, one of her fireball goes low so you dont get the time to buffer it as your fireball wont hit that one. And yeah the time is pretty tough on going through her fireballs and hitting her before she recovers and she recovers pretty fast. Like I said, if i DF, Palmed, shes do nj hk to ex spinwheel and boom id have to try and get in again. Still though, I think this is a favorable matchup for Gouken. If you can get a life lead, you pretty much win if she tries to get in on you. I typically rush with gouken so lame stuff like that gives me trouble. Ive been trying to play a lot more patient lately and my game against Ryu has improved a lot.


Here’s a Juri matchup commentary video i did.
I dont go into to greater depth but it still maybe helpful.
I found out something special about her ‘Parry’ type move in there. (You may already know)
But she can seemingly still do a parry with only a sliver of health, (Unlike us).




good game, mate


cl st hk


Also, Juri without meter = no threat.


I’m sorry, but no. on wakeup and without sure, but any other time…


How often does Juri not have meter?


Bait the ex wheel kick and shin sho for free :slight_smile:


that will not work if it got full hits, then its only -8, as long as you crouch though it should be fine.


I main Juri, if you get in on her with no meter she has no options, on wakeup no options.


I play a lot of Juri too, on wakeup, yep, shes similar to Gouken(actually even worse as Gouken stil has counter avilable), any other time, Juri can still ruin your day.


Her counter is no good on wake up?


Also her counter is even better than ours, in 1 respect, she can do it with 1hp left, whereas we would get KO’d.
From what i understand.


Sheeeeeit!!! Hell to the naw! You gotta be kidding right.

Though, I’d love to be able to kongo regardless of the amount of hp Gouken has.