Matchup in AE: Gouken vs M. Bison



Gouken vs. M. Bison! Go!

Gouken AE Match Ups. MASTER Thread

NEUTRAL JUMP FIERCE: use it early in your jump and late in your jump for excellent results vs Dictators jump in attacks

  • You can use a crouching Fierce to stop a blind full-screen EX Psycho Crusher on reaction.
  • Fierce Kongo against the Devil’s Reverse
  • When cornered, if you can anticipate correctly you can dash forward after a blocked Short Knee Press, and will be able to punish the EX Head Press.
  • OS your meaty dive kick on his wake-up with a Strong Senkuu, to tag him as he appears from his Teleport
  • Going air-to-air against his jumping Fierce with your own Neutral Fierce/jumping
    Strong/early jumping Roundhouse might sometimes better than using the somewhat unreliable (in this match) crouching Fierce and crouching Forward
  • His Nightmare Booster does not have much invincibility; so if you have him cornered and are spaced far away enough, he will not be able to use this to escape your Hadouken pressure.


and for ex devils reverse use the good ol’ double kongo at the cost of 1 bar


fast, like a double tap, or pause like I was waiting for the recovery of the first kongo? I do one reverse dp motion?


i mean people here will say how impractical it is or that theyve never used it, or youll never need it…but learn it get it into muscle memory because that time-based reaction will help you start to dbl kongo shotos on jump in to dp and it just looks so sick…more importantly there are occasions where sim guile akuma and a couple others try to frame trap you hi and lo or vice versa so you will need to learn lp>mp kongo unless they hit you at the same time then you do ex>ex kongo

lets be good boys and clean up this thread we can discuss further in private…just hit me up


My general game plan against Bison. Just throw lp fireball to make him do something

He only have a few options against a fireball.

  1. Neutral jump. You can time it by forward dash and mp palm to knock him clean out the air. He can’t even block it.
  2. Forward jump. Kongo his ass. Bison have such floaty jump most are not comfortable doing empty jump, and if he even try you can just punish with c.hp. You can’t choose from reaction, but Bison really can’t go against kongo well on jump in. You can also neutral jump. With the right spacing you force him to guess blocking or teching.
  3. Focus through fireball, You recovers too fast for him to do that, usually just throw another fireball will stuff him. Or just give him a poke and he will be losing all those grey life.
  4. EX scissor kick / PC throught, he need charge, Surely you are not doing that so close up when he have charge, right? If he keep charge like this it would just got himself into corner. You can usually block anyway if you are not so close in.
  5. Head stomp / etc. You can netural jump /hp punish it unless he do devil reverse, then you can just kongo unless it is EX.

Not really much else to say. Keep yourself out of corner and you will be fine. It is not a bad match up in my opinon, at least 5/5


This matchup is one I really fucking loathe. I feel like pressing buttons against a good bison gets you killed. Incredibly annoying match for me.

Enough of my complaining though. One tip I find to be somewhat successful though is blowing up crouch techs with low counter. After gouken jumps in and does a string, bison will in most cases be mashing the fuck out of low short. This is especially nice if you can manage to corner bison and have two bars so you can fadc ultra.

Block and tech a lot.


Or get kara counter.


I’m much more comfortable with this matchup now but, is there anything you can do to stop an EX headstomp you know is coming other then dash? Can you stuff it in the air?


No, not really.


If you know an ex headstomp is coming you can definitely stuff it in the air with a neutral jump fierce. You can also focus it and dash a few times to get behind the second hit, and then throw him or get away. Stuffing in the air is probably the best thing to do , because Bison’s have a trick where they do an empty ex devils reverse jump and throw. That normally counters alot of standing aas since it lands in front of them and not over them. (Whether or not gouken has a suitable forward reaching aa or not I don’t know, because I just neutral jump ex headstomps from full or mid screen.)

Also, air to air bisons actually jump over gouken’s jumping fierce. If ye both jump at the same time or even they jump before, it’s difficult or in many situations impossible to hit them with jumping fierce. Jumping roundhouse or neutral jump rh/fierce seem to be his only viable air to air defeators of bison’s high jumping. I might be wrong, but I my friend is a bison and I actively seek out bisons on ranked so I have alot of expierence with the things bison’s do.


3/4 ~ full screen = nj.HP, less than that = possibly bj.HK is able to stuff EX HS in the air. I personally find walking forward the most comfortable, if I know it’s coming.

Against Bison’s jumps, fj.MP seems to work the best. Like Platypus said, since his jump is so high, you might only connect the 2nd hit -> follow-up with ground tatsu (2nd hit) after landing.


Why not just walk under or walk back and max punish his head stomp whiff??? Trying to hit him out of his EX Stomp isn’t reliable at all, especially up close.

The good Bison’s don’t use head stomp anyway, b/c it’s so risky.


Yea, nj hp isn’t reliable, and it loses out right from point blank, at closer distances jump back/forward roundhouse is a bit more effective but even then their is no definitive way to stuff ex headstomp. It’s very relative to your distance as to whether your air normla will win or not, and often times it won’t stuff anything it’s likely to trade, whiff or just lose outright.


Yeah and worst case scenario if he does EX Devils reverse to fake head stomp, he just spent meter for nothing. Even better b/c now he can’t do EX Scissor or PC on wake up to get out of pressure. IIRC OS EX Tatsu beats both of those.

In the Bison matchup, Head Stomp should be the least of Gouken’s worries.


Of course, keep in mind OS EX Tatsu doesn’t beat teleport.


EX Psycho crusher > EX tatsu


I have most trouble with just bisons normals and throws really. It seems there’s nothing you can do against a properly spaced mk poke, and it doesn’t take him long to be able to get into that close mid range where he can use them.


You can psychic kongo it or just block it, it isn’t special cancellable. Make sure to do a xx fireball to push him back out and start the fireball zoning game again. His jump is retardedly floaty, use it to your advantage.