Matchup in AE: Gouken vs T.hawk



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mp. fireball x 10000000. close thread. (j/k)



Plus the occasional dj HK to snuff out a condor dive.


blocked Condor Dive: hold forward till in range then hit standing Roundhouse
blocked EX Condor Dive: dash forward and hit crouching Roundhouse

These retaliations are not guaranteed from all spacings, but are useful enough to keep in mind.


That was literally what I was going to say lol


Two added thoughts on T.hawk are:

-Some use an intentional whiffed condor dive into command grab/ultra, so watch your spacing when they neutral jump etc. They’ll also use Condor Spire (the forward moving bit), whiff, and then do a command grab as well, so be conscious of you’re distance on the spire too.

-If you toss out a ton of mp hados, they may try and use the sweep (which has forward movement and two hits like Guile’s sweep) to close the distance.

-If they do get in on you, after a block chain you’ll see what I think are standing hk’s where T.Hawk will kick out high with his back leg to stuff you jumping away, similar to Zangief’s I guess sometimes you just have to hold your ground, block, and hope that they aren’t going for a command grab. As a note, I think sweep can punish on block if you’re in the corner (so you can’t get pushed out of range), unfortunately I’m not somewhere where I can test this.


To me you have to zone all the match. It can be tough, mentality it gets very boring and I sometimes make a silly mistake like attacking him when I don’t need to.

Be Lame Not Lively!


don’t sleep on t.hawk.
it’s only a 6/4 imo.
if you get lazy rolling weak hawks, a good one that knows the match will back you into the corner with baby steps, crouch block and his big standing roundhouse.
once he’s up close, its kind of hard.
i don’t think i use mp. fireball against him, preferring a mix of hp. ball. and lp. ball
if i remember correctly, he can get over mp. ball sometimes, and that sucks a lot.

i think he can ex hawk dive through fireballs now too.
i had a t.hawk pass right through a couple of my high balls the other night.


This match is by no means free, shitty t-hawks yea, but it’s really not fun when he’s in your personal space. I like to zone him with fireballs and every once in a while catch him slippin with a jump in…ex tatsu will send him back to whence he came keeping him off your grill. He will try his damndest to work you into the corner This match is probably 5/5, but at best it’s 6-4.


That EX Condor Dive is nasty! T.Hawk with meter is not funny.


Do not just mp fireball him. With the right timing and he can jump right through, or he can just inches himself closer and closer then catches you with a couching round house, and you are now enjoying untechable knock down against a grappler.

Good Hawk know he will take hit and won’t get frustrated, wait till you are feeling free and hit you like a train. Best way to fight them is make sure never get into corner. Even air Tatsu except and eat an reverse anti-air is still better then get trapped in the corner. Once you are in the corner and he have EX to spend, you are basically free. His EX forward drive is projectile immune and armor break. Plus on block with the right spacing he have + frame advantage. At that point you either block or dash back/jump which means you either eats a command grab or is in the air waiting for his anti air, then rise and repeat.


Absolutely required to save meter for Air Tatsu and EX tatsu. He should not be jumping on you at all. I’ve seen T.hawks do that elbow thing to whiff an attack on purpose. Always conserve meter for the EX tatsu, any time he jumps it’s 200 damage and back to the other side of the screen for him.


Okay, fought a good T.Hawk today…very rare breed. He turtled, focused fireballs, made it VERY difficult for me to get close to him, and took me by surprise in general. There was a bit of lag which made things worse for me. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. At one point during our set, I landed a divekick > > cr.hp > EX HE FUCKING TOSSES ME LIKE A RAGDOLL!

I’ve had this happen a few times to me over the course of my Gouken career…during a true combo from cr.hp I’ve been command grabbed. Is this some bullshit? Is this because cr.hp > ex palm doesn’t always land even though it should be a hit confirm? I’m assuming players are just mashing the grab thinking it couldn’t hurt at that point…


Sounds like that asshole babryu…lol.believe it or not slide kara fbs stop that focus dash shit cold, ex ghand and shit like thAt…reason being they see the fb and react to the startup animation but since we move forwarx at varying distances the get popped everytime…

Also bait with fbs and when they react with ex condor bust em w nj heavy normals…like a fuxkin charm

Heres a bit of what


you know what, i should call you the Human Encyclopedia!!! hahahahahahahha, someone has a problem and Mr takin comes to the rescue!!! hahahahahahahhahahahahah very good my friend, very good… you know what, your style might be different to everyone, but you seem to be sneaky as fuck, and you know your shit!!!

but there’s something that i don’t understand, what the hell is slide kara FB???


Less popular og tech on my page

Reason it works sooo good is his quick release and recovery


What are the inputs for that? looks dope! (video for ants is too small)


No, you need to read people’s whole posts. This was not the point of me digging up this thread.


Its Capcom being stupid. Divekick,, cr.hp, ex palm, the ex palm can be blocked on large characters. I learned the hard way. Hawk, Gief (sometimes), ALWAYS Hakan, its stupid. Oh and Rog. What I do on these is divekick,,, mp palm. Its not the damage of ex plam and a follow up but its a bit of damage.

Unless you’re godlike enough to confirm the It can be done if you confirm the divekick come to think of it. You can and go right into ex palm which works, just hard if the divekick is shallow.

So yeah, it doesnt connect on those characters. They prob dont even know it and are just mashing just in case you mess up.