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I like how I am lazy about writing the notation but have no problem spending hours to find combos. Well I was asked so here it is I guess. I’m using DC as dash cancel, DF for down forward, F for forward, B for back, U for up and ect. So DCD is dash cancel down and DCDB is dash cancel down back.

2A, 2B, 5C, DCU, j6C, DCF, jB, land, 2A, 2B, 2C, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 5S, jB, jB, j6C, jS, land, 5C, 236 B+C
Level three super, no assist, no X-Factor. 1,004,600 damage. Good combo for practicing pretty much everything in one combo.

2A, 2B, 5C, DCU, j6C, DCDF, 2A, 2B, 2C, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, X-Factor Activate, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 5S, jB, jB, j6C, jS, land, 5C, 5S, jB, jB, j214 B+C
Level 1 super, no assist, X-Factor combo. 1,464,300 damage. This was when I was first messing with X-Factor and good times to use it. In this combo you have plenty of time to hit confirm into X-Factor and in all honesty the super at the end isn’t even needed. In the video description I said this combo will kill Sentinel when in actuality you can’t even do it on him. Sents pushback is too great so it took me some time to find a combo that not only works on him but kills him with no super or assists. As far as I know it should work on everyone else in which case it will kill them.

2C, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land X-Factor activate, 5S, jB, jB, j6C, jS, land, 5C, 5S, jB, jB, j6C, jS, land, 5C+Assist.
No super, 1 assist, X-Factor combo. No need for this at all really, just me messing around with the assist at the end. If anything it shows that the earlier in the combo you do X-Factor the better, it doesn’t reset damage scaling it seems (just does a shit ton of damage).

jC, land, X-Factor activate, 2B, 2C, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 2C, 5S, jB, jB, j6C, jS, land, 5C, 5S, jB, jB
No super, no assist, X-Factor combo. Finally got a combo that works on Sentinel and will kill him. Does just over his life (somewhere around 1,268,000) and is hit confirmed after jC. It might change as time goes on but jC hits quite often for me in matches and I have PLENTY of time to hit confirm that into X-Factor combo. If anything you can do it almost anywhere else in the combo anyway (though it might require a super to kill him).

jB, jB, j6C, jB, X-Factor activate, 2B, 2C, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 2B, 5S, jB, j6C, DCDF, jB, land, 2B, 5S, jB, jB, j6C, jS, land, 5C, 623C
No super, no assist, X-Factor combo. Does about 1,200,000 damage. If I have Sentinel in my hand I would just finish it with a super but either way the rocks at the end were to set up for some chip after he techs. But the real point of the combo was just to show the instant overhead that can be done on Sentinel. I am pretty sure you can hit Dommuru as well.

At first Doom felt pretty clunky. Of course that was due to my inexperience with Marvel games in general. Now though I feel as if he can go exactly where I need him to be when I want him to. But I’m taking a break from the game for a while so so I can focus on other things but when I have the chance I’ll post some more fun videos using assists and to show some good ways to fight other characters. For now though, I guess I can say a few things about fighting Sentinel.

Sentinel: At the moment this feels to be the most important matchup to know. He is too just crazy good. I feel that if you get a chance to kill him, then take it. I am willing to dump an early X-Factor or level 3 in order to kill Sent. Luckily Doom can play the keep away game pretty well against Sent. Of course certain assist may make it a bit hard, but thats why you have some too (maybe even a Sentinel yourself).

Firstly, Dooms 236A (Yellow Beam thing) is pretty good against Sent. It will come out faster than Sent’s 5C and 2C so if you both do it at the same time repeatedly then Doom will eventually hits first. You also don’t have to worry about any full screen supers, so spam away. Sent’s options will be to jump over the beam. If he gets close to you (which for Sent is half screen) then jump back jC makes for a consistent AA. Every once and a while 623 B+C is good AA as well.
If you are forced to block Sent’s beams usually he will cancel with Sentinel force. If you see him pointing at you then Beam away. It will take out the first little guy and hit Sentinel down. If he is mixing up beams you just duck the high beam or block the low beam and neutral jump over the next one coming. I feel you want to keep this fight at a distance (depending on assist) but if you want to come in you can tri-jump your way inbetween beams as well. Or super jump forward while mixing in j214A, j236A, or j6+C. If j6+C connects then it’s mixup city for Doomski.

Sentinels 5S is REALLY annoying and hard to deal with. You can’t wiff punish it with anything other than super (as far as coming from a standing position), but you can DC your dash forward and punish it with 2A. The timing is a bit tight doable. I prefer not to deal with this move so I suggest fighting at a distance. But hey, if you get the chance to get in and mixup the go for it. Dooms rushdown is one of the most fun things about the game imo. But just so you know, in testing Sents 5S I couldn’t find anything to strait beat it out with Sent right next to you mashing the crap out of it. So pushblock I guess and keep that mo-fo away. Sent also has a sweep that like 5S has armor on it so be careful about that.
You can punish both with a level 3 on block too, so tbh, I think I would just X-Factor and level three/combo the shit out of him.

Are all of the numbers supposed to represent the number pad? It would have been a lot easier to follow if you had simply used c. s. j. sj. dc. etc

Combo 1: c:l:, c.:m:, s.:h:, DC:u:, j.:f::h:, DC:f:, :m: (land), c.:l:, c.:m:, c.:h:, :s:, sj.:m:, :f::h:, DC:df:, :m:, (land), :s:, sj.:m:, :f::h:, DC:df:, :m:, (land), :s:, sj.:m:, :m:, :f::h:, :s:, (land), s.:h:, :dp::m:+:h:

vs sentinel i just rush him down as hard as i can. try to get a j.M in on him and launch him so i can air exchange to someone else, lol. Doom can get in on sent pretty well but i feel like his damage just isn’t good enough to deal with the giant robot

to add another matchup to the list, doom owns arthur. it’s pretty much a free kill, just spam beam at full screen till your opponent switches him.

vs sentinel i just rush him down as hard as i can. try to get a j.M in on him and launch him so i can air exchange to someone else, lol. Doom can get in on sent pretty well but i feel like his damage just isn’t good enough to deal with the giant robot

to add another matchup to the list, doom owns arthur. it’s pretty much a free kill, just spam beam at full screen till your opponent switches him.

I haven’t seen a single Arthur. Or Magneto for that matter.

I could use that. Coming from guilty gear using numbers have been more second nature to me.

The most practical combo in here ( the first one) doesn’t work on crouching chars :((

Imo all combo threads should focus on combos that work on crouching opponents because that’s 90% how you’ll be hitting your opponent in this game.

On crouching characters you just need to omit 2B (or change it for 5B) when on the ground. Everything else about it works. Some characters are also more floaty so you may have to do less hits, but those floaty characters are pretty low on health anyway. Every one of the combos are practical though. I mean, I use them in matches (aside from online). When you get them down it’s pretty easy.

Thanks for all the tactics/combos. Just a question about combo 2:

I can only seem to connect the otg 5c if I DCDF the jS (practising against Captain America). Does the otg work against all the chars without a DCDF?

Ahhhhh after 3 days i am on the forum, whooo hooo anyway Dr. Doom = beast. my team at the mo is Wolverine (b.slash)/ Dante (jam Session)/ Dr.D (plasma)

i have not had time to mess about with dr.doom or wolves so far but he is strong and quick for what i need. think i gota change his assist aswell. what i have seen from his so far means that he is gona seriously destroy some people :slight_smile:

any tips against dante ,zero and ammy? i think that they hit faster than doom , so any tactics to punish them? specially amy. if you spam against that dog , you are going to get hyper combed . lol.

I know against Dante you need to be a bit careful using specials full screen because of his gun super. I like being in the air against him and work my way in with assists if possible. If he random supers my assist when you are in the air that gives you a full combo. Zero is pretty good once he gets you but pretty easy to keep away from. I don’t really know how the matchups are developing but thats how it felt to me.

Right before the uppercut super? Both should work on the Capt. Any more hits would have him tech out so if you are adding anything in then it wont work. Are you doing 2B, 5S, after landing for the relaunch? Cause I just do 5S.

I feel like Dr.Doom does alright vs. Sentinel. He is kinda random to get in on and Doom can play the beam game with him well so i would think just going to war with him from a range for a while isn’t bad. I would imagine j.M especially when air dashed is good to blow up his armored moves and get combos going.

I dont find this to be very true. If the Arthur players knows to throw lances that shit is going to beat your doom beam free. Magneto’s beam seems to be able to trade him out of it due to the even faster start up and recovery but Doom’s beam just wont be able to keep up. Its fast but just not fast enough to deal with lances ability to just pierce through beams. If I see Arthur on the screen I usually switch Doom out quick and run Wesker or Chun then have doom throw the beams at times to help get in. When Doom is on point the first time u let him throw lances at you u basically cant beam anymore or you’ll eat them all day.

Oh and I have no idea how to fight Haggar. If he takes to the air what are u supposed to do other than like pushblock or dash under? He pretty much renders your beam game useless as long as he wants to jump and I dont really see what else there is to do ATM other than throw out molecular shield.

I was playing a little bit with a friend and found that if you push block Akumas hurricane kick you can sweep into launcher. Maybe you can do that with Ryu as well?

And yeah, Mag beam seems slightly better. But I still like it.

Well I like that Doom beam is bigger and has more active frames. So it’s a decent trade if its a little less effective against Arthur.

BTW do you ever use molecular shield on point? I noticed buktooth never really tends to use it much and it doesn’t really chip like it did in the old game. Hidden missles I’ve found on point is pretty solid also for keeping Sentinel out of the air or trying to fly at you after u out beam him. It’s also good after killing a member of the other team to force the next person coming into take chip and set them up for a throw or other mix up.

The pushblock thing sounds kinda interesting also consdidering i heard the hurricane kick is safe if you only simply block. There’s a lot to learn about how the defensive system in this game works i guess.

i play haggar so maybe i can help. you can zone haggar with 214a, pretty well as soon as he blocks it go into Heavy beam he will be forced to block it as well. If he super jumps dash under and do molecular shield followed by heavy beam. if you give a good haggar a chance to land while not blocking a beam he will do a cr heavy into roll at which time he can close easily and you need to get away quick. Dont try to fight him up close as his lariat will take out every mixup you have and pipe will kick your ass. just lame him our and get your chip. this becomes harder if he has a good assist covering him, if that is the case i would suggest snap him out and kill the assist. i use hulk doom haggar with doom rocks covering and i will say most dooms dont give me problems when i approach with haggar and doom rocks following.

Hmmm yeah good stuff. Yeah the team my friend uses is like Hagger/Hulk/She Hulk and he might try to back Haggar up with Hulk’s ground wave move once in a while but that’s about it. I guess I’ll just have to play with molecular shield and hidden missiles in that match.

I was also playing around with the Arthur match a bit simulating some Arthur lance throw stuff. I guess Doom has a bit of options in this match compared to what I originally thought. This matchup pretty much requires the use of H beam. L and M beams dont have the durability required to stop Arthur’s lance because I think each of Arthur’s lances have have the exact durability needed to blow up his L beam. He can throw 2 lances at once and just one of the lances will nullify the L beam. H beam has the same start up as L beam it seems and stays active longer but the recovery is worse so you still have to be careful. If Arthur forces u to get hit or block even one lance it puts you in a full screen trap where you can’t H beam again. The next set of lances will hit you before your H beam even starts up just like with the L one.

On the other hand though the only way he can put you in this “string” is if he hits you with a grounded lance. If he’s using air lances it seems u have a bit more room to throw out H beam before he can get another lance out. The main issue is his ability to chain lances really hard on the ground. Which when he’s trying to force u into ground chains you do have an escape with with H molecular shield. H molecular shield has the same durability against double lance that H beam does. Which basically allows you to blow up the lances then immediately jump to escape block string. Yet…that’s really all you have time for. You dont even have time to beam back LOL. Which from there I guess the best option would be to hope he goes for air lances so u have room to use grounded H beam or just try and press forward and shoot him from the air with air beams.

I still dont think there’s a whole lot you can do in this match but if you’re down to just Doom and one other character with low health its something i guess.