Matchup Note app that I am working on for Android. Check it out! Works for all fighting games!

#1 : App available exclusively on Android

#gotdemnotes? No? Its time to start then!

Key Features

  • Create your own notebook, and characters, or download and share notebooks with friends for any fighting game you play.
  • Make as many notebooks as you would like, hell, how about 100?
  • Keep notes vs specific players so you are ready for that tough opponent.
  • Share matchup notes with your friends via bluetooth.
  • No internet connection needed at any time to access your notes.
  • More features and polish coming soon!

Hey there, I am a member of Chicago FGC and this is a passion project I have been working on. I want to see the FGC take match up note keeping seriously and am trying to make it as convenient and fun as possible. Please consider sharing the news if you feel this is worthy.

Here is a video demonstrating the basics:

Here is another video demonstrating bluetooth note sharing.


Any plans to bring this over to Windows Phones or iOS? Nice app.


Thanks for showing interest. I currently do not have the resources to invest in everything needed for iOS Dev. Maybe in the future but I’m not sure.


Nice app. Downloading right now.


Alright, I just installed and so far it seems like a very cool note app but I would like to mention a couple of things:

  1. The logo image for your game of choice gets a bit stretched out in the main menu page. It would be cool if it looked like when I first added. The characters portraits look perfect though.

  2. It would be pretty awesome if you could add links for match videos somewhere on the notes.

  3. The overall design is pretty simple but I’m aware this is a work in progress.

Overall, keep it up the great work.


Awesome! Thanks! Don’t forget to check out the community made blank notebooks at


Kane, Thanks for the feedback. As for the logo images, I highly suggest finding an image with as close an aspect ratio as possible.

There are some technical challenges with making sure the images sit proper on all types of phones without some complicated and unnecessary implementations. That being said, I am looking into making it decent.

The overall design is definitely an ongoing process but I will stress that this app is not to be pretty but to get you to your notes as fast and cleanly as possible.

Links in notes is something I will explore. That being said, this is a bit more geared towards tournament goers and if you have ever been to a major you know data connections are not ideal. With that in mind, a youtube video would not be very useful + loading a youtube video while sitting next to your opponent before your match would induce so much rage.

Thanks again for checking it out and I hope you find it useful =).