Matchup question

Ok, i find a very good M.Bison (dictator) last night and he won me like 15 times in a row…

I keep doing that purple sky thing… Always jumping and very good offensive game…

If i miss the headbutt he hit me with the second hit (that strange upside down purple thing)…

Super Street Fighter IV Zangief (not AE)

What can i do?

I dont really know how to play this matchup…

Ok i see this:

-----Best meaty: Safe jump splash cr. short; Cross over before he gets up, cr. short o-s cr. mk; Cr. short
----------Ex scissors: Block; Can’t; Block
----------Ex psycho: Block; Can’t; Block
----------Ex stomp: Step toward, cr. mk, or block on reaction; Whiffs over cr. mk; Step toward, cr. mk, or block on reaction
----------Ex devil’s reverse: Step toward or cr. mk on reaction; Whiffs over cr. mk; Step toward
----------Teleport away: Escapes, walk up; Escapes but Gief moves forward; Escapes, walk up
----------Teleport close: Whiffs, punish; Whiffs, punish; Whiffs, punish
----------Super: Block; Can’t; Block
----------Ultra: Block; Can’t; Block
----------Backdash: Escapes; Escapes but Gief moves forward; Escapes
----------Focus attack: Loses to jab; Loses to jab; Loses to jab
----------Focus backdash: Loses to jab; Escapes; Escapes
-----Best meaty on quick stand: #1, #3
----------Neutral throw: Regular/short jump splash cr. jab o-s cr. mk or regular/short empty jump cr. short
----------Regular spd: Jab hand, free meaty without meter
----------Ex spd: Walk up safe jump splash cr. jab o-s cr. mk
----------360k: Step toward regular/short jump splash cr. jab o-s cr. mk or regular/short empty jump cr. short
-----Grounded jab o-s sweep: No
-----Ex spd useful: No, doesn’t give better option
-----Ultra on backdashed throw in corner:
-----Punishability of post-fadc dashes: Toward 17f; Back 25f
----------Psycho crusher (17f): Toward no (0); Back
----------EX psycho crusher (21f): Toward no (+4); Back
----------Scissors (17f): Toward no (0); Back
----------Lv1 focus (16f): Toward ultra/super (-1); Back
----------Lv2 focus (22f): Toward no (+5); Back
-----Best ways to punish
----------Lk scissors: Safe
----------Mk, hk, ex scissors: St. short xx ex hand
----------Psycho: Ex hand if close, safe if far
----------Stomp: Dash back 720 or 360k, early cr. strong
----------Devil’s reverse: Cr. mk to move forward
----------Super: Ex hand on reaction; ex hand on block
----------Ultra: Ex hand or jump back (to instant command grab) on reaction; dash 720, 360k, ex spd, neutral throw, lariat on block

Are these my best optios?

The first thing you can do, is post in the matchup thread Zangief Strategy/Match-up Thread

The second thing you can do, is go to training mode, record the moves bison did that you have problems with, and find out how you can get around them.

lol good bison beats good gief, good anything beats gief really, awful character

I like gief, but I’m losing faith fast. He can have his moments, but a good player will beat you with most characters seth, akuma, cviper and a lot of the quicker character run rings around him and there is little you can do. Uless you’re vangief or a handful of other players, even other good players have given up.

I used to think you could pick one character and master him and beat anyone, the truth is, modern SF is not like this.

Its filled with biased and broken matchups, which they obviously have no idea to fix because they’ve had over two years to fix.
The top 3 characters in the game are all from china, most of the top 10 revolve around rush down, its all about cheap pokes, and stupid crossups and guessing you can barely react to. And that’s not forgetting the free ultra that’s awarded, so should your gief do well, it can be undone in a second cos the game gives the opponent a chance to land 30% health with one move, even if you spent 30 seconds working for that damage.

You need to just accept the fact that street fighter is a poorly designed game, and much like the differences between Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2, the SF4 series has been made extremely scrub friendly. You’re basically rewarded for mashing and doing random shit, hell look at Wolfkrone.

zangief is hopeless in AE. true and sad
buffed spd???
LOL, against good opponent,every whiffed spd means 200-400 punishment. while if you land, only around 180.
every spd is no difference than a random upcut.
The guessing game is never in your favour, not to mention the footies.
and akuma chunli sagat dahsim became almost impossible mathup now in AE wihtout KD
I cannot believe some scurbs think zangief is better with so many impossible MU now in AE. LOL.

Gief’s bad matchups are definitely worse now.
Hopefully if they do go through with the re balance they give him ex gh knockdown back.