Matchup Specific Viable Supers


I know the thread title is kind of ambiguous, but I mean supers that are only viable in 1, maybe 2 matchups. I’ve noticed a few of these lately and it’s just a neat thing to see.

Remy SA3 vs Q

I guess you could call this YOU’s signature. Used to counter Q’s SA1 through LOV’s, thus allowing Remy to keep spamming LOV’s whether Q has a stock or not.

Alex SA3 vs Oro

I want to say I saw Kazuya using this but I can’t remember. Oro’s slow fireball leaves him vulnerable to Alex’s SA3 on reaction to the startup of the fireball.

Twelve SA2 vs Remy

On reaction SA2 punishes LOV cleanly for about 40% damage. I think it was Yama I saw using this during the warmup matches before a Tozaisen.

Do you guys know any others?


alex hyperbomb vs necro

If you can red parry hooks consistently then this can be a way for a guaranteed punish. necro can electric snake on reaction to the red parry and you can slurp them up with a hyperbomb. also, its scrubby but a wake up hyperbomb can make necro nervous to do meaties or throws on your wake up.

chun sa1 is pretty good vs hugo. literally will combo off of anything. of course sa2 is better in this case, but you can play pretty lame with sa1 and get maybe 2 per round if your lucky.

i wouldnt be surprised if you can use sa2 with ken very well vs twelve. ive never tried because no one plays twelve, but sa2 hurts and twelve would have to be more careful in the air.

heres a fun one that i heard from yuuki who heard from mov who heard from kuroda (i think thats how the trail went):

dudley rolling thunder vs hugo.

dudley can reversal hugos st mp, and cr forward. ive never played vs someone who abused this, but id imagine its pretty hard to play hugo without those 2 moves.


I recall seeing Kuroda’s Hugo using SA2 against Oro… whenever Oro goes for a double jump, he just pops it to punish.
Ibuki SA3 is also really common against Oro - even by players who go for SA1 on all other matchups.

Sometime ago Mester posted on his twitter about which matchups he thinks Yun SA2 could be worth it. I don’t remeber which ones though.
Yuki Otoko is often seen using SA2 against Chun
Elena SA3 is annoying against Hugo
I’ve also seen Japanese players go Urien SA1 against Gouki (personally I dont think thats a good idea)


that wasnt me, didnt know that one

i think its jiro youre thinking about who uses sa2. elena’s sa3 can be annoying vs other characters like q. not sure who else but those two for sure.

another one ive seen a couple times and heard of is oros picking sa1 to counter stun gun. i think its something like not only does oros fireballs have slow recovery, but oro cannot escape certain set ups for stun gun without a charge for his uppercut. i dont know the details about the set ups he cant escape but ive seen a few oros pick sa1 against kazuya/genki playing stun gun. it didnt look worth it though because oros sa2 and sa3 are that much stronger.


oops, my bad. i dont remember who told me then.

yea the only one ive seen use gouki sa2 is jiro. i think healing vs Q is sooooo wack but its effective.


I remember the answer is already somewhere on these boards but lazy to search so: why exactly Jiro use it vs Chun?
Is it cause of her big hitboxes making her easy to get the full animation?
I remember someone talk about the possibility to cancel cl.hp into and still get decent damage (more than srk xx sa2 i guess).

Healing vs Q is not as good as vs Hugo IMO, he can catch her pretty easily with dash punch while Hugo can only, well, SA3 (held)? Ex (held) lariat to get closer (will not even hit her i think)?.


Hugo SA3 vs pretty much the whole cast. specially against Dud ,Urien and Elena is a must. SA1 against the twins … more to follow.:coffee:


Dudley sa2 against Hugo, you can reversal his mp’s with it


Other interesting choices (which still aren’t the best way possible to play the matchup but can work pretty well):
Alex SA3 vs Hugo:
Hugo is the only character who doesn’t have an easy/universal way out. While most characters can just hit lp/mp against any setup, Hugo cannot. Expecially if Alex connects the Slash Elbow before cancelling it
in that case Alex can go for

  • LP SAIII: Hugo can counter with reversal SA2/SA3 only. Normals won’t work, backbreaker won’t work. He can escape with backdash but not if cornered.
  • MP SAIII: LK backbreaker works, backdash doesn’t.
    Basically, if Hugo is playing SA1 or doesn’t have have a full stock of other supers he’s in deep trouble.

Urien SA1 vs Akuma:
takes care of the HK tatsumaki nonsense if you’re not feeling focused enough for the red parries, punishes max range sweep (which is annoying otherwise), comboes of UOH, punishes teleports, gives Urien a good reversal and it quite hurts against Gouki. Adding in the mix that he can teleport out of most aegis setups anyway, this is perhaps the only matchup where SAIII isn’t easily a given, though I still feel it’s a slightly better choice in the end.
I made the SAIII > SAI switch succesfully in the Fight Club tournament last weekend to win the losers semifinals :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d also like to know why Kuroda was playing SAII Ken against Q


Probably to dick around. I can’t think of any good reason for Ken to use SA2 against Q.

This is a personal thing, but I like to use Q’s SA2 against Dudley. This is one of those matchups I feel where Q could use a “one chance” type move to even things out, since Dudley does a lot of damage to him. As for the character-specific part, his jump seems to fall right into the perfect angle for Q to land SA2 with, and since most Dudley players I’ve fought love to jump around a lot, I’ve had a pretty decent success rate landing this.


Also, isn’t slash elbow xx stungun almost guaranteed against Q if not parried?


I’ve always been able to jab Alex out of it, so no.

Surprisingly, I’ve always had a hard time jabbing Alex out of Stungun with Urien.


in my experience using sMP works quite better


You’re probably right, probably usual online crap.
Anyway, i found the best way to avoid stungun with Q: always block low/get hit low and during superfreeze, just let the stick go back to neutral, without any kind of timing :d


But isn’t stun gun still an air grab? wtf!


…oh wow, this does work better. Just tried it out today. lol

The crouch whiff works here too? Q is so god tier!


Damn, you’re right! And clearly doesn’t work on emul.
Why did this shit work on OE? i tested for a good quarter hour with different strength…Fuck!


Alex Stun Gun against Denjin Ryu. Jab Stun Gun on wakeup beats the gimmick.

Oh yeah, and Remy SA3 against Q with SA1. Saw a Shend video with a Remy player keeping Q out the entire time and using LOV freely.

Remy SA3 kinda’ works on Alex. Alex can’t EX Stomp if Remy has SA3 loaded.


i was pretty sure Q cant do anything vs a elena who does throw healing. just tested and i cant get anything to hit. it seems as though its not possible to do quick stand reversal dash punch (not enough time to charge). even reversal sa1 doesnt work.

yuuki tested it more and i guess a lot of characters cant really do anything about punishing throw healing. of course if youre playing vs yun it makes more sense to play sa2 or even sa1 because you probably wont win without it.

healing :frowning:


EDIT: ryan posted first

i checked and even ken cant reversal jinrai to punish healing if she does throw or mk (probably lk too) scratch wheel. just has to do with elena’s normals being so strong against hugo/q, they dont need sa1/sa2, so might as well use healing.

edit2: i checked out of curiosity and of course chun can quick stand, then reversal hoyoku if elena does it off throw/back throw BUT, if elena knocks down chun with mk scratch wheel, chun cannot punish it lol