Matchup thread aint helping me

alright Im having problems with fighting the characters that move around a lot as in pertaining to Vega(claw),Seth and i cant seem to find out what im doing wrong im trying my best against these characters as Akuma but I just dont see any of my moves working. I cant start a vortex on Vega and seth because there steadily moving and as I try to move along with the them I see myself causing more harm to myself then to my opponent and I feel as if my fireball is useless and so is my pokes. Ive tried watching videos on the matchups but i dont catch on to what they are exactly doing From time to time i see the throw random standing low kicks out and im like ok? is that part of there footsies/zoning Im really tired of losing to these 3 looking for some advice

Vega - Crouching Fierce and Standing Roundhouse eat him up alive. Make sure you can pressure him into the corner and it’s all over.

Seth - Hmm this is pretty difficult if you’re up against a good Seth that can effectively keep you out. All I can say is do a lot of safe Demon Flips and other baits to try to get the knockdown. I’m not sure if this works on Seth (because it works on Dhalsim) if you block Seth’s jumping Sniper in the air you can Raging Demon on reaction and catch him.

E.Honda - Bad matchup for Akuma, Honda’s neutral jumping fierce is ridiculous and he does retarded chip damage. Try to zone Honda out with fireballs (no air fireballs) and punish any incoming jump-ins/Sumo Splash.

you can not demon seth’s instant air fierce

Kk, then good to know, thanks =]

Against good seths, almost nothing you can do except look for a mistake, mis-teleport and punish. Smart seths are so god

Maybe I just haven’t faced a good Honda but I treat him like a Gief and mixup with ground air and flip options successfully. Just be more cautious on air fireballs at mid to full screen.

As for Seth always block high till you can get in then mount your best offense to end his shennanigans. At mid to full screen do not fireball spam. Only throw them to counter his then flip in when you see a pattern or opening to beat him down.

Against Claw, I just learned crossup tatsu is a great offensive tool. Abuse it.

Claw can be trick but once you get more experience against him blocking his mix-ups will come smoother.

Seth can be an interesting fight. I go into a Seth match with this initial game plan. I know he has a lot of incredible special moves that he uses to attack, defend, and combo, so I am going to trick him into using those moves. All of Seth’s moves are very punishable, and Seth himself with toddler tier health and stun and very comboable hit box is great for getting punished. Space dive kicks to bait his DP and always be thinking about the command throw. it is ok to dump meter in the fireball war vs seth imo because Seth is always looking to throw booms. You could get a free knock down off a closer fireball exchange, and it also establishes your fireball game as the superior early in the match.

Honda and c.hp. Go to training and just focus attack his heat butt over and over so it drive into your brain I -CANNOT- focus attack this move. Also practice focusing on his but smash. Dont jump at him. Play this match like Sagat does which is lame as balls. Bitch at your opponent every time you get lp-hands-lp-hands because it does so much dmg and gives so much meter.

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o alright guys this is the kinda advice i needed now i have a initial plan of what i should be doing against these characters I thank you all

how about in c viper cause im having problems with that. if she does her BnB, what do u do after that? and how can u play defense?

From experience, play very aggressive and learn how to recognize and block her BK and overhead mixups.

Vega: pressure with St.RH, its godly against him. You can also walk away from his flying barcelona attack and either bnb or ultra him.

Seth: this matchup can be annoying, it all depends how good the seth is. Do random dp’s if he jumps back and FP alot.

Honda: I havent played him enough to give u good info

sakura - some might space u and get in your face and then comes out. if u combo her and EX alot, she could be in trouble.
balrog - i manage to come up with him. if u do mix ups, u could probably confuse him. if hes rushing down, i say EX and combo the son of a B****

I sort of have to disagree. s.HK can actually be blocked in such a way that it can be punished. Also trying to get into range to use s.HK is a challenge against a good Vega. Vega may not have many options off of his pokes, but he has a ton of range and speed with them.

His wall antics are rather easy to shut down if you know what is coming though a good Vega (how ever rare they are) will not just blindly spam it.

^^ Agreed, If youre not directly in the grill, Vega will out poke you no matter what you do garanteed. Good crossup tatsus or some fireball therapy can do the trick. Its pretty easy to sit on a life lead so if you have a significant lead sit on it and play the runaway game. Vega has no way of gettin in without taking major risk. Use that to your advantage. Teleport away from his pokes and his super.

More than Half the roster are small enough to duck the second hit of, after blocking the first, and its a free throw/punish, so abusing for pressure is risky. If it works in a match, it’s because the opponent doesn’t know how to block.

But TC mentioned characters that cannot duck under the second hit…