Matchup Thread -- Birdie

Please contribute when urien is launch

Birdie frame data:

Credits Frame Trapped

Thinking Birdie is going to be a good match for Urien.

Urien has long enough normals to contest Birdie’s preferred ranges easier than other characters and his fireball out ranges Hanging Chain. More distance control allows Urien to safely stock V-Skill, which is a very strong tool in this match-up because it can allow you to ignore Birdie’s own V-Skill traps and mix-ups with armoured Headbutt (doesn’t interact with trash hitboxes, armours through Chain, and is airborne on frame 3 to avoid Revenger.

The game should become Birdie needing to get in on Urien and with his slow walk speed and dashes, Urien can negotiate space far easier than Birdie can. Stopping Birdie from using his V-Skill will probably be very important once everyone works out how this match-up runs because Birdie will want that increased movement speed as fast as possible.