Matchup Thread -- Chun-Li



Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Chun-Li players think about the Laura matchup :We need to wait for a thread to be created

Chun-Li Frame data (when available) : Here


I came across something weird. Some moves have animations longer than the actual duration of the move, but you can cancel out of the animation by doing anything at all. An example is Laura’s st.MP. The animation lingers after the move has completed and moves her back slightly, so if you do something on the first frame after recovery you get pushed forward. Apparently this also applies to the crouching block animation.

If you look at the input feed you’ll notice that I get hit even though I’m apparently holding down back. That’s because I’ve released the stick and neutral doesn’t show in the input display. But you’ll also notice that I get hit crouching because she never stands up. That sucks because Chun’s cr.MK will whiff against standing at that range.

However, doing anything at all will cancel out of the crouch block animation (including walking backwards) and actually make you stand up. The hurtbox on Laura’s st.LK doesn’t change from her idle hurtbox until recovery which makes it great for whiff punishing in this scenario.




Just some bits and pieces:
After SBK in the corner, she has a setup where she does v-skill, crosses up and then lands in front, but it’s not real. You can hold up/forward on quickrise and get out for free. If they hit you with the mk on the way out it means that their setup would’ve whiffed if you crouched, and you’ll have escaped the corner either way.

st.LP, st.LP doesn’t work against Chun.

All versions but EX legs can be punished with cr.HP xx MP bolt.

Super can be punished with f+HP TC.

Chun is 0 after f. throw, dash so feel free to challenge.

cr.MK is a good counter to ia legs.

I’m having the most success looking for counterhits with in the neutral. cr.MK is amazing. Except when dealing with this horse shit


I just found out that if Chun mashes stand LP on wakeup, your meaty stand MP setups are fucked. She gets counterhit and the pushback is so far that nothing connects anymore. So not only does Stand HP after Bolt+P does not work on Chun, she also messes with your Bolt+K/HP Bolt/Forward Throw setup :angry:


Some chun li was backdashing between my >


Uhm are you sure about that? I guess its too late to test now but unless you’re fucking it up no true meaty should lose to a jab?

This matchup is extremely tough, as we’re probably all well aware at this point it’s Laura’s worst matchup. The neutral is hell, I’ve been trying to maximize the spacing - just outside of her st.hp range and stuff her buttons with cr.hp xx bolt to get in. I’ve talked to a few Chun’s and they’re definitely scared of Laura when she’s actually in, unfortunately for us one wrong guess and its back to neutral hell.


I think you misunderstood me. Of course you get the counterhit but the pushback moves her hurtbox so far away that not even Cr.HP connects anymore. So if she slowrises and mashes stand jab, even if you go for a perfectly meaty St.MP she gets away with like 70 dmg :’(


You should be able to combo sweep or something though


Thanks to @v-ryu we have video proof that Chun’s cr. LP can beat st. MP in situations where it absolutely should not because of its weirdly tiny hurtbox.

I knew something was weird when I was getting consistently jabbed out of st. MP setups


Yes its probably why she can backdash in some situations


The game has side-specific tech, what? So weird. I guess at least now we know…


That’s kinda funny as lows are supposed to blow up that move. It has no lower hitbox. Seems like Laura’s has a big hurtbox when she’s using that move.


So after messing around a bit with Laura and having faced a bunch of decent Chuns I feel like the best way to approach the matchup is to use another character. Unless I’m missing the go-to move, I don’t see any distance at all where Laura beats Chun. Up close maybe, but EX SBK is such a great reversal that the threat of it somehow makes me hesitate because if it hits we’re back to neutral and then Laura’s screwed.

It’s funny because I actually used to main Chun but decided to stop because I can’t figure out to consistently IA LL. Had some minor success with Laura against a bunch of characters but Chun seems insurmountable.


Man every character in this game has plus and minus aspect
I don’t think you should drop chunli because you cant do IA LL
Or use a sub character on laura vs chun match up
Learn chun li frame data ,she is negative on a lot of things, train how to bait ex sbk and punish hard
Everybody here seems to have problems with this matchup but for is not that hard if you study it well


Clap very useful to get close and get her to hit it. Then when she is down go all in, after a while you will see her loose patience and do something stupid like random SBK or hyakuretsukyaku. If she manage to get the pressure on her side just V-reversal. She has not a great wake up game.


She really makes no sense though if you can’t pull off IA legs. It’s like playing Ryu and not being able to anti-air with Shoryuken, you’re just limiting the character. Plus all the talk about her being the best character in the game is annoying. I’d rather win with a supposed low-tier character so that the opponent doesn’t have any excuses.

But I’ll try with some of the tips. She doesn’t seem that unsafe though. Sure, her specials are but no good Chun player is going to use them raw or if the opponent is blocking.


It’s “actually” a trade that becomes a CC due to the strength priority. The priority system makes bHP crazy good


When fighting Chun simple ex through her fireball if your close enough where she throws a fireball to close jump in and punish hard. In neutral situations when your on the offensive command dash ex grab. Mix the command grab and regular grab up the command grab is slower than the regular grab but can’t be broken. When you get a knock down ex fireball mixup and reset begins.


Dude… If you’re close enough to grab Chun as “simply” as you say, this match wouldn’t be Lauras worst. We all know you can ex elbow her projectile, but what else can you do? Her st hp and cr hk are both longer reaching and faster than all of your moves. Her fireball recovers quickly, so you will get anti aired with no problems. Go that mixup and eat a bird kick. Are you playing against afk Chuns?