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Feels like the toughest matchup imo, need to fought more chuns, to get more of a handle.


c.lp and will beat air legs clean and it doesn’t really take hard timing. Don’t be afraid to just stand outside of her sweep range make her come to you. Poke with a well spaced light elbow a lot, it’s a good way to beat fireballs and push her into the corner. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like will wiff on her when she’s crouching far away. Also her will beat all your anti airs clean so either ex knee smash or just block. Her will AA you always like everyone else but you can flying cross to bait and punish it, just be prepared to get destroyed if she blocks it.


Don’t do super on a crouching Chun doing a crouching punch. Fun Fact of the day :wink:


st.lp beats IALL very consistently, practice hitting it and then dashing in for powerbomb/

Most crappy online chuns like to spam her palm, as you can see from the guide you can just sweep or maybe her at max range.
When they see that you’re not stupid they’ll start trying to catch you with her bullshit low profile moves, then use

Probably a good idea to use your v reversals liberally here, it’s safe on block and gives great oki/breathing room on KD.
cr.hp can punish her v skill on reaction I hear too.

She can punish any chop on block, as well as disregard any x frametraps, so be careful with what you choose to stick out.



What sort of horseshit is this!? 0_0


The elbow gets low profiled by a some moves. Chun and sim mostly. His super too, be carefull.


What the fuck are you supposed to do against this fucking monster? I can’t get Chun to come to me


It’s been a while since the last post. Has anyone had any insight into this matchup yet? Her pokes and aggression seem almost make this match seem unwinable :frowning:


The key to this match up -

  1. Press Start.
  2. Go to Character Select.
  3. Pick someone else.

In all seriousness, this is most likely Alex’s worst match up. Only thing I can say is that if you get the hit you can destroy her with 1-2 reads. Otherwise she’s going to get away and most likely win.


I’m inclined to agree. One thing I’ve found is when she has VT ready stay grounded and keep a low defense hardcore. She’s going to kook for the slide into activate and you don’t want that. is really good in this situation.

Haven’t found a reliable counter to instant air legs but in general in this match I find that V-Reversal is so important. I rarely get a chance to activate since I need VR so bad. It’s a pretty awful match in all.


My answer to IALL is st.LP.
It’s a risk since she can convert her cr.LP into a full combo but when you’re in that “Is she going to throw me?” situation I always assume they’re going to IALL unless they don’t do it or they keep messing it up.
Or Parry. First thing I learned to Parry with Alex.


horrid match up…


Ok I think I discovered the most viable approach to this match up. You have to stun her before she can build one bar of ex. If you manage to do this, you can win. If you do not, she will use this bar to ensure her safety while she generates even more, at which point she will hit confirm you to death. I think this is actually the most viable approach to take. Go balls to the wall aggro in an effort to kill her as quickly as possible, if she gets any meter the match goes to shit almost immediately.


You give her a bar through damaging her


At least you got that first round tho