Matchup Thread -- Claw

Please contribute when urien launch

Claw frame data:

Frame Trapped

you can punish his lp and mp spin with reversal vtrigger. you can follow up with crouching forward xx aegies hit xx crouching jab -> hp headbutt

So what have you guys found that works best against his Barcelona attacks? I’ve tried jump back fierce against the EX one and got stuffed. I was thinking jumping lights might interrupt better.

i found neutral jump mp to work some of the times

cr.hp works, but the timing is ridiculous. I think its ONLY really practical for non-ex flying barcelona (me thinks there’s a major difference in the hitboxes for ex versus non-ex). Also ex.hb or a powered up headbutt from v-skill can auto-correct and beat his flying Barcelona if you have down-charge. Alternatively You can tackle away from him once he flies toward you to almost reset it to neutral. CA works too.

S.RH and jump back mp have never failed me against his Barcelona. Extremely consistent options

Not played a lot against vega but jump back MK should also work

if he’s above you but you still have some space njMP works very well

thank y’all

Holy shit!

I play Vega and this is a huge eye opener for me. A blocked ASE is a ticket straight to hell.

Haha thanks

So…this matchup is probably my worst for me. any pointers?

Jump back mp for his wall dives.
Jab + lk tackle his unsafe roll attacks.
Dont fall for his sweep cancel vtriggers.

I guess I should clarify…
How do you get in safely on him outside of EX tackle? All his buttons seem to beat out Urien’s at a distance, and I always feel myself getting pushed to a corner.

Also, what’s a good counter hit button for those players who quick rise with lights to combo into rolls, which puts the momentum back into his favor.

Right now my strat seems to be give space to V-Skill, then bait wall dives or jumps with an armored tackle/headbutt, or wait for the ridiculous amount of sweeps that players seem to do. I seem to fall apart when they get into claw mode poke range

At this point I don’t have a game plan for vega. Match seems fucking terrible for urien.

All I really have is try and spam ex knee/ex tackle and st.hp hoping for a CC. His buttons basically beat yours, he’s faster and has more approach angles and he’s hard to get in on cause his back walkspeed is faster than half the casts forward walkspeed.

I do neutral jump a lot though against him, seems decently effective but he can scout it with ex walldive. Random wall dives work till you start jmp them… which slows it down but it’s still a matchup where outside your ex moves you are kinda waiting for him to make a mistake/trying to make him make a mistake.

I main urien and a close friend of mine mains Vega. Good read. Thanks