Matchup Thread -- Dictator

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Dictator frame data

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So what’s Urien’s go to punish for knee press spam? The frame advantage seems way to much in favor of Bison for any combo.

Against the jumping, standing HK seems to do the trick. If too close, dashing helps sometimes.

This matchup is my worst. I only have dash under as an option vs jumps/stomp/devil reverse except in VT mode. In VT, all that shit is just wider and I get block and guess. No idea when to press buttons besides not after stHK and his FP that CCs

He is also my worst match up. It irks the **** outta me that I lose to such a low tier character.

Matchup is whatever for me. his aerial shit, try to stay out of range of his jmk crossup.

Yeah I was surprised no one brought up j.MP

This matchup is like 8-2 for bison
Man, bison is a pain in the ass, everything you try to do, he stuffs it