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Wtf do you do against this character!?


Don’t rush on him to hard
If you do the fireball do the elbow
If he does the poison mine go with stomp
Anti air him all the time and be aware of super


In general you need to learn when his fireballs are a trap and when the fang player is just bluffing in hopes you don’t punish him. Ex elbow does great against ground poison, but conversely it’s very hard to space elbows so that they’re safe because he has a lot of quick normals with good range. I’ve managed to punish his super with flying cross which is a great punish compared to what some characters get.


Go check his frame data and see what’s a punish for when, F.A.N.G is ASS at holding continued pressure so take your turn back whenever you can, don’t be afraid to EX elbow through his strings. You are the aggressor in this match, so take risks. Does the Fang player have a rhythm for up-balls or poison trap? EX elbow right fucking through and get on top of him. Don’t use Stomp or headbutt at all outside of blockstrings, up-balls keep you grounded almost all game. EX elbow is your friend in this match-up. Once you have Fang knocked down after EX elbow or a counter poke knockdown do not give him the space to set-up poison trap/up-balls again. Keep it mid to close range as long as you can, you aren’t scared of any of Fangs normals, you outrange and outprioritize him.


k here’s how to fight FANG from an ex/2ndary FANG player

when he has you locked down in his poke distance, just let him push you to his hearts content. he can’t dash in and throw you, all he can do is hope you’re dumb and throw a limb for him to CH or CC sweep with, or maybe jump in.

when you’re on the offense and he’s downbacking he has to choose between laying down a mist or fireballing, so when you score a jump in just hit him into ex chop or super for big damage and a knockdown.

any time he command dashes in and there’s no fireballs to worry about just mash into powerbomb or x st.lp x lp chop and make him never dash again.

he’s absolutely free on wakeup, unless he has super. if you block the first hit, block the other way because it crosses up.

the real difficulty in this matchup is your lack of 3f moves, meaning you’re stick dealing with his frametraps. he’ll either st.lp or throw you, so it’s a mixup you’ll have to deal with. his one other frametrap is a blocked j.hp into either st.lp or throw, but just st.lp the poor guy. be ready to block his dumb crossups, it’s not that scary anyway.

against a FANG who knows how to meaty properly off of his lunges/sotoja just use v reversal to escape, this character sucks at waking up


So uh, I think this counts as anti-FANG tech lol

Any range of his sweeps are punishable with st.hp. Every single range. Meaning, we get free st.hp x mp/ex chop/mk ex elbow or free
st.hp VTC to mp chop mixup

this matchup just got a lot easier and it wasn’t even that hard lol


Some other notes, FANG players like to use his crouching move senpukga, which puts his hitbox at a low profile and basically auto counters a lot of your moveset, as most if not all of Alex’s standing moves, F+HP is very susceptible to this. As is elbow slash, be careful on the approach.

You can challenge it with your low pokes, is better for this, or just sweep them if you feel very confident in their strings.
Another thing they like to do is lay down their LP fireball after a blockstring and try to bait you into doing a move for a free sweep CC or CH string, your choices are to either block or call their bluff and hopefully dash in and throw (animation makes you invuln to the falling fireballs) or maybe whiff a jab and bait their sweep (punish w/ forward cr.hp/st.hp).

Unfortunately Alex’s moves are all pretty slow, so they can and will abuse their command dash to screw with you. Use cr.lp for this, I’ve used in the past but it recovers too slow! Just mash cr.lp to hit them out of it. If they’re command dashing you on your wakeup, mash st.lp into CH x lp/exchop, 99% of the time they’re going for a wakeup throw.

Make sure you always have your trigger finger on an EX Knee ready, if they’re offensive they either want to move in by laying fireballs and dashing in, or putting a poison orb and jumping in. If they use his poison lunge (sotoja) in blockstrings you can punish it as it recovers with The usual blockstring off of a smart FANG is their lk mist which pops them out afterwards. It’s -9 on block, so
I suspect you might be able to get back into their face on a lk elbow slash immediately after the lk mist. gives them a nasty frametrap as I said before, but it’s a two hitter. Which means it’s a free v reversal knockdown when they use it! make sure you know your oki timings!


Again, I keep reading Bronn’s notes after I play the matchup but here’s the majority of a FT5 I played today. Both of us are still getting to grips with the characters and I made more than a few mistakes but the general gameplay is solid enough


On loading screen unplug console.

This is the best tip I’ve found.


Anyone know of any high level Alex vs Fang matches I could study? I find myself at a complete loss for this match up, I struggle with it more than against Dhalsim or Guile.