Matchup Thread -- F.A.N.G.

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Fang frame data:

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I posted on this in the general thread, but to keep that clean I’d like to expand on it here. I’ve had a few sets against every character at this point and the ones against Fang have been the hardest to me so far.

So few stuff I noticed:
-We have to respect sHK as a frametrap. Fang has a lot of points were he is +1/+2. I had trouble dealing with string that push him away into whiff MK/HK ryobenda/ blocked EX Ryobenda into Nishikyu. Seems to cover a really good angle on Urien because of his height.

  • Armor specials are kind of risky since Fang can have a combination of Ryobenda/ Nishikyu on the screen. Additionally, Urien’s height means he will get hit by both parts of Nishikyu a lot of the time. I tried using Armor HK Tackle/EX tackle and these were majority of the time able to trade, but he still got caught by one of them. Knee Drop seems to lose clean to Nishikyu.
  • IF you are fighting a zoning match against him, up fireball seems to be better to throw out than ground ones, since they catch both Nishikyu projectiles.
  • Fang’s V-Reversal seems good to get out of Aegis stuff. I would have to assume if it actually is then characters with similar ones are also in a good position to just v-reversal away.
  • Ex Sotoja is good at catching armor moves if you are trying to use max range Tackles.
  • I’m not sure how reliable it will be, but Fang can catch the whiff of Urien sMK with his sMP.
  • cHP is good at catching kneedrop.

Just some basic stuff that struck me as problematic as of now.

I can’t deal with this character at all

Just tested. But I feel like I may be tripping out… does Urien’'s v-skill negate FANGs poison while his skin is darker?

It shouldn’t but that would be a funny bug.

How do you deal with this BS character? All it does is spam lights, jump cross ups, slide cross ups…out of options.