Matchup Thread -- Guile

Contribute with everything you got
This gonna be a hard matchup

This matchup sucks. I think Guile is a lot better than he’s currently given credit for.

Other than, what buttons should I be using? Stomp seems cute in this mathup to help with booms.

Speaking of which, what the hell can we do about v-skilled booms? Two hits, big hitbox, can control lots of space…

If he’s walking into it you can ex Flash Chop through it.

Not sure if it works at max range, but in my experience you can pretty reliably punish his sweep with s. HP, and all the good stuff that comes from it.

Just FYI. It’s not a game changer but a good tool to have in your pocket for this match.

When I run into the character I grind my freaking teeth, how are you guys getting in on Guile’sthat are really good at zoning?

Walk him to the corner with, it beats all his buttons and boom startup, once in the corner it’s over. just have to bait ex flash kicks.

EX Elbow his v-skill on reaction if you have charge, if you stand just inside of’s range you can react to it just about.

Should I even try to find spots for ex stomp in this match or should I save all my bar for the ex elbows?

EX Headbutt and Stomp are two of your bypasses, I wouldn’t necessarily use them a lot but throwing a sporadic one every now and again to at least make Guile cautious would be good.

Found an answer at mid-range to v-skill.’s hitbox just past Alex’s knee actually goes under Guile’s v-skill, so you get a free counter poke every time he does it. The absolute best range in this match is just on the edge of Guile’s St.hp, from here you can poke with, and for your hard reads. You can react or block to most of his options and it forces Guile to walk backwards or walk towards you. Hold that distancing until you get an opportunity to knock Guile on the floor and then proceed to apply knockdown pressure.

If you put him in the corner it’s GG. Alex cannot lose to a cornered Guile.