Matchup Thread -- Guile

Please contribute when urien launch
This video is during ranked, when I actually finally decided to play ranked.

Alot if people during streams have been saying guile is a hard matchup but I don’t think it is. It is pretty even I’d say, maybe just a bit in guile’s favor, I actually find this matchup pretty damn fun to play.

I’d say whoever can mix up fireballs better will be the one winning in this matchup.

Utilize charge fireballs and mix them up when u want to go for the offense.
Also being patient is key as well.

Pretty much universal guile advice now:

Be really careful about throw tech, upside down kick will blow you up hard for throw teching.

I think Dictator and Guile are the worst MU for Urien right now, like 7-3 for dictator and 6-4 for guile

Everything I try to do gets stuffed by Dictator and Guile is just a good turtle character.

Guile matchup is annoying at first but there are things to remember:

  1. Guile can’t outpace urien in a fireball fight
  2. In order to win the fireball fight guile must use meter or v skill, one requires meter one requires time.
  3. Guile can’t punish urien hard for throwining fireballs from outside of jump range, urien can ex knee against guile though from outside jump range so guile has to still be careful about his fireball pacing even against near full screen, but urien doesn’t nearly as much.
  4. Urien reflector>charge lp,mp ex fireball does a lot in this matchup at neutral for getting urien in
  5. Guile can charge v skill, urien can charge fireballs
  6. Urien can make guesses against booms and pokes with v skilled ex tackle
  7. Urien can move back and forth, dash forward and backward while still throwing fireballs
  8. Versus characters who’s primary way of getting around fireballs is to jump over them, uriens charged fireball is a fantastic mindgame and AA. I’ve consistently gotten guiles to jump into my charged fireballs.
  9. Urien can neutral jump booms, land and then throw a fireball, it’s much harder for guile to do this same thing consistently at the speed that urien can.

The matchup is annoying and guile may win it, but urien has options, some of them are even pretty good.