Matchup Thread -- Ken

Please contribute when urien launch

Ken frame data:

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This matchup is pretty tough, the threat of Ken jumping in with ex tatsu is huge, if your telegraphing when u throw your fireballs I’m willing to bet Ken can jump in with ex tatsu on reaction to punish you. So u have to be very cautious when throwing fireballs, it’s either that or try using fireballs almost full screen(good luck with trying to stay full screen, mpst kens will be breathing down your neck) if u can however get Ken to join you in the fireball wars, this is when the flying knee and charge fireballs can come into play and u will most likely win it, so every time u guys throw a fireball at the same time, be ready to charge uriens flying knee to punish Ken easily trying to throw a 2nd fireball. In this matchup, ur gunna have to mix everything up and really try to establish a ground game with him. If u cannot however, u have to always look to anti air him more than anything to show that you are constantly looking out for him to jump.

Standing roundhouse is a really good tool to anti air Ken, even his ex tatsu’s, so I recommend getting used to anti airing with that.

Cr.HP anti air only use when u can actually see the jump in and jump arc, and never try to use it in crossup range. Your best bet is to just jump back air to air pre-emptivley or on reaction, or just roundhouse in this range. buffered into super, I am still testing this method out so I am not sure if it is practical, but it seems if u can use this effectively to counter people dashing in or even as a counter poke/close whiff punish, it can be a strong meta tool whenever u have super for the ground game. It is also really useful when u don’t want to charge as well, so your able to move more freely instead of telegraphing when u want to charge and such. Although the window when cancelling this seems shorter than kens into super, but if u do get a counter hit, I believe the window is pretty big for you to react.

When u have v-trigger and your up against kens that just love using that roundhouse, be ready to whiff punish it with cancelled into aegis reflector!

Here is some of my urien play,it’s not the best but, as u can see, I’m really trying to utilize into super, I actually was able to land it about 4 times in a FT3 against Ken. The last part where I missed, I really thought my was gunna counter poke or whiff punish kens for sure is why I decided to complete the motion but it completely missed!

Can someone reveal to me the mystery of beating special spamming Ken players?

If I block their tatsu, it’s basically a guessing game - If I block, they throw. If I try to throw or jab, they shoryuken.

Seriously, 500lp shotos are so much harder than silver players as Urien

What’s the punish here?

V Skill and V Trigger cancel frame data

stop being lazy and look around, there is literally a thread that says combos

Stop being lazy and read the actual post. They didn’t ask for a baby’s guide on what combo to punish with, they didn’t understand why they kept getting blown up when trying to punish.
I mean, it would be silly to go the combo thread and be like “I don’t get the Ken match up. When I go to punish, I eat a throw or a DP.” wouldn’t it?

The answer to his question is that sfv is a game of commitment and risk/reward.

Ken will do things that are just negative enough to be ambiguous and then dp if you try to retaliate on something very obviously negative.

Urien can do 400 damage DP punishes with 1 meter, if you show them you can do those dp punishes, it makes it where THEY are the ones who have to think twice before they risk the match on a blind dp read.

Play cautious until you condition.

EDIT: it may also be worth noting newer players don’t understand the game enough yet to get ‘conditioned’ to not do something, it’s usually best just to just act aggressive by standing close to them and letting them dig their own grave with dp

Most terrible rushdown kens have bad spacing so they wiff shit a lot if you dash alot. So I dash a lot and throw fireballs and bait DP’s. Smarter kens will be less reckless unless they find something that you are specifically weak at like AAing their jumpins or being weak to v skill dash pressure.

Generally speaking though I just try to bait the hell out of ken.

If you bait an ex DP you can punish with fully charged st.hp for a more damaging punish. Bad kens ex uppercut for some reason (shrug)

Ken’s st roundhouse can be whiffed punished with 2hp(requires a small step forward). Seems like a good way to get the party started. Not easy but not hard either. Will require you to have a really solid up close game though, which seems hard for me with Urien, so far. But may change once I lab up my ranges for x and y characters.