Matchup Thread -- Laura

Please contribute when urien launch

Laura frame data:

Credits Frame Trapped

Anyone have any good tech for this match? It seems to have gotten ridiculous since Laura’s been buffed.

Reacting to sound is a good start to reacting to her dashes that leave her -
"Right here"
crLP crLP confirm into headbutt

Other than that, you should have no problems keeping her out with your long buttons
Especially your +2 on block crMK and stMK
Be ready at all time to catch her jump in since most Laura players natural offensive tendencies make them very impatient

How do you guys avoid her command throws?

That was perfect. Thanks

I don’t know how to AA this character at all. Her jump ins beat down fierce and stand RH free. F strong can work at some ranges well but not the ranges I need to be able to AA.

Honestly this match up seems pretty bad for urien. She can loop her block strings into themselves and the worse she ends up is -2 which only gets me a couple jabs before I’m not at advantage anymore and I have to take her low forward on block or get hit by it. I played 100 matches with a local player and even though it ended 70:30 me I feel like I didn’t learn a damn thing about how to reliably beat her. She’s completely random. It feels impossible to have anything that covers all of her options, I’m always on defense.

I need some help or good matchup videos or something.