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Looks like Bison can v skill parry all elbow slashes, so be wary if you’re the type who uses it to close space.
After the blocked stomp you can just to swat away the second hit. in general seems to stuff him in the air all the time.


They have EX Stomp listed as -2 on block. It’s +2 is it not?


Yeah, it’s +2 for sure. Tested in training.


Excellent, that’s what I thought. Hopefully that doesn’t lead too many Bisons to make… poor decisions. [muffled diabolical laughter]


I just played a casual match against quite a high ranked Bison, I lost but if anyone has any thoughts on what I could of done better than that’ll be appreciated. It’s a pity I saw @Bronn saing that you can as a great air to air until after but I’ll keep that in mind for future matches.


I thought this was a good write up, so I’m dumping this here for more visibility.


When Bison is in V-Trigger, if he tries to cross up with Devil Reverse you can use Sledgehammer as soon as he disappears and you’ll get a parry.


I don’t think you can stop bisons stomp with jump mk neutral


So I’m having a lot of trouble dealing with Devil’s Reverse and his other post stomp air mix up. Do I just like, block it? I feel like I can’t reliablyt anti air it with s. lp, at best I trade. Do I just not have the timing down right?


Blocking is always best if you’re unsure. But a fun option after blocking stomp is to immediately dash forward; usually I can get a button to hit his whiff/landing frames for a nice punish.


Won’t ex knee catch him?