Matchup Thread -- Nash

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Nash frame data:

Credits to Frame Trapped

V-Reversal Punishes.

So I’m trying to figure out a way to do ex shoulder tackle to punish Nash v-reversal, that way even if I don’t have V-Trigger I can still get something. Anyone know how to do the input so that I can get a tackle, even though Nash’s V-reversal switches sides?

Figured it out. You have to press forwards just before he goes past you. You end up following him with a tackle, but it whiffs because of his invincibility frames, so it’s useless anyway…

S.rh punishes both his vtriggers. He has to block if he doesn’t take to the air beats out MK slash at the start of the match

EX Tackle into aegis, or aegis if it’s absolute max range punish f.hp. lk tackle or hp headbutt if closer.

His j.rh eats c.hp alive so just keep the aas simple. Your fireball game is better. React to dashes with c.lp mash, convert into headbutt. Headbutt catches his attempts at mobility in neutral. If you meaty him with, you can stuff backroll, quick rise, and nullify vtrigger on wakeup.