Matchup Thread -- R. Mika

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what R. Mika players think about the Laura matchup : [Laura’s Matchup Thread](Mika Matchup: Laura

R. Mika Frame data (when available) : Here


How to deal with mika drop kick

I play using lot of fireballs to bait jump and drop kick e punish according

Mika’s V-Trigger has one frame of invincibility, and has the potential to completely blow up your oki options.

The 3rd one you might be able to use V-Trigger to escape yourself, but it looks like you’ll need to exercise caution once Mika has V-Trigger stocked.

EDIT: After the command grab/Bolt P followup, you can walk forward and use 5MK. If you see the flash you can cancel into V-Skill forward to evade Nadeshiko, or V-Skill backward cancelled into super if your timing is right.

Take a look, mika extended CA hitbox on the corner

I saw that several time in game.
I thought that a lag occurred and maybe she was able to dash then CA. But now I understand what happens…

Why the hell is that possible

Hit box different en both corner. Probably just a programming oversight.
It’s a bad one, yes, but it is not something that makes her OP. Now I’m being more careful when I corner her.
The hitbox is probably extended to the right when her CA is done in this direction. This means that she is getting pushed my the corner on the player and she is moving forward a bit.

This matchup is hilarious, you both die so fast. It seems like every time I fight Mika the match is super hype.

You definitely have to master the anti-dropkick tech from @meianoite666 . I prefer the d.MK into d.MP x MP bolt, it’s easy and not too risky if I mistime it. Once you learn that, you have to V Reversal properly. And that’s it, really. You’ll go ham, she’ll go ham. One of you will die first, lol. I love it so much, so much fun.