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As a former Mika player and a current alex player here’s my thoughts:

Soooo I’ve been playing Alex, but I haven’t forgotten about Mika:

Mika has no wakeup.

What Mika wants to do: be Mika. Bully him. Mess with his charges by switching sides, etc. Pressure him.

What Alex wants to do: Get frame trapped. Get in his preferred footsie range.

Mika has: Very quick responses, if Alex tries anything slow, a passion press/ex wingless/peach should beat it. Your grab beats his. Hell, normal grab beats his.

Alex has: Frame traps. Very meter dependent. Low damage/High Stun. Range. ex elbow has armor but not on first frame - Prepare accordingly. Situational anti-airs(change up your strategy if you’re going airbourne, alex players have like, 3 anti-air buttons they need to pick). A good v-reversal(he’s very plus on vreverse)


My contribution to this topic;

Fuck this matchup.

That’s it :slight_smile:


honestly I just jump around and neutral jump around w/ or

you can put up a wall of jabs and stuff her jump ins, her little divekick thingy, her other retard get in move, and then just punish a sweep, but then you’re playing that shitty pokemon card game with the flipping pickachu quarter and sometimes you’ll get lucky, other times you won’t

sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, always I wonder who is really winning, me or capcom???


This matchup is absolute hell.


St.lp her jumps

st.lp her charged

st.lp her cr.hp

st.lp her

st.lp her




EX Elbow on block literally gives a free ticket to throw you in the corner to win the game for free so don’t use anything but regular elbows unless you’re fighting the usual dipshit mika.


I can’t use ANY elbows on Mika if they are not timed or spaced PERFECTLY. If not, f+MP is ruining my life.


Lp lp lp lp lol gtfom!!! Lol


this match up is disgusting.