Matchup thread - rashid



Rashid of the suplex city.


eagle spike is punishable with


Eagle Spike is punishable with, sweep, jab spd. Anything that involves him spinning against your block is negative, don’t let him continue pressure off of it.


What do you do if he does hk fireball then roll to you (v-skill)? He can mixup throw or combo. Not sure the frame data but pretty sure it’s plus because I can’t jab him out.

He usually does this after a successful mp AA.


He spins longer when he does the fireball that allows him to cancel into roll. When you see the longer spin, do lariat and you will catch them if they roll. It’s best used when they’re just recklessly following behind the fireball but be careful because they can definitely bait it by just doing raw fireball without the roll.


I think I’ve seen Itazan scoop a Rashid during the roll as well. Not sure if that’s a thing.


got requested to analyze Rashid matchup. I have not played against that many good Rashids, so i had to find them and learn more about the matchup myself
I got footage of me playing against 6000lp Rashid. I missed some punish opportunities, but hopefully those replays can offer some guidance to visual learners.
Reading a wall of text can be dull sometimes.

Many directions and speeds of the Turbulent Wind:
Generally speaking, Rashid can alter between two different playstyles. He can play extremely lame game against Zangief or he can rush Zangief down.
Good Rashid players switch between these modes on fly and adapt fast to keep themselves unpredictable.
Rashid has low damage output from confirms, so dont panic if you get hit few times.
His standing mp is his main frametrap button, so respect offence after that. Common Rashid pressure string is st.lp,, xx lp spinning mixer.
You have to eat that all, Rashids offence ends after lp mixer that is -2 on block. You can jab safely after that BUT if Rashid has meter, he can yolo-ex spinning mixer and punish your jab. This is extremely risky if you block it, so make Rashid think twice about doing that.

Rashids zoning:
Tornado, residentsleeper, tornado residentsleeper, eagle spike, residentsleeper for all those stream monsters. (Like myself :slight_smile:
Rashid can outzone Gief pretty hard with his good backdash and projectile that is extremely hard to jump over, because Gief is too fat.
If you are starting to walk Rashid to corner, he can and will do lk/ex eagle spike to knock you back to fullscreen so he can chip away your life again.
Eagle spike is punishable on block with standing hk, ex is harder to punish because the distance where it passes trough you can vary.
Running Eagle spike is annoyingly safe, but it can be V-skill flexed on reaction and punish standing Hk for punish. Rashid will also occasionally run and grab or poke you with his cr.hp/standing mk or standing hk. They are all minus on block, so just block them and jab check. Beware of YOLO-ex mixers.

Well, how i deal with this?
Rashid will rek you if you try to get in all the time. I got wasted so many times because i just wanted to get in. Its painfully slow process of dying, Rashidos mobility is so good.
So, you have to realize that Rashids zoning doesnt really bother you at full screen. Just chill there.
Rashid realizes that he has to get the first hit and will try to hk condor spi…ehm eagle spike you. Flex and punish.
Congrulations, you have a lifelead and Rashid has to come to you. Well, its not really that simple. What i mean is, that whoever has the lifelead, sets the pace of the match.
Usually its Rashid. But if you land good series of SPDs, just chill. He has to make the comeback.

Anti-air Rashid with lariat. Standing lp gets beaten clean by his jumping hk at certain ranges. Lariat also works to his condor dive or air eagle spike.
Lariat works suprisingly good on his corner crossup shenanigans, so experiment with it. V-Reversal him out of your face if you have the lifelead and need the space.
If he does standing hp xx ex tornado xx roll, V-Reversal on reaction to deny his plus frames. His overhead is reactable if you are looking for it.

All Rashid players like to hold up. Not kidding, so be ready to condition them with air SPDS after your jabs and on wakeup.
Jab stuffs his fullsceen yolo-v-skill rolls.
As always, jab is your best friend. (I feel Gief has same footsie buttons against all of the cast really.)
He has below average healt.

Here is the first video:

I played extremely patient here, just trying to get a read.

Here is the second:

Here i went for more reads and forced the 50/50 mixups more.

Thats all i have about Rashid for now, i will add more in the future.
Feel free to discuss and contribute yourselves!


You can jab his tornado once he activate the v-trigger. It might be nonintuitive but by doing this as soon as possible you are knocked down and safe from his insane v-trigger mixup.