Matchup Thread -- Rashid

Please contribute when urien launch

Rashid frame data:

Credits Frame Trapped

not sure how practical this is. Is there any way he can cancel into a normal whirlwind shot from a greater distance?

Not enough time to sHP him?

I doubt it. s.HP is a pretty slow starting normal and you wouldn’t get anything from that without V Trigger any way.

If i understand right, s.HP would hit during the startup of the tornado, which mean crush counter -> combo

But i think that Rashid is out of range anyway, s.HP would whiff

just tested this. st.hp WILL crush counter but only for the HK whirlwind. use the knee drop if you think they will use mk version

Having a 4f normal here sucks, no idea what button I’m looking for to start trying to take momentum back once.

So here’s my take on beating Rashid:
[] Any time you can get in, do so. Rashid really likes to pressure with his ridiculous block string, so do so. EX Tackle at the right distance catches off guard or at least gets you in your range. Take the fight to him.
] Don’t use full screen fireballs. you’ll just get Eagle spiked through them. If he gives you the screen, V-Skill up, and charge up for a knee/tackle.
[] Despite the fact that Rashid has a lot of full screen specials, he really wants to get in your face. Play patient, and wait for them to do something as they get impatient.
] From a knockdown all they can do is either EX Mixer/jump/block. Keep an eye on their meter and then pressure accordingly.
[] If you get caught in the frame traps/block strings that we are all used to seeing, remember that spinning mixer is -2 at best. The only way to cover that is to do an EX spinning mixer. Pay attention to their meter. If they have no meter, grab them. Worst case scenario, they’ll throw tech, resetting the momentum to something more comfortable. if you get the throw, it’s your turn to party. Eventually you’ll condition them to throw out the EX mixer, where you get to blow them the fuck up for it.
] V-Reversal is SUPER GOOD in this matchup because Rashid has so many multi-hit attacks that he has to eat the reversal if its done on the first hit. Use it well.

Overall, condition the opponent to respect your grabs, get impatient, and make costly mistakes and you’ll find that the matchup isn’t bad, just annoying when you’re not in control.

Nice tips Eijiken.

Also, most rashids love to press buttons, especially that 3f lk. Get them to respect the range and sheer awesomeness of st. hp but be careful of his equally scary st. Hk, which is -3 so safe vs urien.

And use properly spaced tackles to get in on him as much as possible, but I guess this goes without saying

s.HK is minus 4. You can definitely 4 frame button punish it.

Ibuki is the only character with a minus 3 heavy kick crush counter now.

Thanks for that correction, not sure where i got -3 from, probably was sleepy lol.

Hi people I did a video on the match up, hope it helps.
Just some general tech to help people improve.
I know this thread is old, but thought I would still contribute, hope it is ok.