Matchup Thread -- Ryu

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Ryu frame data:

Credits Frame Trapped

Ryu’s J.LK is pretty hard to AA cleanly with S.LP (almost always trades). However, this is one of the few jump-ins C.HP beats cleanly just about 100%.

Holy shit are all his standing normals safe on block? He can mash until he’s bored and then throw.

His target combos are unsafe
MP>HP is -16

You just have to recognize them. I think MP>HP can be delayed to create a frame trap. The actual target combo animation has such long recovery it’s easy to spot. Have the dummy I training mode do it and practice reacting

his cr.lp beats non-ex elbows, stomps, headbutt, and dashing in.
dragon punch beats out cross chop, practically all jump ins (including stomps and headbutts).
he has a 3 frame normal
has projectiles can punish blocked fireballs
can react to fireballs with ex elbow (they will probably try to counter this option), stomp/headbutt, or chops (chops can eat and or go through projectiles).
can parry projectiles

I just try to push them into the corner and poke them and anti-air with knee until they get stunned.