Matchup Thread -- Ryu

Please contribute when urien launch

Ryu frame data:

Credits Frame Trapped

Use uriens long normals to his advantage and stay outside ryu’s stubby normals if u want to throw things out, ryu will have to be the aggressor in this match up.

Since uriens anti air options aren’t reliable, ryu can take advantage of jumping in if ur not ready, also since u will be staying outside his normals alot, be weary of ryu throwing ex or regular fireballs at close range to counter ur annoying long range pokes. This is where sometimes u would actually look to throw a knee out to mix up ur pokes, and if you have armor stocked, maybe even a shoulder or headbutt as well.

Thanks, this helped a lot :slight_smile:

Really obvious once you point it out. Keep stumpy limb shotos away with Urien’s long limbs. Once you have them intimidated, you can dominate the match.