Matchup Thread -- Zangief

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Zangief frame data:

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MK Tackle is a one way trip to Piledriver Peak.

Yeah, something tells me this is going to be a tough matchup for Urien, Gief can VSkill most of Urien’s bullshit, poke him out, and any non confirmed headbutts or tackles will eat an SPD

No, urien can be a heavy zoner like ryu
Gief can do nothing when urien just spamming fireball and antiair whole day

I agree completely. Urien has really long buttons to zone out Gief’s walking and dashes, good fireballs and the ability to vary their release timings, and pretty good AA for a floaty jumper like Zangief. I don’t think it’s his best match-up but Urien has a fairly easy time against Gief.

Urien beats Gief.

sky is blue
water is wet

this match is nearly nash/guile level.

I was sort of figuring this matchup out as I played it, I didn’t find out beats his jump in knee until the last set.

st.hp is a great anti air in this match too.

s.HP is great in general in this match.

s.HP counters most of his buttons since almost all of his buttons have hurt boxes extended on them. When you inevitably land your crush counter go in and do damage. Alternating between that and throwing fireballs is most of the matchup. Then just use your billion tools that attack the air to deal with his floaty jump.

Gief can’t throw s.HP much either because any whiffed s.HP will get whiff punished by a lot of things Urien has.

I was on board with urien winning this in season one, but I’m not so sure now. He probably wins it, but it seems close. You try to fireball gief and you just get your shit absorbed and build him meter. Try to poke him and you just get v skilled. Kick his ass and he just gets a 3/4 screen suck in move.

Gief was definitely buffed to fight mid rangers and zoners a lot better. This shit won’t be a no need for talk bad match for Gief anymore.

@“DevilJin 01”

Lost 4 straight games to this gief. Can’t poke him, can’t fireball him, hard to AA him once he’s in. He just basically blocks with his face and cr.lp all my dashes. St.lp my jumpins.

I can do things I just can’t do enough damage whereas he gets in like once or twice and it’s a wrap. I can’t call this a bad matchup when he’s got such good answers to all uriens tools, yet urien does crap damage on everything but CC and AA cr.hp.

Ok, this match is interesting because you can’t do your usual long pokes to win.

I play a sick Gief on the regular, and here’s the mixup loop.

You throw fireballs. If he jumps, aa. If he vskill, let him build some V, then try to touch him with anything to take away all that grey bar you just gave him. A cr lk can turn into 200+ damage like this easy.

You zone with normals. He vskills to absorb and then punish. Your job now becomes bait the vskill, then dash grab him. It’s surprisingly effective.

You want to dash in, he mashes cr jab to stop you. Get right out of the range of his cr jab, and karate chop his bitch hands with st hp.

Oh, and things NOT to do unless you’re certain he’s walking forwards or it’s going to hit:

  • tackle
  • ex tackle
  • headbutt

If you throw these out randomly, you’re asking for him to do vskill => spd

I’ve used this to beat Super Diamon Giefs before, it works, but it’s about knowing where his pattern is in the mixup.

This gief doesn’t v skill fireballs he fhp them like I said in the above post. If it’s a multihit fireball he does fhp xx lariat away.

How is his patience?
Have you tried turtling/zoning approach? Once in the corner, hk/ek knee drop to the other side and repeat.

Once he’s conditioned to expect the corner escape (i.e. air ex spd, that’s where you can mixup and tomfoolery his ass.

Plus he might be so flustered and aggravated with your lame gameplay, opens him up.

Perhaps you could take a look at my CFN and tell me what I’m doing wrong? I played like 6 matches against him yesterday his name was mitchee or something.

My CFN is “Dime_x”

I tried the lame play as best I could but his fhp against my fireball, was moving me backwards and gaining him meter as well. I could have AA’d better but it was kinda laggy and besides that when I was looking for AA predictably I would just get dashed in on.

I’ll take a look

1st Match:

  • Started off with solid footsies.
  • You failed to connect the hk tackle twice. The last one, if connected, would’ve killed.
  • Need more AA st HK. (he learned real quick that you use st hp predictably and don’t throw, so he stays just outta range and punishes by either charge hp to armor blow through your s hp, or simply jumps in x down fierce for free.

2nd Match:
1st round: you did three things. 1) backdashed to throw a fireball. 2) engaged by dash in low mk 3) jumped in.
He played like he knew you won’t throw. He knew you hit buttons on wakeup or do single attacks that can be blown up by an armored move, and he knew you didn’t pull off one single anti air.

That explains his rushdown in Round 2.

  • that teabag was unnecessary…damn.

My recommendation:
Training Mode.

  • practice anti-airs
  • 5 successful reps of cr hp, hp fireball, hk tackle on left side then right side in succession.
  • If you mess up a rep, start over and get 5 in a row. Do this daily.