Matchup Tips...



Trying to pick up Zangief…wondering if you guys would like to share any tips against any specific characters.


Wow that’s a great idea there are no other threads talking about that.


and I’m sure they all contain a sarcastic douche answer like that one too…if its there, tell me. Don’t post on the forums much, was hoping for some help. You may go now


Here’s a tip don’t start a new thread unless you have something new to say. I am new and too lazy to read through the names of the 6 stickied threads is not something that merits a new thread. The thread you are looking for is stickied and at the top and has the word matchup in the title happy hunting.


[URL=‘’]Zangief Strategy/Match-up Thread.


see, wasn’t actually answering my question better? Congrats, here a treat


and thank you Vid


Previous points stand. I can answer most questions in the matchup and questions threads.