Matchup vs Cammy

This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs Cammy matchup.

Quick Punish Notes:

  • All versions of Cannon Spike can be punished with st.MK or st.MP as she’s falling down. This includes EX.

Will test more tomorrow.

Is there anything better than st mk or st mp to punish it? I feel like I miss out on big damage when I block a cannon spike.

All versions of cannon spike are -37 on block so you can pretty much do anything you want, including a full crush counter, cr.hp, xx yoga flame combo if she’s close. If you feel that your reaction was a bit off: cr.hp, cr.hp xx yoga flame for a quicker punish. If you block it and the push-back is a bit far you even have time to dash forward and do a cr.hp, cr.hp xx yoga flame.

For long range: crush, OR crush, st.hp OR crush, slide depending on the range and what you want. I recommend the slide one since you get a knockdown and better positioning for pressure. All do the same damage and you got a lot of time to react.

All of this also applies to most DPs in the game.

cr.HK seems to be the best option. I thought she bounced back too far to punish with cr.HP? I’ll check that later.

Pretty sure you have enough time to dash towards her. And if she whiffs the cannon spike she’ll land pretty close to you depending on the version.

Oh, d’oh. In my original post, I meant to say that’s on block. That’s the source of my confusion.

Yeah, in that case, you can punish a whiffed Cannon Spike with many things. LK Cannon Spike gets stuffed by b.MK, of course.

As for blocked Spikes: all of her non-vtrigger Spikes can only be punished with a cr.LK. All of her Vtrigger Spikes, meanwhile, can be punished with a cr.HK on block.

What are you on about? You can punish cannon spikes with literally everything you want, it’s -37 bro.


…Are we talking about different moves? I just tested this last night, and there wasn’t time to punish with anything after I blocked it other than walk forward cr.LK if she held block right after I blocked the Spike. She bounces off too far on block for you to just dash up to her punish her with cr.HP like you mentioned. We’re talking about blocking Spike, not Cammy whiffing it.

As for Vtrigger Spikes? Yeah, you can probably do that. I’m a dumb and forgot to test that too.

I shouldn’t have mentioned the b.MK part in the same post, though, since that was just a random note on whiffed LK Spikes.

Maybe I’m doing something stupid and need to try it again.

EDIT: Dash up cr.HP indeed does work. You just have to be fast about it.

Feel free to roll your eyes.