Matchup vs Chun-Li

This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs Chun-Li matchup.

Here’s a couple videos,of a set I ran with a chun

Note: this is my day 2 ass sim lol, but I have my moments

I’m having a really hard time keeping Chun at bay. What do we do to stop her relentless pressure? What’s the gameplan, guys. I’m asking because I totally main Sim and am not at all a Chun main that goes full retard on the long arm of India.

Dhalsim has no mach for Chun Li. Think of this match up as Yun vs Sim. Chun will jab away at you and you can’t do a thing. I’m beginning to think that Dhalsim will soon be at the bottom of the tier. SFV favors rush down and Dhalsim has no chance in this version

I heard pro chun li saying that Dhalsim is one of her hardest matchup.
You can Yoga Gale above her reversal at wake up, so pressuring her is not hard. Play def until she’s on the ground imo. Dont rush her you don’t have to.

Thanks for the tip moymoy