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This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs Laura matchup.

Matchup Thread -- Dhalsim

Hey guys. I definitely need some help with this matchup. Right now Laura’s ex shoulder is like a free pass to get up close. The armor just bypasses my pokes. What can I use to keep her out better?


If you’re finding them especially keen on EX elbow, your best bet is just coaxing them into doing it and punishing on block. Reminding them that you won’t fall for it usually a better solution than poking wildly and hoping they don’t do it, because the armour is a VERY tempting option against zoning.

Otherwise it pays to remember that her st.MP and st.LK are +3, so command grabs and buttons are both something you have to acknowledge. If you get in a situation where she’s pressing on these (st.MP in particular), V-Reverse is your best friend (where ISN’T it?). Evasion > blocking.

If you can stop her from being close to set up a guess on you and prevent EXing through zoning, this can be tricky matchup for Laura. I just recommend keeping V at the ready to get out as a contingency.


Careful with the IAT j.hp when she throws her fireballs. The hitbox on Dhalsim’s j.hp is huge enough for the fireball to hit you if you IAT to the other side.


Likewise, back IAT j.HK is liable to get grabbed. Yes, she can grab Sim limbs.


This is by far my toughest match. I can block all incoming mixups, but at the end of every block string it seems impossible to not get command thrown. Please help!


It’s difficult but most Lauras follow a blockstring pattern with a command-throw finisher at the end. The more you play the more you’re going to realize when she’s able to command throw you. I can’t say I’ve figured this matchup up myself but she feels very gimmicky and I’m sure its easier than it looks like. Gotta find a Laura player to grind battle lounge with.


The thing is I always know when the command throw is coming, but I don’t seem to be able to counter it or even jump out of it. Maybe the key is evasion instead of trying to block and punish.


if laura goes for the elbow attack you can beat out any of her attacking options and/or start a blockstring before she can do anything by doing a jab, the timing is a bit tight but this stops the jab elbow pressure/command grab mixup


Anti-Airing Laura seems pretty dangerous. and st.lp tends to give her favorable trades because Capcom hates us.


[quote=“Em-Man, post:10, topic:178003”]

Anti-Airing Laura seems pretty dangerous. and st.lp tends to give her favorable trades because Capcom hates us.


That jump attack is timed way too early to be a threat if you dont press any button, you could probably cr.rh in that situation


This matchup is super tough because you dont have a lot of ways out and she kills you in almost 1 hit especially with v trigger

In the neutral she can be pretty easy to AA, despite the trades it still gives you time to meaty or poke with a RH when she lands and if you dont trade canceling down strong into ex fireball gets you space you need to force them to jump again or take a 50/50. It is critical you AA every time. One jump blocked (or especially hit) and you’ve pretty much lost.

It’s a MUST to challenge the LP elbow on block every time. It’s -2 and you can jab to take your frames or go for a throw attempt. Once they get meter you’ll want to especially be thinking about throw if they want to go crazy and try to armor you.

Any time she cancels any normal into the v skill dash forward you can jab and take your frame advantage right back. You NEED to stop them from doing this.

If they want to waste time charging fireballs full screen that’s fine i just throw my own right back at them. You can try to stand fierce under them but you can’t trade with her fireball with stand strong like you can vs other characters. Like someone else said you really can’t teleport on her when she’s fireballing or any time you try to challenge it you’ll just get hit by it unlike other fireballs. You can however teleport MK and it shouldn’t get you hit but he fireball in front of her.

When she has bar you kind of have to stand around doing nothing waiting for ex shoulder. This is where it gets really hard because if they’re smart they’ll save it for a threat and just walk you down and I can’t figure out what I can do about it. You kind of just need to wait until you have bar to be able to put the ex fireball up as a wall.

That’s all I really have so far. This matchup is top 3 most terrifying for me and thus far I’ve just been getting along by being a better player vs people who don’t know the sim matchup. I worry about this matchup in the long run, it’s gonna get ugly.


Agreed completely. All Sim has to stop her pressure really is st.jab but it has to be very well timed and you don’t get much off it. Laura has all sorts of ways to deceive you as to when shes at plus or minus and it all happens in a flash. She shuts down pokes with her armoured EX dash attack so she can basically bypass neutral game once she has a meter. That would be fine if that move wasn’t unpunishable on block. She can use her uppercut grab to grab you out of air movement alot too. Theres also a few other little annoying things like her jumping hk forcing a trade with dhalsims every time.

Her and Mika give Sim lots of trouble imo.


You can punish ex elbow on block with chp/bmk


This is nothing new. In a couple of months Dhalsim will be SF4 status (low tier).

It’s the nature of the character. Dhalsim will always have problems with rush down characters. Problem with SFV version of Dhalsim is he doesn’t have many defensive or get off me tools.

People have already figured out his teleport shenanigans.

Everyone already jumping on the Guile bandwagon. Forget about Dhalsim he isn’t going anywhere he’ll be crap in a few months in my opinion.


You’re right its -11 and Sim’s cr.hp starts up in 8 frames but I swear I’ve pressed st.jab before and not been able to punish it.

I agree that hes nowhere near as strong as people said month 1 (many were saying he was top 3-5) and I do think hes gonna go down as more matchups get figured out. I can’t confidently say that Sim beats anyone in this game aside from maybe zangief. Every other matchup is 5-5 or 6-4. Still way better than IV though so I’m happy.


I think with blocking her EX shoulder you have to punish it much sooner when the blockstun ends. Its almost similar to vega’s roll where the blockstun is much shorter than other moves


Ok yeah you can punish Lauras ex dash attack on block with cr.hp. Apologies for spreading bad information about that.


Just reading up on this thread and going to follow some of the advice here. After a few months of release this is by far my most difficult match-up. Everything seems to counter in her favor when I’m fighting her.