Matchup vs M. Bison



This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs M. Bison matchup.


Any good way to deal with his devil’s reverse?


Just wanted to share this.
You can use to catch a Bison trying to reversal ex headpress after a knockdown.

#4 beats DR and head stomp clean. EX HS will beat or trade with


Might have found a pretty serious counter to devils reverse and headstomp.

B.Hp anti airs both moves beautifully at nearly every range. Both on the way up and on the way down. At best you get a crush counter and combo into pretty much anything (Ex fireball, regular fireball, etc) or you just get a regular B.Hp anti air which you can cancel into things for meaty chip. At worst you get a favorable trade when he does headstomp into the devils reverse.

Haven’t faced any more Bisons yet since playing around with it in training mode with dummy record but it feels like it could be usable in real matches.


A competent bison will fly in a trajectory that makes the b.hp miss/autocorrect to the wrong side. Slides will also auto-correct to the wrong side if a bison does a devil’s reverse properly. From what I can tell, there’s no consistent answer that isn’t blocking.

This matchup might be the toughest one I know of so far. I kinda feel like everything he does is safe, including the supposedly unsafe specials like inferno and scissor kicks due to dhalsim’s bad range on his 3f jabs.

This matchup is the one that makes me question if Dhalsim really is top tier or if he’s bottom tier yet again.


Oh he’s definitely not bottom tier. People are going to start jabbing him out of teleports and blocking them more as time goes on, but he will still be nasty against most of the cast once he’s in on you due to his normals being so good.

Bison is super tough, though. He’s the only character I consistently lose to online.


Played a long set against this character the other night offline. This seemed like a very momentum-heavy matchup, and keeping Bison on the ground was a trick, since I’m just learning Sim in earnest now. Bison’s j.HP was a sticking point as well as the headstomps/reverse. Reacting quickly enough with cr.MP answered these, but slight delays would result in mediocre trades.

I don’t think there’s a lot of secret technology to be used here. The meaty game these characters play on each other is obscene. Meaty gales on Bison are prime for comebacks, but finding big openings (and not squeaking in b.MKs or jabs) on Bison can be a trick.