Matchup vs Necalli



This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs Necalli matchup.


This is definitely a rough match up for me right now. Necalli shuts down Dhalsim’s ranged game with ground pound and once he gets the knockdown off that move, the game is over because of the character’s insane pressure and damage output.


Matchup notes dump: vs necalli all of his disk’s guidances are all punishable on block (the charge slash thing) also they only eat through one hit of fireball so if you throw an EX, they can’t challenge that. (you can also pre-emptively throw one out and try to anti air them/teleport in for some pressure with frame traps)
necalli also has good CC tools so if he expects you to go for two mp or mk in a row you could get CC’d so that’s something to watch out for


Looking to get more xp with the sim Matchup. I main Necalli, that’s why I’m posting in this thread.

Hit me up if you’d like: CFN Space_Mtn_WOOO
I’m located in Portland, Oregon, USA. Would prefer same time zone (PST) to help eliminate any connection issues.


Hey don’t know if this has been posted before elsewhere, but I found that you can use flame to stay safe against Necalli’s v skill. If he tries to hit you with it, you remain unharmed as long as the flame is out. Wondering how to incorporate that into a wider setup though!?