Matchup vs R. Mika



This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs R. Mika matchup.


What on earth do you do in this matchup? I get destroyed by good Mika’s.


I have a big problem with this match. I am usually sort of successful keeping mika out but lose 50% health to one successful jump in.
She goes jump into this mp thing that throws you into the corner, then cr.hp into ex kickgrab. Anything I can do against this?

I tried to recreate the situation in training and could jab out of it after the cr.hp, but I think I just get the timing wrong when recreating. It does not work when I play someone doing it.

Any advice for this? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


This is by far the hardest matchup for me. I’m struggling dealing with block stings into command throws. Seems like all she has to do is get in once and I’ve lost the round.


That’s just a reset into command grab. You can jump out. Timed right it should beat your jabs though


This match-up really reminds of Dudley vs Sim in SF4. Its a bit hard for Dudley to get in. You can play 70 of 90 secs correctly but if he gets in you’ll lose the match in 10 sec. lol. R Mika feels just like that to me… lol


Agreed. This is the one match where I wish there was an invincible backdash.


This match is driving me crazy guys. Eventhubs claims this is 6-4 in favor of Sim but I’m not seeing it at all. I try hard to keep her out but by the nature of this game its almost impossible to keep her out all round and the second she gets in I just feel hopeless. I can’t even tp backwards to get some space because it feels she can easily walk forward and slap me into a corner for a further 40% of my health.

Does anybody have like any legit advice on what I should be looking out for against a Mika and how to react to it because I’m stumped here.


When you read a command throw, you can do TK teleport front/behind and actually get a proper punish with the risk associated. If you neutral jump command throws, you have to hit j.HP from pretty far up to get a punish, but you will probably still be minus when you land. You will not be able to get a combo from neutral jump j.HP on command throw.

Don’t forget your V-Reversal, but remember that it loses to tick throws.
You need to be really careful with your buttons, because c.HP will beat pretty much anything you do. However, if Mika whiffs her c.HP, it’s really, REALLY easy to whiff punish with b.MK xx mp flame to get you started.

Mika has limited wakeup options, but her EX wingless airplane can be used to beat meaty moves nonmeaty moves that come from the air. This can mess up your looser teleport setups. EX Peach doesn’t have armor on frame 1, so it will lose to proper meatys.

In the corner, you want to be on the lookout for a jump, like in any matchup. Any time you’re cornered and the opponent jumps at you from crossup spacing, you can and teleport back to escape.

Challenge Mikas buttons when she’s minus. c.HP on block is often minus if the spacing is not perfect. Target combo, st.MP and moves like that often go unchecked and let her get away with too much.

FChamp vs Fuudo Final Round 19 That videos is about a month old, but could give some pointers as well.

And lastly. Don’t believe anything that’s on eventhubs as far as tiers and matchups go. It’s a silly place for silly people. They still have Chipp vs Slayer matchup in Gealty Gear as 5.5 - 4.5 to Chipp, when in reality it’s one of the hardest matchups for Chipp and possibly one of the hardest in the game.


Ex Airplane is invincible on frame 5 so proper meaties will still win


I’ll have to do more testing then or tighten up my setups. If that works as you say (and according to frame data, it should), then any setup that would beat jabs should beat ex airplane.