Matchup vs Rashid

This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs Rashid matchup.

I know it’s early but I’m going to go out on a limb (no pun intended) and say that this may be in Rashid’s favor It feel’s like he controls the area where Sim wants to be and has good answers to Sim’s options.

It is kind of hard for me too, yeah. Seems like Rashid can avoid getting punished often be ending at a safe distance, a lot of is moves beat pokes, and teleporting on an active rashid is kind of a crapshoot.

It’s a tough matchup for sure. Rashid ignores a lot of Sim’s ranges, and he can pressure safely in Sim’s deadzones.

Quick punish notes:

  • LP Spinning Mixer is, of course, safe. All other versions of Mixer can be punished with the almighty b.MK > flame.

  • Eagle Spike (is that the Riot Stomp move?) MK and HK versions can be punished with b.MK > flame. The LK version can, as well, but if Rashid places it properly, he’ll only get hit by the b.MK. He’ll be able to block the Flame followup due to pushback.

The fun thing about every version of spinning mixer is that you can jab before they can so you can actually reverse the pressure to try to get them off you if they try to keep doing the stupid spinning mixer -> jab thing

Is there a downside to Rashids v trigger? To me it seems like a full screen height aegis reflector that gives him stupid mixups.

So is defense/patience or offense the way to go against this guy? Somehow he feels harder to “reach” than other characters.

I’m having trouble with this match-up but I’m thinking defensive but very mobile is the way to go. Part of the struggle is that I haven’t played many Rashid’s and i end up trying to test stuff out in ranked matches lol. I feel being very stationary makes it extremely easy for Rashid to get in. He can v-skill (roll) on reaction to Yoga Fire so you have to be extra careful when you use then and the also the spacing. This match up has a little bit of an El fuerte feel, I like to move around a lot so it makes it difficult for them to space their moves. Maybe with more time and practice against him I’ll feel differently.

how minus (if at all??) is his f.fierce (the two hit one which rashid players looove…)?

f.fierce is -4. Pretty safe. No advantage though.

mhh ok… my timing must have been way off then…
tried to punish it on block with cr.lp but I got counterhit by his crmp (!!!).

The animation is highly deceiving

f+mp (the two-hit forward moving strike) is -2 on block.
Cr.fp (Two-hit arm swipe) is -2 on block.

so if rashid doesnt have meter, it’s my turn again. Good to know :smiley: