Matchup vs Ryu



This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs Ryu matchup.


Ugh does anyone have any advice vs. Ryu? I am on the Ultra Bronze Bubble and I really struggle with Jumpers.


Anyone think Ryu’s parry is gonna make this matchup difficult? At certain ranges he can just throw it out and if it hits a limb he gets a free dp. Its not really the sort of thing you can punish either unless you’re just randomly teleporting.


You can crush counter the recovery of parry with your HK ( I think that’s your CC button) so it becomes risky for him, can’t react either, has to be a read. I’ve been testing counters for Dhalsim stuff cause he’s giving me problems lol


I need to play a long set vs a Ryu who knows how to use Parry. I’ve fought good Ryus but the only ones who have really given me trouble are the ones who use parry.


Just treat Ryu’s parry like Gouken’s counter in vanilla SF4. Whiff buttons to bait it out and punish it. If the Ryu player is actively trying to parry in the neutral, mixup and with The difference in startup can lead to a hit.

If Ryu is parrying on TP mixups, you can bait out a parry with a low IAT, land on the ground, and punish with a throw or combo.


I whiff cr:hp/jab in neutral to bait it out, then tag’em afterwards, and use more ex fb’s in your offense to deter them.
st:hk is hard to punish so i throw it out regardless of what they do sometimes.
Careful if they have super, ill leave it up to your imagination as to what they can do with it…


I would agree with the Gouken comparison if Ryu had to do a DP motion everytime like gouken does, but the fact that its just two buttons makes it much easier to do it on reaction. The recovery on whiffed parry doesn’t seem bad enough to deter Ryu players from ‘just doing it’ to me. The slow startup on Sim’s st.hp and’s lack of range makes it difficult to punish parry fishers I’ve found. Even with the odd crush counter, st.hp punish I dunno if thats enough to deter.

Heres a match with Fchamp vs a Ryu online who knew how to use parries vs Sim:


TriggerSFV is a bot if you didn’t already know


That actually makes alot of sense now haha.


Hey everyone In struggling with Ryu’s that just rush me down. If i block they throw, if i try to guess throw I get blown up with crush counters, and if I press buttons it seems I’m still getting blown up by their presses too. I’ll upload a video but is anyone else having this problem?



It sounds like you’re just guessing wrong. Perhaps your mistake is both not effectively zoning, and playing a reactionary game; letting them have the momentum? It’d be helpful to see a video. I either try to keep them out, or make sure they’re the one that’s doing all the guessing.


What’s the answer to Ryu’s jumping lk? It’s stuffing my cr. mp flat out most of the time.


maybe switch to L slide to evade it and punish with during his recovery. i’m not sure what range they’re doing it at for you. maybe is a better answer.


I’m confused by how effective light jump ins are against anti airs. Shouldn’t the priority system make them lose against mediums and heavies? Or do they have more active frames than heavier attacks, making them easier to land?