Matchups, unsafe moves, and how to punish (very technical) - UPDATED FOR SEASON 2 (sorta)


Disclaimer: These notes are from Season 1. Obviously there are some discrepancies with the newly Season 2 update. Take it with a grain of salt!

These are mainly notes I took for myself, but I figured; why not share the information and put it out there. It’s written down in a sort of ‘cryptic’ and technical language mainly to save space, and so if you put it on your phone and bring it with you (to let’s say, to tournaments) you can easily look through it and refresh your memory. I always use these notes myself before any match to remind myself on what to look out for (even when I’m just playing online). Sure, after a while you don’t need the notes anymore and just know these things by heart. But as you’re learning it’s good to have these things by your side.

Disclaimer: Now in no way, shape or form, is this the absolute best way to do everything. For instance, maybe there are a lot better punishes out there (like much better vtrigger combo’s), or a lot better combo’s in general. Like all of you, I just started out with this game, and this character. So mistakes can always be made. If you have anything to add, or anything to improve on. I would be happy to hear about it, as like all of you, I’m just here to learn.

Now without further ado, here are my notes:

Meaning of acronyms:

  • lp, Light Punch, Jab: The weakest punch button.
  • mp, Medium Punch, Strong: The medium strength punch button.
  • hp, Hard Punch, Fierce: The strongest punch button.
  • lk, Light Kick, Short: The weakest kick button.
  • mk, Medium Kick, Forward: The medium strength kick button.
  • hk, Hard Kick, Roundhouse: The strongest kick button.
  • cr. = crouching normal
  • st. = standing normal
  • fwd. = forward, normals executed by holding forward (usually command normals/overheads)
  • b+hp = Back+heavy punch (a command normal Chun has)
  • CC = Crush Counter
  • DP, Dragon Punch, SRK: This has a double reference to Ryu’s infamous Shoryuken, but in modern times the term “DP” or “SRK” refers to the motion itself and can be used when describing any move that shares the “DP motion”.
  • SBK = Spinning Bird Kick (Down charge, up, kicks)
  • legs = Lightning legs, Chun’s iconic move (quarter circle forward, kicks)
  • xx = cancel (usually done by cancelling a normal into a special move, e.g.: xx medium.SBK)
  • // = A division. Used when multiple punishes are an option.

How to read:

First the move of the opposing character’s move or special is written down, and after the move is the appropriate punish.

Let’s take the following example from Ken:

- = -12: (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK

Here is the move Ken uses (which is his sweep). After the move it says the frame data and what the move is on block (-12, do note that I do not list the frame data on every move). Afterwards the punishes are shown divided by a //. In this example, (Chun’s sweep) is a punish that works. Medium and EX legs also both work, In the later punishes there are usually variations that use meter. In this example you can use st.hp and cancel (notated as ‘xx’) it into super. Another variation of a punish is the last part, which says that you can do a st.hp and cancel (xx) it into vtrigger, then combo into and cancel (xx) that move into a medium kick (MK) spinning bird kick (SBK).

Also: “= Go through fireball?” means that these are the things you should be worried about when throwing a fireball in neutral (these are all the things that they can punish you with)
Same goes for “= Punish sweep?”. If it says nothing it means I haven’t gotten around to it yet, or that they have no options. But there aren’t many characters that can’t punish it. So you should just assume that everyone can punish it.

Know your punishes, all elbow/rekka’s etc. Know how to punish (EX)headstomps, etc. Just zone him out with kikoken, fwd+mp st.hp, etc. Don’t let him get in. After you punish any unsafe move (including antiairing him), thats when you can put on offense. Just tighten your frame traps, don’t leave big gaps. He has no reversal, so you can meaty for free. (watch out for reversal super)
if you DO get knocked down, don’t panic and do something stupid like EX SBK lol. use your vreversals, backjump OS, etc. Try not to wakeup jab too much, cause his crush counter hurts A LOT.
dont throw too many kikokens with lifelead (especially in jump-in range). Just zone with st.hp and fwd+mp

= Go through fireball? Jump+Stomp attack thingy//EX charge?//In vtrigger he can parry and punish it on reaction
= Punish sweep? Sweep//Super

  • (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • cr.hp (shoulder launcher) = -8: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • (overhead) = -4: Safe on max range (due to range), else xx MK/EX Legs
  • Flash Chop (rekka-ish) = -4, EX = -2: xx LK SBK//MK Legs//EX Legs (if in range)
  • Slash Elbow (rekka-ish that goes full-screen) = -4/-6/-7: xx LK SBK//MK legs//EX Legs (if in range)
    — EX Slash Elbow: -10, but spacing is important = If you block 2 hits, then: cr.hp/ xx MK SBK//Super. If you are really far and only block 1 hit, then: (xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK)//EX Legs//Super
  • Air stampede (stomp out of the air): -5 (EX: +2!) = Have to block high! -> xx MK/EX Legs
    — Air to air works too (air grab, xx heavy legs, etc)
    — works too to avoid it, but won’t punish air stampede. However it will punish:
  • Head Crush (where he does a flip in the air and grabs you): Same as birdie’s nose dive. It’s a command grab, so you have to to air/etc.
  • Super: 3 hits(!), lots of blockstun. Any combo, can also walk forward a bit (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — EX SBK and Super to avoid chip
  • Vtrigger activation: -5: EX Legs (doesn’t work at max range due to travel time)//Super

Balrog (Boxer):
: Play at the tip of st.hp range, his dashpunch is unsafe inside of st.hp range.
: Always hold back during combo’s and blockstrings, at worst you’ll eat a low and get knocked down. But at least you won’t eat a random overhead into 50% damage :wink:
---- This does not apply when he has Vtrigger bar
= Go through fireball? Vskill//Turn Punch//Super
---- You can throw a fireball and punish his vskill with and you get crush counter (just like Bison).
= Punish sweep? Dashpunch//Super
: He is free on wakeup (his EX move has armor on frame 3)
: You can also throw his EX reversal
: Always standblock during blockstrings/getting combo’d (his overhead is comboable, and his sweep is not)

  • (double kick) = -14: xx MK SBK//legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • Dashpunch -4 inside your st.hp range, punish with xx LK SBK/EX Legs. Outside of st.hp range it’s too far to punish on block, so it’s safe.
  • dashpunch EX is +1
  • Low punch EX is -2
  • EX upper is -14
  • Target combo’s are all unsafe (-6/-8), safest one is,, it’s -6. Can punish with: xx MK SBK// xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK// xx EX Legs (easier punish, but less damage and wastes a bar)// xx HP kikoken xx Super
  • Overhead is -8: Punish with xx EX Legs
  • Super: nj.hp, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    ---- Avoid Chip: EX SBK/Super both work
  • Vtrigger activation: Can punish with EX legs/Super
  • vtrigger dashpunches (only if he does all of the dashpunches), you can punish with: xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK//EX legs//Super//

— Still have to test vtrigger special moves (punishes). Rule of thumb, is that all his moves in vtrigger have MORE pushback. So all the punishes like xx EX Legs get replaced with just EX legs, because the doesn’t have the range anymore.
= Go through fireball? EX Charge//Headbutt//Super
= Punish sweep? Sweep//Super
: Meaty’s are free on his wakeup (Unless he is in vtrigger and has 1 meter, EX Head has strike invincibility from frame 1)
: Watch out with using, cr.lp, xx HP Kikoken. Birdie can react with his Zonk attack (the DP-ish move)

  • Only super at max range :’(
    — if slightly misspaced (almost maxrange): legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger,
  • st.hp (really long range attack) = -6: Super (any range), EX Legs (sweep range), don’t even try LK/MK Legs (doesn’t work).
  • fwd.hp (looks like overhead, but it’s not): Lots of pushback: xx MK SBK// xx EX Legs//Super//Sweep
  • df+hp (slide, hits low) = -5: Lots of pushback: xx LK SBK or MK/EX Legs//raw EX Legs//raw Super – Be wary, they usually do the slide meaty on your wakeup, in which case it’s only -3/-4. Which means it’s not punishable.
  • (overhead): xx MK/EX Legs (safe if he does it from far and only the 2nd hit is blocked)
  • Command grab (all, even EX): Safest option if you read command grab is to backdash. You can get a full jump-in combo if you jump IMMEDIATELY after the backdash (so there’s no point in risking a neutral jump).
  • Charge attack (lots of pushback):
    — Light/Medium: xx MK SBK/EX Legs/super (max range)//cr.hp xx HK SBK (close/point-blank range) — is way more consistent
    — Heavy: xx special (MK Legs/LK SBK)//EX Legs//Super
    — EX (2 hits, true blockstring): lots of pushback: (least damage)/MK Legs/EX Legs/(MK Legs xx) super
    — Sidenote: Maybe better to always do punish, cause it’s hard to see the version (except for EX ofc)
  • Chain throw (all, even EX) = -20+: Super if in range (if you block it, you’re always in range)// Legs if close enough (half of max range) – goes a slight bit further
    — depending on the distance you can also: dash, xx MK SBK or walkup st.hp (xx vtrigger, etc). works almost everytime with almost every distance (except max). Both Chains have deceptive recovery, you are able to move earlier than you’d think. Also MK Chains feels like it has more recovery (or less blockstun) and is easier to punish being the same negative frames as LK one.
  • Hopgrab:, xx MK SBK. Why so low damage? Weird spacing, usually you’re not close enough to him if you neutral jump. Hence that’s the most consistent punish. If you’re close enough ofc you can do a full jump-in combo.
    — EX hopgrab for some reason is always close, so you can go full neutral jump combo.
    — vtrigger combo:, st.hp xx vtrigger, regular combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp, xx MK SBK)
  • Super (Not a grab): Block (lots of blockstun), then normal combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — Avoid chip? Both EX SBK and super are not consistent. You can’t reversal it. You have to delay a few frames so the invincibility doesn’t wear out. It’s really hard to do.
  • vtrigger (has a lot of recovery, the flash is shorter than it looks): Anything works if you’re in range. Can even walk in range a bit for maximum punish.

= Go through fireball? EX.spiralArrow//Vtrigger activate+Spiral//Super
= Punish sweep? ( xx) SpiralArrow//Super

  • watch out with using Kikoken in blockstrings (or in neutral in general) when she has 1 bar. She can EX divekick/arrow on reaction.
  • When Cammy jumps, dash forward or jumpback mp (xx HK legs). EX divekick is always coming and you can’t challenge it. It’s really good to stand in a range where you can her jump on reaction (so, really far apart). This is a very consistent way to deal with EX divekicks.
  • Cammy’s love (on block), and then use st.hp immediately. If you instantly use, you will beat their st.hp. But if they don’t st.hp, then your will whiff and you can get whiff punished.
  • She can punish EX legs on block with vreversal
  • Can jab/ her divekicks out of the air
  • (max range) = -12: (if you want knockdown).
    — st.hp xx super
    — st.hp xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK
    — best punish, but hard if max range: walk forward tiny bit, xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp, xx MK SBK
  • -> counterpoke with st.hp or b+hp (can confirm into super on CC)
  • target combo = -12, but out of range, so: cr.hp xx HK SBK. With meter: st.hp xx super. Or: st.hp xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp, xx MK SBK
  • her divekicks are 0 at most, so you can jab (and maybe get counterhit combo)
  • spiral arrow (max range): cr.lp xx LK SBK//MK Legs
  • spiral arrow (close): cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • spiral arrow (in Vtrigger, she goes through you, block opposite side after you first block): xx MK SBK// xx super// xx vtrigger, cr.lp?//Sweep works too, but not as good.
  • razor edge slicer = -2: cr.lp (CH), xx MK SBK
  • EX razor edge slicer = +3, can true string to cr.lp —> DONT PRESS ANYTHING
  • EX razor edge slicer/grab = (divekick goes over, slicer = you get crush counter for safejump, grab = you just get knockdown)
  • DP: dash forward, CC combo (, dash forward, xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Super (STAND BLOCK IT): She lands in your face, so standard combo punishes (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Vreversal = -8 on block (BLOCK CROSSUP): Can punish with: xx MK SBK//
    — Her vreversal is very slow, you can even do and if she vreversals it, you can still block and punish. usually doesn’t work on other characters’ vreversals.
  • Vtrigger activation = -8: Can punish with super/EX Legs (LK Legs if close)

Chun Mirror:
The Chun that has to come to the other Chun is the one losing. Get lifelead, let him come to you. Punish overextension
Ironically, Chun can zone out Chun pretty well as it’s hard to slide under her kikokens
and her jump is slow, so it’s hard to jump on a kikoken too, especially if you throw heavies/mediums/ex
never throw light, only fullscreen
be ready for airlegs… In most situations it’s better to just take the throw (even in the corner)
after getting thrown be ready for the dash. If she dashes forward you can cr.lp for free (and it will trade).

= Go through fireball? Super// (slide)//Airlegs (impossible to do on reaction)
= Punish sweep? legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK

  • = -12: legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
    : Cr.hp is most consistent to deal with air legs, however it will leave you at - afterwards, so it’s not ideal ( or slide work well too).
    — Can cancel cr.hp into light kikoken in vtrigger (and combo into EX Legs/super)
    — I think slide is one the best punish, you can hit it meaty and confirm into cr.lp, st.lp/ xx LK SBK. The only problem with slide is that it can go under her (and you will be punishable), it’s also very hard to time. If they go too high and you slide, you’ll be punishable as well.
    — That being said, I think sweep might be the absolute best punish. If you are too late it will trade, but it’s in your favor cause you get the knockdown. But most of the time, you will sweep her out of airlegs clean.
    : When she does a pressure string to kikoken, you can airlegs over it and punish it. Unless she does it close and uses heavy Kikoken, then you can’t airlegs over it because the kikoken hits too fast and catches your jump., cr.lp, xx HP Kikoken is 1 example which you can’t airlegs over.
  • lightninglegs (any version) = xx MK SBK
  • Super: block, then any combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Vtrigger activation = -4: Can’t punish (only up close with lights)


  • Don’t play footsies. Just zone (with fireball) or rushdown.
  • In the neutral you want to use b+hp/sweep a lot, because it beats a lot of pokes (don’t spam it though!)
  • st.hp is also really good vs him. He has trouble spacing it. Try to throw FB on whiff normals to close ground (LP from full screen is a good way to close ground, but don’t get too predictable, because they can teleport on read and punish you hard). The fly is annoying to deal with for sure, but you can punish it with if he flies too close.
  • Don’t throw out EX for no reason. This is one of the matchups where EX kikoken is not THAT good, because he can just fly over it and still be safe (while on other chars you get a free 50/50). He can also punish you when you overextend and try to punish the fly. Also, you want to save your bar for Super. Once you have Super you limit a lot of his options. He no longer can use any heavy attacks, or throw a fireball. This is huge.
  • Punish his divekick/drills with st.lp/
  • You need to punish random teleports with (get crush counter) with a followup (st.hp/sweep/ex legs/etc) (Can use in vtrigger and juggle to cr.hp xx HK Legs). If you just punish with there is no real risk for him and he’ll keep using it.
  • Don’t use airlegs on offense, good Sims can slide on reaction and tripguard punish you (it’s very easy to do on reaction!). You will lose all the momentum and all your efforts of getting in on him will have been for nothing. Just pressure him without airlegs using properly spaced’s, kikokens, and st.hp, etc
  • Always be ready for slide xx vtrigger when they have bar (and vreversal it).
    = Go through fireball? Can teleport. But he can’t do it on reaction, has to be a read.
    = Punish sweep? All his limbs
  • Can OS vskill with cr.lp, cr.lp+mp+mk (get a full jump-in combo if he teleports on wakeup)
    — For pad players use: cr.lp, tripple punches (L1)+mk
  • He can slide your fireballs on reaction ( into Kikoken strings, midscreen fireballs, etc). Don’t throw fireball + dash, too risky vs Sim.
  • any slide (point-blank): standard combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • light slide (safe on max range), medium range can be punished with any light combo (cr.lp xx LK SBK//cr.lp xx MK Legs//st.lp xx HK Legs)
  • (kind of a spin kick): Super (any range)/EX Legs (if close enough)/LK Legs (almost point-blank, closer than range)
  • st.hp (he goes backwards and arms go under him): Super (any range)/EX Legs (if close enough)/LK Legs (almost point-blank, closer than range)
  • Fireball (full screen?): Super (obviously), dash up sweep, dash up st.hp xx vtrigger xx MK SBK (or even standard cr.hp combo if you were midscreen and the dash up put you right next to him)
  • Vtrigger: Can punish with super, EX Legs, xx MK SBK, even b+hp if done pointblank (all depending on range of course, super any range)
  • Normal into Vtrigger (carpet)? --> Your Vreversal will counter his carpet and he will waste his meter


  • Don’t play footsies. Just zone (with fireball) or rushdown. Try to focus on punishing his groundball with and when he throws upballs try to dash in and punish it with sweep.
    Gameplan: You need to stop him from zoning. The key principle in this matchup is, don’t let him do the 2 upballs. You can punish it with sweep (it usually trades, but it trades in your favor. Cause you also get the knockdown and you can get in). When he throws the upballs mid-full screen dash up to him and sweep.
    You can also punish the purple ball he does on the ground with (or super).
    Once you get in, pressure him. He has no reversal and Chun’s offense is really good. Also don’t let him vreversal out for free, it’s punishable.
    Also note that the fwd+hk (the one where he hits you with his knee’s twice) is only +1, and Fang doesn’t have a 3 frame normal. So you can press cr.lp and it will always trade. And a trade here is good, cause you go back to neutral when Fang was pressuring you. He also doesn’t have a reversal, so cr.lp is guaranteed (he only has Super that works in this situation, so watch out for that when he has full meter).
    = Go through fireball? pre-emptive EX dash (No way you can do this on reaction)
    = Punish sweep? sweep// xx Sotoja
    : NOTE: (double kicks) = +1, BUT… Fang doesn’t have 3 frame normal, so +1 is actually 0. So you can always jab for free and at worst it will trade. Watch out for random Super though.
    : Watch out with the, cr.lp, xx HP Kikoken string, he can Super in between.
    : You can walk back after he does the roll on the ground (that’s +2) and you’ll walk out of throw range
  • Can throw his EX escape, but it escapes meaties
  • (double kick) = -12: xx HK Legs (SBK doesn’t connect)//legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • df+hp (double hit, not an overhead) = -5, but pushes you backwards a lot: xx MK Legs/LK SBK//EX Legs (Not at max range)//Super (any range)
  • multiple stab special (Sotoja): Pushback is strong in this one, most consistent: xx MK SBK (cr.hp xx HK SBK works too pointblank)
    — EX = -3: No 3 frame move is in range to punish. FeelsBadMan
  • 2 upballs: whiffs on crouching, can punish with xx MK Legs (ON HIT!). Can’t punish if done midscreen cause the balls cover him. You can trade with a sweep, which is very worth it cause now you’re in (the trade is about equal in damage as well).
  • close purple attack (Ryobenda) - Can’t whiff punish with normals, cause the purple stuff protects him. Only works consistent cause it hits high and avoids the purple stuff:
    — Light: Pushback too far, LK Legs/EX Legs/super/ (xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK)
    — medium/heavy: Very little blockstun and no pushback! Standard combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — EX = +2
  • Vskill (IS UNBLOCKABLE): Don’t let him throw this shit full screen. Can’t slide under it either cause it’s too slow. It has slow startup and no hitstun, so you can plow through it with Heavy/EX Legs or even normals (depending on range)
  • Super: reaaaaally weird to punish. After you block, he flies over you and throws balls
    — Point-blank: Block, then block crossup (just-in-case). Then when the first purple ball is about to dissipate use your vskill to fly over and do a regular combo (, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — Midscreen-ish: (IF YOU BLOCK HIS INTIAL ATTACK, YOU’RE TOO CLOSE. USE ABOVE METHOD): Dash backwards 2x (to cross under him), or dash 3x (to put him on the same side), then regular combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — Midscreen-ish #2: Don’t risk it what’s said above. Just block initial attack, then block crossup, you’ll have to block the first ball. Then soon after you’re out of blockstun use vskill and jump-in combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — Full screen: Dunno why this would ever occur, but: Just wait for him to come to you and do a combo.
  • Vtrigger activation: Can’t punish (even at point-blank range)

Gameplan: Try to get in a range where you can stuff his fireballs. fwd+mp, st.hp,, sweep, etc. When he walks backwards you can vskill to get in, it’s very awkward to anti-air it if you try to land on top (and he won’t have charge to flashkick!).
= Go through fireball? He can super your fireballs on reaction (just like he did in SF4)
= Punish sweep? sweep//super

  • Watch out with using, xx HP Kikoken as a blockstring. Guile can flashkick it on reaction without meter.
  • (2 hits!) = -12: (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
    — If you block the 1st hit, then you’re always in range for xx MK SBK
  • overhead = -4(?): xx MK/EX Legs
  • can (xx MK SBK) under his vskill if he doesn’t do it meaty.
  • Super: Can always jump after the flash (at any range). Jump forward, then neutral jump and do a full combo (cr.hp xx LK legs, etc)
    — If he does it meaty, then you can only Super to avoid chip. EX SBK doesn’t work (doesn’t last long enough)
    — On block you can punish by 2x dash forward into button (cr.hp combo for instance, if you’re close enough)
  • Vtrigger activation: Can punish with EX Legs//Super

= Go through fireball? EX Raida//Super//Slide (Hard to react to at close/mid range)
= Punish sweep? EX Raida//Super
: cr.lp, cr.lp, xx HP Kikoken is pretty free (except for super). She can EX DP, but it’s only 1 hit and it only does 40 damage.
: LP Raida forward dash gives her oki (it’s +2)

  • = -12: legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • All Raida are very unsafe on block, can punish with any combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Slide is almost always unsafe on block (punish depends on where you block it)
  • Vskill (uncharged): Super (hard to see if it’s uncharged. Can’t punish charged vskill)
    ---- She says something different when it’s charged and the blue spark is bigger (also the range is bigger).
  • EX DP: (CC), dash forward, xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    ---- Don’t get crush counter for regular DP: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Super: cr.hp xx LK legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    ---- CAN’T JUMP AFTER THE FLASH TO AVOID CHIP. Any normal into Super is also a true blockstring
    ---- Avoid Chip: EX SBK/Super
  • Vtrigger activation: Can punish with EX Legs//Super

= Go through fireball? (Charged) Vskill? EX pinwheel?
= Punish sweep? Super?
: cr.lp, cr.lp, xx HP Kikoken is pretty free (except for super, and it trades… obviously in her favor).

  • = -12: legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • Fuharenkyaku (QCF+K) charges and fireballs are safe on block (-2).
    — LK Fuharenkyaku release = -2
    — MK Fuharenkyaku release = -6 (PUNISH EARLY! Not a lot of blockstun):, xx MK SBK (can also cr.lp xx LK SBK if you aren’t feeling confident)
    — HK Fuharenkyaku release = -11: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • LK Pinwheel (DP+K) is unsafe (cr.lp,, xx mk sbk)
  • EX Pinwheel (DP+KK): (CC), dash forward, xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    ---- Don’t get crush counter for regular DP: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Ryodansatsu (QCB+K) (NOT AN OVERHEAD!): Weird pushback, best punish:, xx LK SBK (Medium SBK doesn’t connect!) (can also punish with xx MK SBK)
  • Vskill (She can charge it): OS block (first block regular, then block crossup when she crosses)
    – BLOCK STANDING! Else the charged one pushes back too far
    ---- Uncharged (-10): cr.hp xx HK SBK//cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK//b+hp xx HP Kikoken xx Super
    ---- Charged (-18): cr.hp xx HK SBK//st.hp xx Super//st.hp xx vtc, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp, xx MK SBK)
    ---- Punishes that work on both: cr.hp xx HK SBK//b+hp xx HP Kikoken xx Super
  • Super: cr.hp xx LK legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    ---- Avoid Chip: EX SBK ( xx vtc after recovery to punish her recovery)/Super (HAVE TO TIME IT! YOU CAN’T MASH IT OR IT LOSES)
  • Vtrigger activation: Can punish with EX Legs (close)//Super (any range)

= Go through fireball? EX Shoulder (Normal too?)//Vtriggered rekka’s go through (kinda)
= Punish sweep? Sweep

  • You can interrupt/punish her to shoulder with: cr.lp (Counter-hit), xx mk SBK or even (counter-hit), cr.hp xx HK SBK
    — st.hp to shoulder usually trades in her favor (and sometimes they can even confirm the trade into more damage)
  • = -14:
    – Max range: HK Legs// xx EX Legs//Raw EX Legs//Raw Super
    – Bit Closer: cr.lp xx LK SBK (gotta be fast)//MK legs (last part whiffs if too far)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx vtrigger, LK SBK/
  • = -4: xx MK/EX Legs
  • = -4: cr.lp xx LK SBK//MK/EX Legs
  • vskill uncharged: cr.lp xx LK SBK. Charged = safe (maybe not worth punishing then, unless you can recognize whether it’s charged or not).
  • overhead special: cr.lp, cr.lp xx LK SBK/MK Legs (beats no follow-up, slide followup, and ducks under the grab)
    — Punish grab when she flips over you with (cr.lp,), xx MK SBK
  • double kicks: cr.lp, st.lp xx LK SBK/HK Legs (same damage)
  • double kicks, overhead: cr.lp (air reset) or if you have the read, block it, then: xx HK Legs
  • double kicks, heavy kick: cr.lp, because true string. If you see heavy kicks: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK // xx MK SBK
  • commanddash uppercut: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK (NOT CONSISTENT), else: cr.hp xx HK SBK // xx MK SBK
  • Vtriggered:
    1st: after first rekka stay low: react to the overhead punches
    2nd: block low
    3rd: block low and crossup
    – rekka once: cr.lp xx LK SBK (you get hit if she does sweep)
    – rekka once, overhead:, xx MK SBK
    – rekka once, high grab: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
    – rekka once, sweep: normal combo’s (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    – rekka (normal): LONG BLOCKSTUN, cr.hp xx HK SBK
    – rekka (normal+delay): safe on block, but you can interrupt with cr.lp, xx MK SBK (if she does NORMAL, then you get hit)
    – rekka twice, crossup: cr.hp xx HK SBK
    – rekka twice, sweep (TRUE STRING, so you can block opposite side. But still have to block low): normal combo’s (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    – rekka twice, high grab: block low, goes over -> normal combo’s (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Super (Ends with the kneekick): block, then any combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — You can Super on reaction to avoid chip.
  • Vtrigger activation = -4: Can’t punish (only up close)

= Go through fireball? Super at close range
= Punish sweep? Super at any range//Heavy shoryu at almost any range (max max range DP whiffs or only hits once)

  • Don’t neutral jump fireballs when he has 1 EX meter, he can EX tatsu to punish and it hurts.
  • watch out with using Kikoken in blockstrings (or in neutral in general) when he has 1 bar. He can EX divekick/EX DP on reaction.
  • When Ken jumps, expect EX divekick (neutral jump, dash forward, block and vreversal, sometimes, etc)
  • After fthrow Ken’s use a lot of into EX Hadoken, don’t backwalk!
  • = -12: (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • = -4: xx Special (LK SBK/MK or EX Legs)
  • Target combo: -7: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK //, xx medium SBK
  • Overhead = -4: cr.lp xx MK Legs//cr.lp xx super (more damage than cr.lp xx legs xx super)
  • xx hadoken (not EX): sweep (if in range)//super/EX SBK on any range//Can always super inbetween
  • tatsu: normal combo’s
    – EX tatsu:, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • EX tatsu in the air is + on block? Can’t antiair or tripguard. Dash under + sweep to punish. Air to air (mk,
  • Vskill run mk (sort of like a stepkick): xx MK SBK
  • any normal into vskill (run) = -6 (at worst), so always punishable:, xx MK SBK (can also b+hp xx HK Legs, but doesn’t work if he cancels st.hp into vskill)
  • vskill hold ( xx vtrigger = +4 (at least)
  • any MP xx vtrigger = +2? (Definitely plus)
  • xx vtrigger = -1?
  • fierce xx vtrigger = true blockstring
  • Shoryu xx vtrigger = -5?: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
  • Super: block, (dash forward), then any combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    — Can EX SBK/Super to avoid chip
  • Vtrigger activation = No Ken uses raw vtrigger, but yes, he runs up to you, so you can punish him free. Any combo works (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)

Gameplan: Just keep her out, antiair, st.hp,, etc. keep vbar for vreversals. After blocking an attack, mashing backdash is also a good option. Getting air reset is fine cause you can backdash/jump away afterwards to get away. (The only way for her to counter your backdash is going for st.hp (Crush counter), but it has to be a hard read from her side. If she always uses st.hp as a frame trap, you can jab in between).
She has EX Shoulder to go through fireballs, be wary when throwing them when she has meter.
Delay cr.lp on wakeup beats a lot of her options (You block meaties, and she can’t go for dash into command grab shenannigans cause you jab her out of it)
Laura is at 0 frame advantage after dash forward from any combo that ends in MP elbow~K ender (same side version), HP bolt, and forward throw. In these situations, you almost always wakeup with cr.LP. The only way she counters it is if she does immediate f.HP or does immediate EX command throw.
After command throw she is punishable if she dashes forward (that’s why most Laura’s go for or meaty shoulder. Keep in mind that meaty shoulder is -1, you can cr.lp for free after you block it).
After back throw, dash forward, she’s +2 so waking up with a button is never the right idea.
= Go through fireball? EX.shoulder//Super (at really close range, like xx heavy.hadoken, can come in-between)
= Punish sweep? Yes, but not max range (only Super). ALMOST max range: sweep//fast xx (LP/EX) Shoulder
: Be careful with airlegs, she gets a mixup if she’s waiting for it and reacts ( into vskill dash under, or meaty overhead, etc).
: Always standblock during blockstrings/getting combo’d
: Don’t jab between her strings. There are no 3f gaps unless she delays. But Laura’s never delay. Also, she only gets combo’s off counterhit (or meaties). She only gets light light into special.
: Watch out with using, xx HP Kikoken as a blockstring. Laura can EX Elbow/Super it on reaction.
: You can under her fireball if she charges it
: Can grab/meaty her EX reversal shoulder
: into vskill dash is -2

  • = -12: (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • = -4: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
  • medium shoulder: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
  • heavy shoulder (DP) NO CRUSH COUNTER: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • target combo (punch, punch): standard combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • xx hadoken (all versions, she moves forward): cr.lp, st.lp xx HK Legs/LK SBK (same damage)//super//EX SBK
  • xx hadoken: trades with jab, can still super/EX SBK
  • Vskill (overhead kick): standard combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Super (GRAB!):, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Vtrigger activation = -4: Can’t punish (only up close)

M. Bison (Dictator):
: Don’t play footsies. Just zone (with fireball) or rushdown. You don’t want to randomly get df+hp crush countered.
= Go through fireball? EX Scissor in vtrigger
= Punish sweep? He can’t punish it at max range lol
: Random EX headstomp? Walk forward/Dash forward is best, cause there’s no hitbox behind him (Have to dash fast!!). Then punish with any tripguard combo depending on spacing (cr.hp combo, or combo, or xx EX Legs, or raw EX Legs, etc)
— b+hk works kinda, but if he delays above your b+hk then you won’t recover in time to anti air again (only EX SBK).
— Don’t try to air to air, it’s the same as in sf4. It beats everything. Watch out for Devil Reverse though.
: Can dash FORWARD under his EX stomp in Vtrigger (when he teleports and 50/50’s you)
: if Bison does HP xx heavy scissor, you can jab him out of it.
: EX scissor and df+hp are +1, however, you have a 3 frame jab ( is almost always better due to it’s range and it’s also 3 frames). So you can almost always jab/ for free and at worst it will trade. He can only Super. Watch out for when he does df+hp at max range, your will whiff and he can whiff punish it if he delays his follow-up. So use sparringly, don’t mindlessly spam it after you block df+hp. Smart Bison’s WILL punish you for it.

  • (slide) = -12:
    — Max range: cr.lp, st.lp xx HK Legs/LK SBK
    — Close range: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK (close range only)
    — slide xx vtrigger = safe
  • st.hp = -6: Super only
  • Ball attack: Only light is punishable = -4: xx LK SBK/MK or EX Legs (not sure if worth, hard to see which version he uses)
  • Knee: Punish is dependant on range, safe on the tip cause you can’t reach him, punishable up close
    — light/medium: cr.lp xx LK SBK
    — heavy: safe (-2), can be recognized by a really long startup time
    — EX = +1
  • Inferno (backhand ball thing): only EX is safe (-1), can punish all versions (point blank) with standard combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK).
    — Not point-blank (like after a heavy normal), use: cr.hp xx HK SBK or xx MK SBK
  • vskill (absorbs fireballs): Can be punished with (and will sometimes get crush counter, can convert to dash up xx HK/EX legs)//raw super
  • Super: Point-blank: Block first, then and standard combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK). Not pointblank? Dash up after block, normal combo (cr.hp xx lk legs, etc). Out of range? Position yourself for the perfect jump in, wait a bit (cause he’s airborne during the animation), and then punish.
    — Your super gets beat clean (even if you activate after the flash)
    — EX SBK to avoid chip (hits him once and he gets knocked down next to you)
  • Vtrigger activation = -6?: Can punish with super, EX Legs, xx MK SBK (all depending on range of course, super any range)
    — Devils reverse in vtrigger always comes from behind
    Vreversal: If you do and he vreversal, you can Super on reaction and punish. Be ready for it when you have Super, cause this is way better than just a regular throw punish obviously.

NOTE: No counter-hit when you punish his DP. Use regular combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
= Go through fireball? Vtrigger//Super
= Punish sweep? Sweep//Super
: Watch out with using Kikoken in blockstrings (or in neutral in general) when he has vtrigger. He can vtrigger on reaction.
: at the start of the round will stop any medium scythe shenanigans. However, don’t ALWAYS use it at the start as it is counter-able.
: Meaty’s stuff his Vtrigger activation and waste his bar
: After forward throw, Nash like to do (or dash up). There are several options you can use:
---- You can backdash out of the
---- You can and it beats clean (and if he tries to dash up, you can convert to cr.lp xx LK SBK)
: Jump in with stomps can beat grounded antiairs. Might be a cheap way to get in.

  • = -12: legs (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK (Does not work max range, does not reach)
  • (overhead):, xx HK Legs (MK SBK doesn’t connect)//Max range: xx MK Legs
  • fwd.hp (long arm) = -13: (if close enough)/EX Legs/super
  • (hop): cr.lp,, xx MK SBK (not punishable if he spaces it well, 0 on block)
  • Light Scythe: xx MK SBK, far (from closest to furthest): sweep// (xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK)//EX Legs//Super, max range: EX Legs//Super
  • Medium Scythe: xx MK SBK, far (from closest to furthest): sweep// (xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK)//EX Legs//Super, max range: Super only
    — is most consistent meterless, EX Legs is very good too.
  • Heavy Scythe: any combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • EX Scythe (DP): NO COUNTERHIT!! -> cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • target combo (lp, mp): xx MK SBK
  • target combo (mk, hk): xx MK SBK
  • drain life:
    — light: if standblock:, xx MK SBK ----> if crouchblock: cr.lp, st.lp xx HK Legs
    — heavy: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • super (not a grab, but… jump is better): when mid/full-screen: then normal combo. If close jump, then normal combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK). If pointblank won’t hit, so you can only land and do cr.lp xx LK SBK (Be fast!)//block, b.hp xx hp kikouken, super
    — Super/EX SBK don’t work to avoid chip. Any blockstring into Super is true blockstring.
  • Vtrigger activation = Has different outcomes. Either goes through you, or goes in the air (left or right). Anti-air is the best counter (delay, because he’s invulnerable first few frames. Also, B+HK doesn’t work, don’t try it)
    — Instant EX SBK after flash beats ALL options (Has to be instant to punish the grounded one)
    ---- If you see the screen move upwards, delay EX SBK for more damage (else you only get 1 hit if you do it too early)
    — is also good, but if he goes over the ground he can punish.
    — fwdjump.stomps (or is also good, hard to punish you. And you punish him hard if he tries to fall in front (3x stomp, EX legs)
  • Vreversal: Can’t punish after activation, only throw. Not even Super works. Dash up to him and keep pressuring him. Don’t let him escape.

Gameplan: Play very safe/keep out. Don’t try to go for SBK dash dash cr.lp/ meaties, especially when he has meter. If you mistime it and get reversal jabbed, you will eat 80% damage for no reason. Just use meaty kikokens and get free chip. It’s safe and you win the neutral anyway, there’s no need to pressure with meaties. Also, the mixup: DP/wakeup jab really sucks. For some reason you’re the one in a mixup when he is on knockdown lol.
Try to build super and try to kill him before he has a chance to activate vtrigger with burst.
Play footsies outside of his range, this is where you’re most effective and he is not. Always think about 4 things in the MU: “, vskill groundpound, jump, and random dash” and punish accordingly.

  1. Whiff punish
  2. cr.lp cr.lp xx LK SBK random dashes on reaction
  3. Try to avoid groundpound with neutral jumps for example (dont give him free meter)
  4. Antiair jumps with: “air to airs, dash under+tripguard, b+hk” (Avoid cause his divekick blows it up and you eat big damage)
    The gameplan changes when he’s in vtrigger and he has super (a situation that’s almost unavoidable). You can’t react to dashes anymore, and 1 dash up stomp super is gg (don’t get Play of the Game’d :P). You have to read his dash and buffer light punches in neutral. And don’t walk around too much, just block low a lot when you see him do sudden movements.
    On defense, vreversal is your friend when you get in trouble and he gets too much momentum, don’t be scared to use it.
    Also look for the and the and as soon as he cancels into stomp, instantly EX SBK on reaction.
    Also, don’t get cornered. It is very very important to not get cornered in this matchup. Do whatever it takes, sacrifice damage for screen positioning (When my back is very close to the corner and I land a combo, I will purposefully drop my combo and go for a backthrow reset for screen positioning).
    = Go through fireball? Super
    = Punish sweep? Super
    : You can low profile his Heavy DP with or slide. Fun stuff you can do is cr.lp, (xx EX kikoken). If they DP, you will low profile and you can punish. If they don’t DP then EX Kikoken will make it + and you can continue pressure. afterwards beats everything.
    — You can even airlegs (on block) and then immediately do xx EX Kikoken. If they Heavy DP you will low profile and you can punish. If they don’t DP then EX Kikoken will make it + and you can continue pressure. Cr.lp afterwards beats everything.
    — Their LP/MP DP will lose to cr.lp (which is a common way to continue pressure after airlegs for example), so they probably won’t go for those DP’s cause they are too risky.
    — EX DP beats this option entirely.
    : into MK/HK stomp can be interrupted with cr.lp (CH), xx MK SBK.
    : into MK stomp will trade (and Necalli can go for a trade combo). HK stomp can be interrupted (same as above).
    — into MK Stomp can be Vreversal/EX SBK/Super. But that is all you can do.
  • = -10: legs (medium/ex)//MK Legs xx super// xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • Overhead = xx EX/HK Legs (point-blank only)
  • Target combo: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Charge Chargeeee = -6:, xx MK SBK
  • Divekick = +2? Depends on angle?
  • Vskill (groundpound) = -1 (safe). Fullscreen groundpound can’t be reacted to with your vskill. But if you pre-emptive read it then you can get, xx MK SBK
  • Super (BLOCK, DON’T JUMP OR BACKDASH): cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    — Can EX SBK to avoid chip (Super doesn’t work)
  • Vtrigger activation = -4: Can’t punish (only up close)

R. Mika:
: Don’t play footsies. Just zone (with fireball) or rushdown. Let her come to you. Play super safe. Be very passive in this matchup, don’t throw out random buttons. Just punish all her ways to get in ( the dropkick and if you are too late you HAVE to vreversal, air to air xx HK/EX Legs when she jumps, etc). You win by keeping her out. Save vbar for when you need it, don’t randomly activate. You NEED vreversal in this matchup.
: When she has vtrigger bar, you want to avoid using slow normals. Ideally you want them to have a recovery below 13 frames. It’s very important to not get hit by her vreversal because it will start her offense. 1 vreversal hit can mean the end for you.
— Normals you want to avoid:,, st.hp, (yes, even spaced), b+hp (yes, also in the corner when you try to meaty with it)
— Normals you can still use: Any light,, fwd+mp, kikokens
: SBK combo, dash dash, cr.lp to meaty. doesn’t work against EX Peach reversal
: forward throw, dash forward, cr.lp doesn’t work against EX peach reversal. You can walk forward and meaty though (can confirm into EX Legs on counter hit, but not on max range)
---- forward throw does work however, have to be fast.
: Jump hk/stomps can beat her antiair clean
: Can throw her EX reversal (not throw invincible, unless they jumpcancel it)
: Command grab: Safest option if you read command grab is to neutral jump. You don’t want to backdash here, because Mika uses fwd.hp as a meaty and it will crush counter if you backdash. Meaning you will eat A LOT of damage. Neutral jump is the least risky option.
= Go through fireball? (if timed well), sweep/slide, mp/hp/EX Shooting Peach, Super
— They all require her to be relatively close (sweep range) and it’s hard to react to fireballs. So they have to be reads mostly.
— You can do, cr.lp, xx heavy hadoken for free. She can only Super it (or vreversal). Vtrigger trades in her favor.
= Punish sweep? EX Shooting Peach

  • normal combo’s (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • (charged too):
    — before she connects: b+hp xx HK Legs/super//
    — On block: cr.lp, st.lp xx LK SBK/HK Legs (charged is +, can’t punish)
    — On block (far): xx LK SBK/MK Legs
    — Can low profile it with and punish with cr.hp (xx vtrigger, cr.hp/vskill), LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK (or just:, xx MK SBK)
  • target combo (lk, mp): Usually too far (cause they use it after charged). But can still punish: xx LK SBK/MK Legs (xx super)//EX Legs//Super
  • command grab normal (first hit safe, 2nd hit unsafe): cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • buttslam (light goes over crouching opponents): cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Super (GRAB!):, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Vtrigger activation = Can punish with super. Other things punish too (like EX Legs), but her friend comes in and hits you. And it’s not a favorable trade. Can be used to kill though.
    – Normal into vtrigger can be vreversaled to get out
    – Can slide under her vtrigger and low profile it (will get hit if she does the one from above).
    – You have to look at how many hands she is holding up. 1 hand means Nadeshiko will come in instantly, if she throws up 2 hands after the 1 hand that means Nadeshiko is stuck in traffic and she is delayed.
    — 1 hand punish: Super or EX legs (but will trade)
    ----> Instant vskill avoids all!
    — 2 hand punish:
    ----> 5 backdashes and block//4 backdashes, whiff cr.lp, vskill avoids all
    ----> Super or EX legs (double dash forward to avoid Nadeshiko)
    ----> (xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx EX SBK (dash forward to avoid Nadeshiko))
  • Vreversal on hit, dash forward is +2. You’re in a mixup.

: cr.hp xx EX Tornado has 4 frame gap, you can EX SBK or Super in between (and you can even OS it, because the cr.hp is 2 hits, and he needs to cancel the first. So the timing for the EX SBK/Super is in between the 2 hits)
= Go through fireball? Roll
= Punish sweep? Light spinning mixer (40 damage + knockdown)

  • Don’t jump when he has Super
  • Can low profile Rashid’s divekick with slide (the one Rashid’s usually spam when they have a vtrigger tornado on the screen)
    — After low profile, punish with: dash up cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
    — Punish his divekick on block with: dash up cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
  • = -12: (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • overhead (fwd.hp): xx MK/EX legs
  • roll kick (his vskill on the ground): xx EX Legs/MK Legs (xx super)
  • run, spin: if low hits = safe, many hits: cr.hp xx HK SBK
  • run, kick (lots of knockback): dash forward,, xx MK SBK
  • Normal DP: don’t get crush counter: dash up and cr.hp combo
  • ex dp (spinning mixer): WAIT BEFORE HE LANDS PROPERLY: (CC), dash forward, xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • tornado’s: Can super through. to med/heavy tornado can be interrupted with Sweep (CC) ( to light tornado is free. Can only super inbetween)
  • vskill divekick: dash up, normal combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Super (He can move after activation): block, then dash forward, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Vtrigger activation = very punishable. if in range will grant you a Crush Counter. Raw Super also works (but crush counter to super is more damage). Can’t punish after you block the tornado from him.
  • Vreversal: Walk with and or MK SBK

: When he does heavy tatsu on your wakeup, you can punish with: vskill, 3x stomps, EX Legs//Dash up sweep/st.hp (xx vtrigger)//Double dash, cr.lp,, xx mk SBK (Have to be REALLY fast!)
= Go through fireball? Tatsu (has to be a read, can’t react)
= Punish sweep? On max range only Super. Else: EX Fireball, MP Shoryuken, etc.
: can stuff your lk AA, so try to use b+HK as much as possible
: Be ready for his sweep if he has vtrigger
: If ryu does b+hk (close double hits kick), you can and it will beat any button he does afterwards except Parry or DP.
: Always jab after you block Because you can jab in between when he does, as a frame trap (as it is only +1 on block), however if he does, it will trade. (Be wary if he does meaty, as then it will be +2 and your cr.lp will lose.
: When you get hit by a DP, always backroll. He gets a true 50/50 (throw/meaty) if you normal quickrise.

  • = -11: (medium/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • overhead (f+mp) = -4?: cr.lp, st.lp, MK Legs
  • f+hp = -2: can always cr.lp (CH), xx MK SBK
  • target combo (end with hk) = -7?: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • xx hadoken (not EX): sweep (if in range)//EX Legs (if in range)//Super almost always on block//Can always super inbetween (except xx hado, that one’s a true blockstring most of the time)
  • FB (in general) can be punished on block with LK/EX Legs (if in range)
  • All tatsu on block: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    – EX tatsu: HK Legs (, but less damage). Sweep doesn’t work.
    — st.hp xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK
    — HK Legs xx super
    — st.hp xx vtrigger, xx super (20 damage more)
  • Parry: (CC), dash forward, xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • DP: CC combo (, dash forward, xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Super: xx MK SBK. Outside of range st.hp (xx super) st.hp (xx vtrigger, xx MK SBK)//HK Legs//MK SBK. Even further away (far outside sweep range) you can jump in combo (j.hp, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Vtrigger activation = -4: Can’t punish (only up close)

: Urien only has a reversal with EX, but it’s really slow, so you can do a meaty jab and block it in time. So it’s best to always go for meaty jabs instead of mediums or meaty b+hp (even in the corner)
: Can low profile his EX reversal, dunno if it’s good. Meaty jab accomplishes the same
: When he uses the EX Shoulder on block, you can cr.lp for free and block in time if he does EX Headbutt. Only cr.lp works, not
: When he has vtrigger, he can wakeup vtrigger and it will trade with any meaty (and he can confirm into a big combo). Meaty b+hp will crush counter him though, and score a knockdown. Meaty throw beats it clean.
= Go through fireball? After his vskill he gets armor on his moves, so he can push through fireballs easily.
= Punish sweep? Sweep (not on MAX range), EX Shoulder

  • EX Divekick is very +
  • cr.hp = -8: cr.hp xx HK SBK or xx MK SBK
  • fwd+hp (his overhead) = -4: xx HK/EX Legs
  • b+hk = -4 (long heavy kick), point-blank you can punish with: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK. Else cr.lp/ xx LK SBK/EX Legs
  • LP, MP target combo = -4 (low blockstun, have to be fast): xx LK SBK/EX Legs
  • fwd+mp, fwd+hp target combo = -5: xx LK SBK/EX Legs.
  • All headbutts are -2 (and you can jab for free and block EX Headbutt in time), but they can be + if done meaty, so be careful.
    — EX Headbutt can be punished with a regular DP punish combo:, dash, xx LK legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
    — If you want to spend vtrigger meter, then you can’t pre-emptively activate VT for more damage. You have to use an alternate combo:
    —> (CC) xx Vtrigger, fwd+hk, cr.lp xx LK Legs, cr.lp, xx MK SBK [342/532]
  • Tackles = -5/-9/-6. EX = 0. Like I said before, when he uses the EX Shoulder on block, you can cr.lp for free and block in time if he does EX Headbutt. Only cr.lp works, not
    — Best punish that works for all: “cr.lp,, xx MK SBK” or “, xx MK SBK”
    — Tackle can be 0/+1 on block. So you can always jab for free and at worst it will trade (cause Urien doesn’t have a 3 frame normal).
  • His fireballs are all - up close (Except EX fireball, that one is +). You can punish if he does it too close with EX Legs or Super ( into any special doesn’t work at max range, and you will be punishable. So don’t try it. Not even EX Legs. Can only cancel into Kikoken.)
    — You have to look at his feet. If his feet are in range after you block it, then you are close enough to punish with EX Legs/Super. Any further than that and you can’t punish the fireball.
  • Super: Dash forward, any combo (Cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK). Alternatively, you can also neutral jump HK into st.hp xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp, xx MK SBK (or any Legs xx Super)
    — Can’t avoid chip when he does it point-blank (EX SBK/Super both lose).
    — Instant vreversal also loses and you get hit. You have to wait and block 3 hits, then you can vreversal (and you can also punish!)
    ----> Best punish when you block point-blank and vreversal: Neutral jump, b+hp xx MK SBK (or for an easier punish: cr.hp xx HK SBK). You can also dash up and cr.hp combo, but it’s even less damage.
  • Vreversal: He gets a 50/50 on hit, but he’s - on block and in your face. On block you can always press jab, if he does instant EX reversal you can cr.jab and it will recover in time (Watch out for when he has Super!)
  • Vtrigger activation = -12?: Can punish with anything (st.hp/EX Legs/EX SBK/Super/etc), but it depends on the range. Sometimes you trade with the aegis reflector (except for Super of course).

Vega (Claw):
Gameplan: There is a range where all his normals will whiff (,, etc), and the only normal that reaches you is fwd.hp, but at that range it’s unsafe (you can punish with EX Legs/ The best thing about this range is that it’s a range where your will still hit him. So, this is the range you primarily want to stand in and play footsies in. It’s right outside your sweep range.
Also, his anti-airs are bad, so don’t be afraid to jump once in a while. Reward is huge from 1 jump-in and the risk is not that much (unless he has full vtrigger+super).
Be ready to punish his vreversals (also in the corner), don’t let him escape your pressure for free.
And don’t let him do EX walldives, be ready to backjump LK them (the most consistent punish).
= Go through fireball? Lots of ways: jump vtrigger, super, EX roll (very hard to do on reaction), vskill avoids fireball (not viable to punish them with though)
= Punish sweep? Slide at any range, Super, etc
: (EX)Walldive?
— backjump lightkick works best(!)
— backjump airgrab
— forward/neutral jump hp (CH), 3x stomps xx EX airlegs
— forward/neutral jump mp xx heavy air legs
— back jump hp/mp into EX Legs/Super
— DON’T TRY B+HK or ST.LK, they rarely work.
: He can punish xx Kikoken with super in between
: Can’t press jab after you block point-blank
: He can punish EX legs on block with vreversal
: Can jab if he does claw switch in your face (cr.lp, cr.lp/st.lp xx LK SBK//cr.lp xx EX Legs)

  • (slide) = -13: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK (any range)
  • cr.hp (only with claw): super (must be reversal). No claw = safe.
  • fwd.hp: super// (xx vtrigger xx LK SBK, if close enough (not at max range)
  • overhead kick: xx EX/MK Legs
  • Target combo punch>kick (claw off only) goes over crouching opponents (MUST REACT FAST!): normal combo’s (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Target combo punch>punch (claw on only) cr.hp xx HK SBK
  • Jump off the wall (get counter-hit): jumpback mp xx HK Legs (or let him fall, then super) is most consistent, b+hk (sometimes whiffs if he goes behind). Can low profile with (but hard to time), then punish with sweep.
  • Crimson terror (roll): cr.lp/ xx MK SBK ( is frame perfect on light roll)// xx HP Kikoken xx Super
  • Aurora spin (slash attack that can go low/med/high): super
  • vskill (slash attack) = max range only super, closer also:
  • Super (standblock, block crossup if he goes to other wall): sweep or st.hp xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK or xx super
    — If you crouchblock it’s a true blockstring, if you standblock you can avoid 2nd part of the chip:
    ---- hold back to block and it will whiff, then walk forward and normal cr.hp combo (or cr.hp xx super is most consistent super punish), or just EX SBK
  • Vtrigger activation = Goes through you and ends up nowhere near you. Can’t punish at all. Can only Super or low profile with on reaction to the activation. But once you’re in blockstun, you can’t punish.
    — Point-blank can interrupt with anything and get counter-hit (HAVE TO BE EARLY!): cr.hp combo/, xx vtrigger, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp, xx MK SBK/EX SBK/etc
  • Vreversal? React to which version he uses. Close (Kicks version) or far (punches version).
    — Close (He shouts: “YEAUWW!”)? Forward dash, wait slightly,, xx MK SBK
    — Far (He shouts: HATCHI!")? Forward dash, walk forward slightly, xx HK/EX Legs … OR: forward dash,, st.lp xx LK SBK (can also cancel slide to vtrigger (40 more damage), cr.lp, xx MK SBK)

= Go through fireball? Vtrigger (on reaction), EX run (pre-emptive), lariat to avoid it
= Punish sweep? or, that’s it lol (30 damage)
: Command grab (all, even EX): Safest option if you read command grab is to backdash. You can get a full jump-in combo if you jump IMMEDIATELY after the backdash (so there’s no point in risking a neutral jump).

  • Watch out with the cr.lp/, cr.lp, xx HP kikoken string, he can vtrigger through it.
  • (lots of blockstun!) = -10: (LIGHT/ex)//LK Legs xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx MK SBK
  • st.hp (the one he can charge): safe
  • knee hammer (not overhead, low blockstun) = -3: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK.
  • Lariat: Can dash up and normal combo, timing is crucial (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK). Else just sweep it. Can do any vtrigger combo (st.hp xx vtrigger), or super combo too (st.hp xx super, or just raw super).
    — On block, dash forward (can be instant), normal combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
  • Super (INSTANT GRAB!): after backdash or Neutraljump -> (yes, even after backdash), cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Vtrigger (red spin): forward jump+hk (early!) after activation (neutraljump heavy kick if close), normal combo (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK).
    — If they suck you in and release you can punish with cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
    — BE WARY THAT THIS DOES NOT APPLY WHEN THEY DO IT MEATY (like on your wakeup). If they do it meaty, then they are + and you have to guess.
    — If they suck you in and hold it, and then push you out they are safe (true blockstring btw)


  • Check to see who gets legit pressure from which knockdown, mainly throws. Some characters are in your face and +, I consider this legit pressure. Some characters (like Chun-Li and Laura), can throw you and dash forward, but they will be 0. This is not legit pressure. I want to find out who has this, and who doesn’t. If they are +, then this also means they have what is called a throwloop. A lot of characters get this in the corner, but not midscreen. Will test all of this soon.
  • Add a “gameplan” for every matchup. I know pretty much every matchup by now and have good gameplans for them, but I haven’t written them down yet. I’ll do that when I get around to it.


  • Added some random stuff (09/29/2016)
  • Fixed some errors
  • Added gameplans for a few more characters.
  • Added Urien

You got dat secret info on Alex too? LOL. I’ll look at this later.


thank you for the list of acronyms!, been awhile lol


That’s a lotta info. Thank u.


Holy shit thanks a lot for this.


Will study this some time later, still learning her BnB ;__; Very appreciated of any Chun info, thanks!


If you don’t have super, but have a stock of EX, then most moves that you can punish with raw reversal super you can also punish with a raw reversal EX legs as long as you’re in range


if you have super and can take the chip damage, i’ve found that [block], b.hp ~ hp kikouken ~ super is a consistent punish also.


For sure. b.hp ~ hp kikouken ~ super is also insane damage. I mostly list the non-meter punishes, cause you don’t always have super ready. And usually when I note down “normal combo works”, that implies that you have enough time to do any max damage combo/punish you can think of. So that would include b.hp ~ hp kikouken ~ super, but also any vtrigger combo, etc. But it’s good to note that that combo works too, I don’t think everyone knows that yet. I’ll add it.


This is amazing. Thank you for your effort dude.


Thats seriously the only way to punish Alex…? What the hell. Seems legit now. Every time I play this idiot its like he gets in free of charge with all that pushback he has. Its annoying


Also, his footsies seem to be really damn good


Haven’t gotten around to Alex yet. But I’ve updated the post on what I already had written down. It’s not much, but it’s something. Still have to do his specials and MU specific stuff. Sadly, I don’t know any good Alex to play the MU with.


Thanks for the hard work as well. I’m sure you put a lot of good hours in for this thread alone. Awesome. The Alex match up is like my worst. I can’t seem to punish his stupid chops or that charge move. Should I throw random punches to bait it? Then his standing MK I think…hits me. And when I usually try to punish something I get ex command thrown.
In my opinion he has great footsies and tools. Almost similar to what Chun has. Just seems really safe


This thread is great.

Anyone still playing him has me questioning how well I knew this matchup. Doesn’t seem to be easy as initially thought.


No. Especially a really good Alex. I tested the the little chop into command grab on block and you can punch him out of it. Didn’t test the ex version as I didn’t have time really. Rushed the practice a bit. He does have tricky frametraps too. For some reason his air dive beats out standing H.K but not not the LK AA.
I’ll practice this a bit more whenever I get home from this dreaded class.


Alex’s Light Medium and Hard chops are up-close punishable on recovery with:
Cr. Lp, St. Lp xx into FB, Legs, CA, EXs etc.,
If you know they hit buttons after the chop like Ryu’s B+Hk you can easily score a counter hit with:
St. Lp, B/F Mp which can get you into Vtrigger for a nice punish.

EX Chop is safe or at least not punishable on recovery frames

Alex’s St. Hk is punishable same as chops
Cr. Hp is highly punishable on block with Cr. Lp, St. Mp, Cr. Mk xx SBK/Legs/CA and Cr.Hp Bnb
You can use B/F MP or St. Mp for VT activation and a free combos

Cr. Hk like all Hks are high punishable with Cr. Mk xx SBK/Cr.Hp Bnb or VT St. Hp or B/F Mp

I personally love Alex players who raw close line because it is easily punished by raw HK SBK, EX SBK, HK Legs, Kikouken and Critical Art

I found a few other things that can essentially be jab checked for counter hits but it can trade at times too so I didn’t include those in my personal notes. Usually just best to block.
As for his dive kick and command grab dive kick moves I have an extremely hard time reacting to any of it.
So try to just stay moving.


I also forgot about those jumping commands. Idk if he auto lands on you or its a button specific input to where he lands. The Alex players I ran into would barely throw that out in game though so I forgot all about those moves. I usually don’t move around much with Chun as I like her fireball for some odd reason. I need to find some Chun vs Alex matches.
Side not. I’m really not seeing many Chun players at all. People think she sucks… good good.


This is all correct but the problem lies in when the Alex knows the Chun matchup and will use medium punches and kicks and spaced elbows making it the Chun’s job to make these whiff or stuff it. Alex’s normals are really big.

I do enjoy that his wakeup is poor and can be taken advantage of easily.


In certain match ups you want to rely more on zoning with normals for harassment rather than relying on Kikoukens
As a poorly spaced Kikouken can lead to some serious life drain and there are several characters such as Karin it’ll be hard to retake the offensive position.

If you watch Alioune, Sako, Nuki you’ll notice they don’t use Kikouken in the neutral game that much.
Using Kikoukens in block strings or fishing for pressed buttons is what I personally shoot for.

I rarely run into Chun players online as well. Maybe every other day I may fight one and they usually go HAM and play her all wrong.
I’m actually seeing an influx of Ryu and Ken players, seems the shoto army is late to the battle this time.
for example I use to see a lot of Mika players not so much these days. Same goes for Necalli and my Alt Laura.
Definitely a strong representation of Karin, Cammy, Bison and Nash.