Matchups, unsafe moves, and how to punish (very technical) - UPDATED FOR SEASON 2 (sorta)

I barely see any Necallis. I fought ONE…not kidding. Never fought a birdie. Ever. He must just suck in this game.
The Necalli I fought was really good. Idk his frame data so if I run into him again can you punish his stomps?
Kind of a stupid question I know. But I’m not in a position to practice what is and isn’t safe. Like his normals or how his frame data changes in his vtrigger.

I rarely run into Chun’s online too. There’s 2 other Chun’s at the local here on Long Island that I can get experience with.

Last time I played I fight a lot of Ryu, Ken, Nash, Mika. Some days plenty of Cammy, Gief, Karin and story alt Lauras (pervs all of them).

Cosign on raw kikokens being a death wish. Just use them in blockstrings or in that hard to react range.

A bit off topic on your topic but is Chuns only Frametrap st.Mp into b.Hp?

You can easily Trap/Fish for counter hits with these:

St. Mp, St. Lp/LK
St. Mp (small step) St. Mp
St. Lp, B/F MP
Cr. LP, B+HP
Cr. LP, Cr. Mk xx Kikouken
Cr. Lp, Cr. Lp, St. Lp xx Kikouken
St. Lp xx Kikouken

A few neat tricks:
Cr. Lp, St. Lp, Cr. MK if your opponent decides to stand
Cr. Lp, St. Mp into IALegs
Cr. Lp, Cr. Lp IALegs will put you in range for Cr. Lp, St. Mp xx (Cr. Mk will whiff)
Cr. Lp, St. Lp xx Ex Kikouken will combo and be linked into
After LLegs on hit B/F Mp, St. Hp will catch a lot of people hitting buttons. It is not necessarily a frame perfect trap so you’ll eat reversals or CAs

Chun has never been frame trap heavy, so you’ll want to mix up which ones you go for to keep the opponent guessing.
Take Rashid, Cammy and Karin for example they are brain dead button pressers.
I wish Chun’s V-Reversal wasn’t crap-tastic as it’d be good for these situations.
They could have made it like a miniature Kikosho and knock the opponent back like Laura’s V-Reversal, I LOVE hers.

The more I’m playing Chun, the less I am definitely throwing fireballs. The risk/reward just isn’t there vs all of these characters with strong jumps and anti projectile options. Just use it to keep something on the screen to buy your time to footsie later. Otherwise just stick to buttons when you can.

Haven’t fought many Alexes yet. Only been playing Chun Li offline and we don’t really have a strong local Alex player. Online I’m using my PC account where I’m learning R.Mika and Cammy.

Waifu Fighter V

Mika doesn’t seem your type, figured you test out Rashid until Ibuki returns.

Damn, thanks for the first post. Have to really take note on a lot of those punishes. Especially Ken.

wrong thread

Updated some stuff, thanks for all the input guys :slight_smile:

Regarding Kikokens in neutral, they are decent-ish. I use them sometimes. I use them especially when they’re at a range where they can’t just jump over them and punish you (full screen Light kikoken for example is a great way to control space and to get in for free sometimes). I use them in blockstrings A LOT, be sure to use heavy kikoken during blockstrings, else characters like Ken/Cammy can divekick on reaction. With heavy kikoken there isn’t enough room for them to jump out of it (most of the time). Be careful of Nash though, he can vtrigger on reaction to punish at any range, so you should be careful using it against them. I almost never throw kikokens in sweep range though, especially not when I have the lifelead. That’s just way too risky, and Chun has good normals that serve the same purpose.

Chun’s fireballs are used for pressure, while Ryu/Guile’s fireballs are used for zoning. There’s a big difference.

EX Kikoken is a different story though. It’s very strong (imo it’s borderline broken). I always throw it out full screen and dash/walk behind it. They HAVE to block it, if they (neutral)jump you can anti air them. And after they block it you get the same situation as getting a knockdown (i.e. free pressure/mixups). In some matchups I prefer keeping meter for Super though.

Added basic Ibuki/Balrog info. I have a general gameplan against these characters but because they are very new and are still being developed there is not really much point in writing down a gameplan as it could change as new tech is being developed.

Nice, I feel more confident coping with Balrog now
Big Thank

Added random stuff, and also added Urien a bit (will be adding more soon when frame data is released!)

Anyone have any unsafe moves of Urien that Chun-Li can punish?

Not really. Other than sweep or c.hp everything else seems safe if spaced right. Regular knee drops can be jab punished if spaced poorly, but most Uriens aren’t going to do that

Regular fireballs are really negative at point blank range, but good Uriens aren’t going to use them there.

I will implement these in the notes above when I have time and feel like it, for now you can have the raw season 2 notes below with the most important changes you need to know before going into a matchup!

Season 2 changes:

  • Overall change on punishes: Instead of the standard “ xx LK SBK/EX Legs” punish, use “ xx EX legs” now (or “st.lp xx LK SBK” depending on range)


  • Fireball xx vt Raw (on whiff, not on block): Punish with Super
  • Divekick: anti-air whiffs? Block the divekick -, st.lp xx LK/EX Legs
  • fwd.hp (hop that goes over throws), can interrupt and do full counterhit combo
    – cr.lp (CH), xx MK SBK [178/334]
    – cr.lp (CH), cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK [219/407]
    – cr.lp (CH), cr.hp xx HP Kikoken xx Vtrigger, dash fwd, b.hp, xx HK SBK [290/474]
    – cr.lp (CH), cr.hp xx HP Kikoken xx Super [386/254]
    – cr.lp (CH), cr.hp xx HP Kikoken xx Vtrigger, dash fwd, b.hp xx MK Legs, xx MK Legs xx Super [447/450]
  • st.hp = -5: EX Legs/Super/cr.lp or st.lp xx LK SBK/ xx EX Legs/etc
  • (sweep) = -15: xx LK SBK or HK Legs//Legs (medium/heavy/ex)//st.hp xx super//st.hp xx v.trigger, xx HK SBK
  • overhead = -4: xx MK/EX Legs//st.lp xx LK SBK
  • b.hp (launcher) = -10: xx MK SBK//cr.hp xx LK Legs, CR.lp xx LK SBK//, doesn’t work!!
  • st.hp, st.hp (Target Combo) = -12: xx MK SBK//cr.hp xx LK Legs, ST.lp xx LK SBK//, doesn’t work!!
  • V-Skill (Parry), Punch = -10: xx MK SBK//cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK//, doesn’t work!!
  • V-Skill (Parry), Kick (Launcher) = -13: WHIFFS ON CROUCHING. xx MK SBK//cr.hp xx LK Legs, ST.lp xx LK SBK//, doesn’t work!!
  • (Red) Fireballs can be punished on block with EX Legs (if close)/Super (if close)// xx MK SBK (point-blank). Can’t punish if he cancels into fireball at max range// doesn’t work!
  • Fireballs are safe (+1 point-blank!) when he’s in V-Trigger.
  • EX Tatsu = -19: Dash forward, cr.lp,, xx MK SBK//st.hp//EX Legs//Super
  • Demonflip slide = -2 (EX = +2!)
    – Forward dash gets out of the slide/throw mixup (backdash gets caught by the slide). You can instant, xx MK SBK if you are fast enough you can hit the slide before it comes out (and you will hit the recovery of the grab too).
    – Any normal anti-air works too. Air to airs as well, etc.
  • Teleport:
    – You can throw the startup
    – Dash on reaction and punish with, xx MK SBK (have to walk slightly forward after the dash if he does teleport backwards)
    – Dash ( xx) EX Legs also works
    – After you whiff cr.lp you can still jump forward on reaction and get a full jump-in combo (j.hp/, cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK//,, xx MK SBK).
    — Doesn’t work if he teleports through you
    – OS V-Skill (cr.lp, cr.lp+mp+mk) only works on back teleport, hence it’s not good imo.
  • Super = -30: Dash forward, cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
    – Avoid chip: EX SBK (Reversal Super loses!) - Can’t do EX SBK if he does it too far. You can do the Super last second though and it will win. But it’s really hard
    – in VT: xx Hadoken xx Super – can’t V-Reversal
  • V-Reversal: Can low profile his V-Reversal with You can do a standard blockstring:, and if he V-Reversals your, the will low profile him, and you can punish (cr.lp,, xx MK SBK)


  • Decreased pushback distance on his Elbows (easier to punish!)
  • Head Crush (where he does a flip in the air and grabs you): recovery is now 30 frames. Neutral jump punish still works, except when you jump at the last second. :frowning:

Balrog (Boxer):

  • = +2 on block., is a common string. If you see him using this, you can hit inbetween, because it has a 4 frame gap.
    – to st.lp will beat your 3f, but he’s already too far to confirm into anything meaningful.
    – He can do, also but same as st.jab, he gets no conversion after counterhit
    – He can also do, target combo (but you can’t visually confirm that), and it is unsafe on block.
  • = +2 on block
  • now hits low


  • = +1 on block, you can use (3f) and force a trade. Just be careful that most Birdies cancel this move into the dolphin dive
    – If you whiff, you can still neutral jump in time to avoid the dive. BUT, you will be unable to punish him with a jump-in on recovery.
  • Bull Charge (fwd.hp) = -8 (was -7): Same punishes apply ( xx MK SBK// xx EX Legs//Super//Sweep)
  • Bull Slider (df.hp, His YEEE-HOWW slide) = -8 (was -5): xx LK SBK//EX Legs/Super//Sweep
  • Overhead kick (Bull Drop) = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • EX Bull Horn has armor on frame 3 now (was armor on frame 1), means it loses to meaties now.
  • EX Bull Horn xx VT = -5
  • EX Bull Head (Charge move that goes full screen and hits twice) = -2 (was -10), even in V-Trigger. i.e. in V-Trigger he has a SAFE REVERSAL, but you can throw it (of course, then you get the wake-up EX Bull Head or EX Command throw mixup, cause EX command throw is throw invincible)

: When you’re in the corner. Never tech. Just take the first throw and then guess with reversal jab or block.
: She doesn’t have a throwloop, so jab is the same as teching. Except that it’s 1 frame faster and now YOU get offense. The reward is much bigger for LESS risk (because getting shimmied on a jab is fine, getting shimmied on a throw means you will eat big damage)

  • = +1 on block
  • Spin Knuckle (V-Skill) is grounded during the animation now
    – Same punishes as with Akuma’s fwd.hp, but also:
    — b.hp (CC) xx HK/EX Legs [201/288][234/360] + VT Bar
    — b.hp (CC) xx VTrigger,,, walk, cr.hp xx HK Legs [303/450]
    — b.hp (CC) xx VTrigger,,, xx Super/EX Legs (inconsistent, unless you skip the last [448/420][341/520]
    *-- (CH), cr.hp xx HK SBK [241/370]
    — (CH), cr.hp xx HK Legs xx VTrigger,, cr.hp xx HK SBK [287/432]
    hard (CC), and standard CC combo [282/513] + VT bar
  • HK DP is throw invulnerable now, so when she doesn’t have EX meter. Meaties are free. Throws are not.
  • All divekicks got nerfed. EX Divekick is less likely to be + now (Can still be + if blocked at the toe!)
  • V-Reversal is now a free escape from the corner, because it is only -2 on block. Check the video for answers to it now:
    – tl;dr: Good counter options are:
    — cr.lp/st.lp/
    — EX SBK
    — V-Trigger into EX SBK if you don’t have charge
    — cr.jab — backjump mk (only works if she V-Reversals your cr.jab — Not very likely)
    — V-Reversal back (guaranteed knockdown), and then to put her back in the corner
    — When you do like a Normal cancel into VT on block (And she V-reversals out), you punish with:
    — 1., cr.hp xx HK Legs [218/286]
    — 2., xx EX Legs [281/395]

Chun Mirror:

  • Slide or Legs xx Vtrigger = 0: Press afterwards (watch out for EX SBK)
  • EX Legs xx Vtrigger = +4: You must respect the + frames.
  • Airlegs = -2: Press cr.lp afterwards (watch out for EX SBK)


  • All his normals are now + on HIT. So if you get HIT full-screen, you must respect the + frames and don’t press anything trying to counter his ‘next’ poke.
  • V-Reversal on his carpet doesn’t work anymore after he has already activated V-Trigger. HOWEVER, if you V-Trigger his slide and he cancels into V-Trigger, then you WILL remove the entire carpet. So, when you are ready for the slide into VT, just believe that they will cancel (because the slide is unsafe), and V-Reversal the slide.


  • Rip Fang


  • into is a standard Guile combo, but it has a 4 frame gap now (so you can get a inbetween)
  • cr.hp = -4 on block (was -3). Punish with cr.lp, st.lp xx LK SBK (or just cr.lp xx LK SBK). Have to be early! Low blockstun.
  • Point-blank Knee Bazooka = -3: Punish with, cr.lp xx LK SBK
  • Spaced Knee Bazooka = +1: Always challenge with (it should always trade, he doesn’t have charge to EX flashkick)
  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • Upside down kick = -2 on block: Can challenge with cr.lp
  • If he has downcharge, be careful with throwing kikokens. He can flashkick through them now on reaction even in the mid-range.
  • His heavy flashkick has throw invincibility. So without meter, he still has a reversal for throws.


  • = +2 on block
  • She can attack out of the flying kite now
  • Raida has less pushback on block, easier to punish now (still sucks) - “, xx MK SBK” or “cr.lp, cr.lp xx LK SBK”
  • EX Raida now works better against projectiles, be careful with throwing them when she has meter.


  • She can’t combo her overhead, always hold downback while blocking
  • She has better oki from her throws now, but dash up afterwards is still punishable. No throw loop in the corner either.
  • = -2 on block (was -3), no longer punishable.
  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • Kyoretsushu
  •, is a common frame trap. Doesn’t work against 3 framers. You can use your inbetween
  • Kyoretsushu (mp, hp target combo) = -12 on block (was -6). Can do any punish (cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK)
    – Whiffs on crouching anyway, punish with: xx MK/EX Legs on whiff
  • Her V-Skill has beter projectile invulnerability now (even if it’s partially charged!). So be careful.
    – V-Skill punish on block: cr.hp xx HK SBK.
  • EX flipkick is now projectile invincible from frame 1 (so it can blow up to kikoken strings)
  • MP Tensenrin (the uppercut thing) is throw invincible now on frame 1
  • Fuharenkyaku (QCF+K) charges and fireballs are safe on block (-2).
    — LK Fuharenkyaku release = -2 (fireball)
    — MK Fuharenkyaku release = -4 (1 flip): cr.lp xx LK SBK
    — HK Fuharenkyaku release = -6 (multiple flips forward): cr.lp,, xx MK SBK (can also cr.lp xx LK SBK if you aren’t feeling confident)
    — Everything is the same in V-Trigger!
  • Her Super is better to catch (crossup) jumps now


  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • Light upkicks (Mujinkyaku) = -7:, xx MK SBK
  • Medium upkicks (that went into overhead) = grounded now. Punish with:, xx MK SBK
  • Heavy upkicks (multiple kicks that propels forward) = still the same, but do the above punish because it’s still a true blockstring, and if you see that it’s the heavy version;
    – then punish with: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK // xx MK SBK
  • Rekka in V-Trigger into overhead is now -2! Can’t punish


  • = +1
  • = +2
  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • Step into overhead kick = -2: Can’t punish
  • You can now V-Reversal the xx Hadoken xx Super setup
  • Shoryu xx Vtrigger = -7 on block: Still the same punish -> cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
  • Tatsu xx Vtrigger = +2 (was +9)
  • Heavy tatsu = -4: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
  • Air tatsu’s got nerfed so you can anti-air properly now with normals
  • EX Air Tatsu (Also in V-trigger): is at best 0, so ALWAYS contest after with cr.jab or


  • = -2 on block
  • General rule vs ALL Laura mixups:
    – [Jump + throw OS forces her to command grab more often or leave gaps in her frame traps to catch prejump frames]
    – If you feel you’ve conditioned her to start attempting command throws, you should risk raw neutral jumps & get a big combo. Make her scared!
    – If you feel you’ve conditioned her to open up the gaps in her blockstrings to catch your jump + throw OS, go for reversal light attacks.
    – Always OS block – low, then high during high/low moments.
  • Laura setups:
    – Back Throw, forward dash = -1
    – Forward Throw/DP, forward dash = 0
    – (EX/MP) Bolt Charge (Rodeo Break (kick) and Split River (punch)), forward dash = +1
    – Command grab, forward dash = -4
    – EX Command grab (or VT Command Grab), forward dash = -2
    — Season 2 Laura now uses a meaty LP Shoulder, which is +1 on block.
    – Sweep (No CC), forward dash: + a lot, +5 or something

M. Bison (Dictator):

  • = 3 frames startup now (after df.hp and EX Scissors, you must respect him now. Don’t press anything)
    – Can still contest with if he does df.hp from far where doesn’t reach. If whiffs, then he’s forced to frame trap with and hopes you will respect it. It’s a mixup.
  • = +1
  • Target combo, double punch = -8 (was -5): cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp/, xx MK SBK// xx MK SBK// xx HK/EX Legs
  • VReversal = more invincible. Can’t punish it with Super anymore (Well, you can, but you don’t get the full hits, so you don’t get the full damage).
  • Psycho Blast: Reduced pushback on block: Ssame punish applies
  • EX Headstomp
    – Invulnerable on frame 3.
    — fwd throw into fwd dash doesn’t stop it, only throw works
    — fwd throw into walk doesn’t work. But fwd throw into walk st.hp works.
  • EX Headstomp (in vtrigger) is fully invincible now, but -2 on block.
    – If you bait it on wakeup, you can neutrla jump MP xx HK/EX Airlegs (or just nj.HK)
  • EX Scissor is now throwable in the first 3 frames (and strike vulnerable! It was unthrowable in V-trigger)
    – Practically this means that after SBK or EX Legs, dash, dash, throw, you should beat his EX Scissor. But this is the only situation where that is the case.
    – Doesn’t work for: Throw, fwd dash is 0, so throw hits on the 5th frame.
    – Doesn’t work for: Sweep, fwd dash is +1, so throw hits on the 4th frame.


  • = +2 on block (was 0)
  • = -3: xx EX/MK Legs
  • V-Trigger: Invicible on frame 4 (was frame 2)
    – fwd throw, dash, now stops wake-up V-Trigger too
    – fwd throw, dash, st.lp – If he does V-Trigger over the ground, the st.lp will catch him and you can convert into: cr.lp,, xx MK SBK
    — However, st.lp WILL trade with his 4f jab. Also, if he goes in the air, then you still have to anti-air him after the jab.
    – The standard corner setup after SBK: whiff, b.hp. Will catch both quickrise+backroll wake-up V-Trigger now.
    — b.hp on HIT (no counterhit!), you can convert into xx MK/EX Legs.
    — on backroll you can also get: b.hp, xx MK SBK
    — or even: b.hp, xx HP Kikoken xx VTrigger, dash, b.hp, xx HK SBK
    — or even: b.hp, xx HP Kikoken xx VTrigger, dash, b.hp xx MK Legs, xx MK Legs xx Super
    – In short, it’s important to confirm normal quickrise and backroll!
  • MK Scythe = -10 (was -8): Same punishes apply. Still can’t punish with EX Legs at max range, only Super.


  • = 0 on block
  • Overhead (also in VT) = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
    – Charged overhead in VT = +2 on block
  • Disc Guidance (except EX), his shoulder attack thing (in VT) = -4 (-2 if spaced properly)
    – Goes through fireballs too. Just… Capcom why?

R. Mika:

  • Always backroll after EX Peach, she gets a really crappy setup out of it now. Not even in range to throw/command throw
  • Clap = -8: cr.hp xx LK Legs, cr.lp xx LK SBK (Point-blank)// xx MK SBK/EX Legs
  • After Lady Mika (midscreen), just mash backdash. You will avoid any mixup.
  • After Command Grab (midscreen), backdash is a good option, BUT Chun is one of the few where she can confirm off a low in this situation. So backdash is not risk free.
  • Don’t backdash after Charged Dropkick, V-Reversal! (Be careful, she can PUNISH your V-Reversal with V-Trigger on reaction!)


  • (his little air hop kick) = -4: Lots of pushback! -> st.lp xx LK SBK// xx EX Legs
  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • His tornado’s are more + on hit/block now.
  • V-Skill (Nail Assault, roll into kick) = -6 (was -5): xx MK SBK// xx EX Legs
    – At a further range, you can only punish with EX Legs
    – Max range you can’t punish
  • V-Trigger: Projectile invincibility moves can’t punish it anymore. Doesn’t apply to Chun. Her Super still works cause it’s fully invincible.


  • Axe kick ( = -2: Can always press cr.jab afterwards (Only DP/Super/Parry will beat it, but they are all risky options for Ryu to use)
  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • EX Hadoken = +2 on block (Point-blank), which means it’s ALWAYS +, no matter where you block it. You must respect the + frames.
  • Super: Reduced pushback on block.
    – Punish with raw MK SBK. Or: xx MK SBK (if is in range).


  • is still 0! DON’T FORGET!
    : He can EX headbutt through to Kikoken strings
    : Fireballs in neutral are okay to stop random EX shoulder (just be careful if he used V-Skill then he will go through)
    :- EX fireball still works (remember, if you EX fireball OS VT and it hits, then you must confirm into, cr.hp xx HK SBK)
    : b.hp in neutral is decent-ish to stop EX shoulder in neutral
    : After EX shoulder on block, you have 2 options:
    1 - cr.lp (CH), xx MK SBK
    – Trades with his cr.lp. Will block EX headbutt
    2 - Backdash
    – Avoids everything. If he EX Headbutts, you can (CC) combo (dash, cr.lp,, xx MK SBK). HAVE TO BE FAST ON THE ST.HK!
    3 - OS (OS can be with anything, “ xx EX Legs” or " xx MK Legs (xx VT,, xx HK SBK)
    – Beats his cr.lp. Will get hit by EX headbutt
  • Option 1 or 2 are best, because (forcing a trade and) resetting the neutral is fine. But getting hit by EX headbutt means you have to guess again.
    : You can EX SBK or Super in-between the 2 EX shoulder hits, but ONLY if you block the first hit from close range.
    : After V-Reversal on block, you can and recover in time. ( OS -> “ xx EX Legs” or " xx MK Legs (xx VT,, xx HK SBK))
  • (charged) = +2 on block (was 0)
  • = +2 on block (was -2)
    — Just… Capcom why?
  • cr.hp is now a way better anti-air AND has better juggles. So expect a lot of damage if you jump.
  • j.lp is a crossup now.
  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • Fireballs have better advantage on block, 2f better (so you have to be closer to punish with EX Legs/Super on block now)

Vega (Claw):

  • (Claw) = +2
  • (Claw) = +1
  • Overhead = -6: xx HK/EX Legs
  • Izuna Drop has less active frames (from 5f to 2f), so if they try to go for throwloops off the wall, backdash is a good option. It used to grab backdash easily (and it still can!), but it’s suuuuuuper hard to time now.


  • = +2 on block, meaning he has a true mixup after you block this (SPD/Meaty)
  • = +2 on block, meaning he has a true mixup after you block this (SPD/Meaty)

It seems like nothing Cammy does is punishable. Even her dive kick is tough to punish because of the side switch. If you press your punish button too early she comes out the other side and punish YOU.

Anyhow, thank you for sharing your amazing work. Very much appreciated.

Her divekick doesn’t sideswitch though. And there are a lot of things that are punishable. Cammy has to come in at you eventually because Chun wins the neutral with her superior pokes and fireballs, so you can punish her ways to get in; Her V-skill, Spiral Arrow, jumps, poorly spaced divekicks. Usually she is - after a divekick, so always contest with, cr.lp and confirm into something from there (LK SBK, EX Legs, etc). If she does them too high, you can punish for free with that same combo. So it’s a good habit to build.

Thanks for the information @CharmingRogue