Matchups update: favorable vs unfavorable

"I just did some comparison between JP @ Wiki matchups and IPW matchups.

Matchups that Japanese favor by a factor of 1.5 to 2 points (Major difference):

T.Hawk vs Juri
T.Hawk vs Zangief
Hakan vs. Blanka
Abel vs Akuma
Abel vs. Balrog
Blanka vs Chun (!!!)
Gouken vs T.Hawk
Zangief vs. Juri
Ryu vs T.Hawk
Dhalsim vs. Juri
Dhalsim vs. Guile
Guile vs. Rufus
Ken vs. Gen
Rose vs. Guy
Rose vs. T.Hawk
Rose vs. Ryu
Cody vs. T.Hawk
M.Bison vs. Hakan
Seth vs. Guy
Seth vs. Guile
Balrog vs Guy
Balrog vs. Sagat
Vega vs. T.Hawk
Vega vs. Blanka
Vega vs. Cody
Cammy vs. Akuma
Cammy vs. Rufus
Cammy vs. Gouken
Adon vs. Dudley
Adon vs. Abel
Adon vs. Ryu
Adon vs. Dhalsim
Fei Long vs. T.Hawk
Fei Long vs. Dudley
Fei Long vs. Sagat
Chun Li vs T.Hawk
E.Honda vs. Gen

These are basically matchups that the Japanese think are favorable but Americans think are unfavorable. Flip it around for the opposite; favorable American matchups vs unfavorable Japanese matchups (for example, Abel vs. Adon is favorable in US, but Adon vs. Abel is favorable in JP).

Most overrated characters according to JP Wiki (vs. IPW) Guy, Juri, C.Viper, Makoto, T.Hawk, Dudley, Hakan, Gen
Most underrated characters according to JP Wiki (vs. IPW) E.Honda, Chun Li, Fei Long, Adon, Cammy, Sakura, Vega
(These are characters with a +/- 10 point difference)

Some of the surprising ones are Cammy vs. Rufus and Blanka vs. Chun-Li. Don’t take these figures as Japan > America, but instead use it to re-examine matchups that you may have taken for granted. We may have character specialists that are better than the Japanese that could give some input, for example, I’d ask Vangief what he thinks about the Gief vs. T.Hawk matchup and the Gief vs. Juri matchup. There are also a huge amount of matches with 1-point differences in this comparison chart as well. I’ll keep track of newly updated tier charts when they are published. Taiwanese and European tier charts would be pretty interesting as well. " -Arlieth (

I was asked to share this info around. What are your thoughts?

ur dead:razzy:


blanka vs chun - i actually like this matchup a lot for blanka. Most people say 5-5 but I feel the fight is harder for chun than it is for blanka. IMO.

I hope you took into account that in Japan: vega in japan is dict., bison is boxer and balrog is claw.

Gen overrated? :rofl: