Matchups - Who beats who?


I asked this in another thread, can’t remember if I got an answer or not.

In the Alex section I saw that someone mentioned that he has a hard time against Chun Li which got me wondering about other characters and their weaknesses versus other characters or who beats who would be a better question.


We pretty much already know that the giants fall against Megaman and Saki.

And that Karas is food to the giants.


What about Daimao? He seems to be possibly the least talked about character here…


I actually use him from time to time, second to Doronjo. His move set is weird…to say the least. I cant honestly say who is his bad/good match ups because I still dont know how to use him. I know generally all of his moves, but I imagine his matchups would be somewhat similar to Doronjos because he relys on summons too. Not like Doronjo, but similar.


From what I have seen in videos, Casshern also seems to dominate giants.


chun counters tvc


thread over


I’d love to know who beats Karas without being named Lightan. Bastard is almost impossible to get any offense against.


Megaman can stand up to Karas with some bitchtastic camping.


he has a surprisingly weird hit box, like you cant do the same combos you do on others… its very annoying


Giants beat roll, Casshern beats giants?(dog bite stuns them)


The Saki thread lists the giants as being potential counterpicks to her, so I’m not so sure about that. Remember that Lightan can reflect projectiles, while PTX can punish projectile spam with his railguns/missiles. Of course, her unblockable shots are a huge problem for them.

So far I’ve seen that the giants struggle very hard against Casshern, Alex, Yatterman, Rock, Ippatsuman and in some cases Ryu.

The giants seem pretty good against Karas and Roll.


Karas rapes everyone but lightan and prolly ptx…


Can Lightan reflect Saki’s unblockable shot?


As far as I know Karas and Lightan have the same “rules” for reflecting. If Karas could reflect the shot, Lightan could. Needs testing.


The only I reason I mentioned the Giants as potential counter picks is cause outside of her Unblockable shot and angled super shot (236236+PP) she can’t score a stun or a knock down so her main tools to win (Grenades/Keep away/UB Shot Set ups) don’t work as well on them since they don’t have hit stun or knock downs outside of command/super throws stuns and dizzies

I haven’t really played anyone to test if these theories are 100% accurate but that’s how it looks from my side of things.

Morrigan has the same issues against the giants. She is pure rushdown, cross ups, combo’s but against giants every tool she has are null and void due to super armor.

Megaman has a lot of issues with the robots as well due to some of the reasons Saki has and other reasons already mentioned. But he can manage against them a lot easier than Saki (and most of the cast)


im pretty sure giants dont beat anybody, karas included. what are they gonna do if you get a life lead and block?

also, jump attack -> jump cancel -> air block

morrigan should just spam fireballs and missile super, do a free level 3 against blocked moves
karas should just block until a situation presents itself, then grappling hook into combo
megaman should just do machine gun shots from across the screen, burn machinegun supers


Lightan has an abusive command grab into flatten for a chunk of life. Polymer rapes them, but I don’t think we’re ever going to see a good tournament giants player because they naturally are very limited.

I wouldn’t get too far into matchups until maybe 2 months from now when the game has actually been out and we’ve had a tournament or two.


You also have to take into consideration that the giants essentally have 2 lifebars worth in one, so their BBQ Combos are quite possibly alot more effective/potent.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I had read in a thread about how the Giants 10% Baroque gave a huge increase in damage, while for a normal character it actually hindered the amount of damage. Any smart giant user while whore out every single chunk of red when the opportunity presents itself, and considering the giants are just naturally strong, that can easily KO, and if not, take a nice chunk out of your heath, it might even do some good chip damage.


Lightan has a lagless super too.