Matchvids at Youtube Round 2 + Master List


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This is Garou MOTW video showing ways of using 0F supers during a match. It shows ways of using them, escaping them, countering them and using certain option selects with motion storing involved. Enjoy.



There has been a lot of matches being recorded in our scene lately to promote our tournament in August, with recently updating videos from Friday and Saturday’s Louisiana SSF4 videos.


My first to 5 matches against fujiforrife offline.


Just looking for Input for Both sides
p1 is me p2 is Fuji



June 2010 Arcade matches from Colombia






















More To Kome, lol




June 2010 Arcade matches from Colombia





















July 2010 Arcade (MAME) matches from Colombia








2 casual matches and finals from a recent UMK3 tournament in Colombia. 16 players

Top 5 was

  1. Grinder

  2. Johnmk

  3. Daivis

  4. Brian “vaso 'e leche”

  5. Killermanmk

Enjoy and thanks for watching








Some recent match videos I uploaded on my youtube account. Enjoy.

TRF Garou MOTW - 30 Best Tournament Matches

8/28/10 Kansai Area Garou MOTW Casuals



My 13 game set against Justin Wong, he used Fei-Long for the first 2 matches and then used his main for the remainder of the set. My Mike Ross set will be uploaded within the next couple days and I’ll be getting in another set against Justin sometime in the near future along with Gootecks.


I uploaded my sets against webster from a few weeks ago on youtube


Here’s an old Garou MOTW match I found on Nico recently from 2008. It looks like it’s Wain vs Amamori but not 100% sure on it.



Ko-hatsu uploaded some recent Garou MOTW tournament match footage on their youtube account:


Here are the full results for it:


Here is a recent Japanese Garou MOTW first to 10 ranking match between Amamori (Terry) vs Atsu (Dong) from 12/11/10. The players are from the Kansai area.

12/11/10 Kansai Garou MOTW Ranking Match - FT 10: Amamori vs Atsu.


The 2nd Japanese Garou MOTW tournament from Ko-Hatsu on 12/18/10. They uploaded matches from it on their channel:


Here are the full results:


12/18/10 Garou MOTW Kansai area ranking match, first to 10 wins between Mhata (Kain) vs Atsu (Dong).

Here are the mathces:
12/18/10 Garou MOTW Kansai Ranking Match FT 10 Mhata vs Atsu


Thanks for updating the thread for the past month Nocturnal. I love Garou I would love to see more Rock & Hotaru play since I main those characters. A man could dream right?


I’ll see if I can find more recent stuff with good Rock/Hotaru play. For now here are some more first to 10 Kansai area ranking matches for Garou MOTW. This time it’s Hachi Juu Shima (Gato) vs Atsu (Dong). Here is the link to the videos:

12/18/10 Kansai Garou MOTW Ranking Match FT 10 Hachi Juu Shima vs Atsu



These are old but still have good matches in them. 9/4/10 TRF Japanese Garou MOTW 3 vs 3 tournament featuring Ken Bogard with French commentary. Here is the link to the videos:

9/4/10 TRF Japanese Garou MOTW 3 vs 3 Tournament

There is plenty more videos on the way. Going to be uploading more now. Enjoy.


Got some day 1 SSF4AE matches here, havent played in about a year so im kinda scruby.