Material for bottom of joysticks


I am finishing up a mod of T5 stick I am doing and I am not liking the all metal bottom which causes the stick to slide off my lap and even some surfaces like hardwood floors. What are a few good materials to use at the bottom of this stick and joysticks in general and where to get them. I am not really interested in using rubber feet. I am really looking for rubber sheets or mats that can glued or put on the bottom. Really, if anyone has a stick from Byrdo, that material he uses is perfect. If you know where to get that stuff from, I’d like to know. I emailed him but got no response. But I want to know what other people are using too.


Bump Anyone?


Look for some drawer liner or something…


Yea, I seen that stuff in Walmart. I’d really like to find out what Byrdo uses as well as creative stuff people have used. Guess there no need for anything crazy for something most people won’t see.


i was gonna suggest some drawer liner too or any other kind of rubber lining you might find at a hardware store. And of course some adhesive spray


You can try neoprene foam; they sell sheets for craft purposes. It’s cheap, flexible and provided that you’re not too rough with it, it returns to its original state if it gets deformed. It comes in lots of colours and thicknesses and is easy to work with.


neoprene probably won’t stick well enough… as in to the floor… not to the metal…

try mcmaster carr just search for rubber sheet… they will have anything you need…

if not, go to an ace hardward and see what they have there…


You’ve just succeeded in me trying this on my laminate floor!! It’s actually a lot better than I thought it would be but rubber would be a better option. I’ve used the neoprent foam for the bottom of an ‘FPS lap board’ and it works a treat for this. If you’re going to place it on the floor then rubber would be best. If it’s mainly for your lap, then it’s worth looking at the neoprene.


This is the lap board and the neoprene underside:


you should look for a extra large mouse pad with a non slip surface on bottom. Cut that to the size of your stick glue it on with some strong adhesive.